Hey everybody, just a short update from yours truly.

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by GoldShifter, Nov 27, 2015.

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    Hello everybody. For those that don't know me, I'm GoldShifter (Ronald) and I train in Kajukenbo and Senkotiros Arnis. Well recently I haven't, I've been in university learning Athletic Training. I've also been playing rugby, where martial arts has helped me a lot in being a cheeky bugger of a scrumhalf. Anyway, currently my goal is to work eventually in MMA or martial arts in general as well as rugby. I realize martial arts venues and tournaments don't happen often enough to be a solid 9-5 source of income so I'm planning on working on my second love of rugby. I was initially planning on going to physical therapy school as that would help in the recovery process of everything as well as make me more marketable of an individual for the workforce but ... I'm taking human anatomy right now and its traumatizing as all hell. I'll probably just end up trying to go for a masters in Kinesiology, which would be just as good and get alphabet soup after my name haha.

    I've missed MAP alot but I've been super busy with college as well as I somehow got a concussion during rugby practice during tackling drills so the past 3 weeks have been really woozy for me. So ... apparently unconsciousness (I didn't get KO'd but I was writing a research paper on concussions and amateur martial arts) = concussion.

    Anyway I just wanted to write a short update because I've missed each and every one of you and I am sad that I haven't been able to pitch Kajukenbo to anybody recently, I've been busy with pitching Greek Life and rugby to freshmen :D
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    Good to hear you are doing so well!

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