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  1. chomskyite_99

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    i'm a 19 year old south african guy training in muay thai, and i've been doing so for only a fairly brief period - about six months or so. at the moment im training under quentin chong (you may know of him, though i doubt he figures on the martial arts world stage quite as prominently as most K-1 fighters) but im looking into cross training in wing chun/jui jitsu to complement the grappling of muay thai.

    i suppose that covers all the relevant basics. cya around :)
  2. samuri-man

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    g'day and welcome to MAP i'd suggest you do muay thai a bit longer before you start cross training. i mean i'v been doing karate for four years and i'm a high green belt i'll get to blue or brown belt first .
  3. chomskyite_99

    chomskyite_99 New Member

    advice noted :) thx mate
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    Alreet chomskyite, welcome to MAP :D
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    Welcome To Map! :d
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    Hello! and welcome to MAP!
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    hey their, welcome to MAP.

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