He's Gone!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Verx, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Verx

    Verx "Darkness Approaches"

  2. Anth

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    Better suited to Off Topic than Celebrations, so I've moved it.
  3. Verx

    Verx "Darkness Approaches"

    Oh yeah forgot to add this to the OP:


  4. holyheadjch

    holyheadjch Valued Member

    It's not a good thing until you know who is replacing him. And lets face it, has Pakistan ever had a leader who wasn't corrupt?
  5. Cathain

    Cathain Lily Lau Gar

    I liked the way that he was always addressed as General until he decided to switch sides and back US/UK against the Taliban. Overnight he was referred to by the western media as "President" lol

    "We have always been at war with Eurasia..."
  6. Verx

    Verx "Darkness Approaches"

    I don't know of any leader that was, let's say, sincere. Really shame, Pakistan and it's people have real potential but are too often caught up in disputes within themselves and India. Let's hope things get better with the Army saying it will stay out of politics, hopefully an end to all the coups.
  7. Knight_Errant

    Knight_Errant Banned Banned

    Good. One less military dictator :)

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