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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by tpyeon, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Shadowdh

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    Well yeah but we were having too much fun (disbelief) with firequans touch of death stuff... :D but you are spot on... sense is a wonderful thing...
  2. jkzorya

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    Just for the record I am 5' 8 3/4" and weigh approx 9 stone 10 lbs which is about 63 kilos, I think. Barring holiday weight (when I go up to 65 kilos :eek: )
  3. Polar Bear

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    Yup that what I would have expected from your vid. Alot of Tai Chi women l have trained with look like slips of girls but actually draw a good weight. I think it's the internal muscule mass that adds the weight.
    Surely all FQ's experience would have told him that.

    The Bear.
  4. cheesypeas

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    Except for me!!!!! :p
  5. cheesypeas

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    I am only interested if it comes complete with a zipped compartment full of 'Qi' TM

    Oh..and space for a brick in the bottom - handbagging being a National sport of Cymru.
  6. cheesypeas

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    Back on topic.

    In my experience it is men who can control their strength against a weaker opponant (with the odd exception). However, when I have occasionally worked with women who are new to the more physical aspects of TaiJi, I have to keep my guard up (sic) at all times as it is the Gals who are unpredictable and have no idea of their own strength.

    All hail to the well placed 'bitch slap' which hurts more than a punch imo. :D
  7. Polar Bear

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    Yeah I agree. I really am a bit of a bear. 6'3" and 130kg and most of the time I have to act like I'm living in a cardboard world. So when I'm training I never fully cut loose except against my brother who is also strong enough to handle me and one other guy on the forum called Pirate Brido.

    The Bear.
  8. sparrow

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    Ha - very true!! Plus, I'm no slip of a girl myself.......... :p :D
  9. unfetteredmind

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    As everyone's posting their stats here are mine: I'm a towering 5' 7" and weigh in at a mighty 10st 10lbs! Anyone, anyone?
  10. sparrow

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    Sorry Carys, I have a short attention span - any longer than a couple of lines, and my eyes start to glaze over :D And when there's pages of stuff to wade through, I do tend to skim. What a lightweight (if only that were physically true)!! I'm not telling weight or height...... ;)
  11. cheesypeas

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    :D :D

    I can never be bothered to read page after page of loooooooong posts. Half the time I haven't a clue what is going on!

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