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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by tpyeon, Nov 18, 2007.

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    Yup. Had a seminar or two with the man himself.

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    met him a couple of times at the british open. funniest moment was my girlfreind of the time winning her forms category and later asking dan where she had to go to collect her medal, very politely i must add, these competition are very long and difficult to figure out what was going on where. he told her he was very busy whilst including the phrase "little girl". oh, how i laughed. but not to her face....
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    He he he , yeah he certainly missed charm school. That's for sure.
    You'd never miss he used to be a copper.

    Who do you train with?

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    My First seminar with Dan started with the immortal line

    "Just think of me as the old chinese master"

    I fell over mid form.

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    well anyhoo,

    other than one attempted derailment, it's continuing to be a good one.

    i'm somewhat surprised that there haven't been more qi adovcates getting involved, or contributing their ideas. especially considering the thread has had over 2000 views.

    another qi question then; why does the tjq community have a large number of people who seem convinced that qi is some sort of as-yet-unmeasurable energy? and place such importance on it?

    was it taoquan earlier who said that qi could equally be placed in the kung fu, karate etc forums? and yet those areas don't have nearly the same amount of people claiming magical powers...

    what is it about tjq people and qi? what is it with most qi people and not liking clinical trials/evidence?
  6. tpyeon

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    oh, sorry,

    my teacher is kam lau over in liverpool. it's been a while since i've trained regularly with him, but i've sinced moved nearer and hope to start up again.
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    I still drop by the club from time to time for the advanced applications class. Especially the free fighting part ... The have a couple of good fighters I like training with.
    These days I am training western longsword which I don't have to even hear the word "Qi" and I get to spar with steel weapons which is fantastic.

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    i've recently started fencing; finding it a great laugh. and it's getting me interested in exploring wma more now.
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    I have to admit I wish I had discovered it years ago. It's like the old days of martial arts "put up or shut up". I love it and most of the WMA guys I've met are really good guys.

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    I have no idea over a decade of learning Taiji, I have never heard the Qi word uttered in a class or seminar. :D

    Having said the above, I practice QiGong and would welcome any trials that would give proof one way or the other to its efficacy (or not!)

    ps....Please could you begin new sentances with a capital as it would make your posts easier to read?. Cheers, Carys. :love:
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    I used to get in to Qi/Ki/Chi back in the day and realised I should just get on with learning to fight.

    The Bear.
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    Excellent mindset there, Bear.

    With my Taiji, all I am concerned with atm is improving the martial side (which is challenging to me to say the least!)

    Apart from using QiGong for stamina and posture, it makes me feel good, although I have no idea if it actually is benificial in a health way.

    I also do light boxing and weights because if it helps my mobility I will chuck anything into my training.
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    Absolutely agree there. Over the years I have mixed Muay Thai, Aikido, Tai Chi and the kitchen sink to develop my personal fighting style. One thing I know is it doesn't flow, it isn't pretty but I can demolish most people. The people that are much better than me I hope I never have to face.

    The Bear.
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    This is wonderful stuff FQ. Thanks.
    I must admit that when the discussion veers into the scientific/educated language I become lost ... or severly hampered and have to really slow down to try to understand ... but I can understand the stuff you write (as per above) with my 'emotional' brain .. heheh.

    N.B. Should start a mailing list IMO.
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    Sorry! Too much ee cummings as a youth...
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    Apologies for the :topic: message...

    Not right now - you'll have to wait a few years. Almost all of our students are male, but it has taken us a few years and a bit of seriously focussed marketing to start attracting students that are martial enough to really want to pursue Taiji as a fighting art and stick at it. This is a big reason why we take quite a heavy-handed approach in our website articles. Our classes are as contact-heavy as typical Eskrima, Silat or Kuntao classes and people who are drawn to Taiji rarely want that much contact work. So we have to work hard at dissuading anyone who has aspirations to do anything that avoids bruising and pain.

    I've mostly done mixed sparring in the past and have done well and nearly all of my real fights have been with blokes. I've already faced and fought the scariest people in real life that I'm ever likely to have to face, so I don't mind fighting you myself, but I'd understand why you wouldn't feel OK about it. Give us a few more years, or get a woman you know to fight me if you can't wait that long.

    / :topic:

    We are now ready to return you to our scheduled programme...
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    Having just re-read this thread, I wanted to say "hats off to Polar Bear and tpyeon". Well argued, guys.
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    Thanks JK. Although the Tao Quan and IntheSpirit presented good counter points too without which we couldn't have developed the argument.

    The Bear.
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    no no, S.O.S is ... --- ... :D

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