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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Herbo, Apr 23, 2012.

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    So I came across Martin Berkhan's Leangains blog a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try as I'm trying to get back to -81kg for judo due to recent forays at -90s have been less successful and I want to be at -81s when I get my dan grade (currently 1st kyu).

    Basically the plan runs as fasting for 16 hours, including through the night and eating your macros in an 8 hour window, which for me is typically between 1-9pm. It's not magic, you still need to control your calorie intake, however I've found that after the first 2 days I'm never hungry and can comfortably eat below maintenance whilst still having filling meals.

    I should note that I haven't been able to exercise either as I'm out with bruised ribs so can't comment on lifting stats just yet.

    I'm 2 weeks into the diet just now and have been keeping to about 1800 calories per day (2300 maintenance). My weight fluctuated a bit in the first week as I guess I was losing water and glycogen, but after some refeeds it has stabilised.

    Starting stats

    6ft 2, 84kg (184.8lb), 34.5" waist, 15% body fat*.

    2 weeks in

    82.9kg (182.4lb), 34" waist, 13.8% body fat*.

    * measured using online formula so not totally accurate.

    Just wanted to know if anyone else has tried this protocol and to let others know about it.
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    Ok so left this for a bit but here's the results so far;

    Week 3

    82.5kg, 33.7" waist, 13.2% body fat

    Week 4

    81.7kg, 33.6" waist, 13% body fat

    Week 5

    81.2kg 33.5", 12.8% body fat

    Weight loss seems to be pretty standard week to week, still maintaining a 500 calorie deficit through the week with Friday or Saturday usually having a few beers or other drinks so maybe slightly over my daily intake.

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