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    Kukkiwon website

    Here's a link to the Kukkiwon's (English) website:

    On the left side there are links for poomsae, kibon, and kyorugi. In the Poomsae portion are videos of all the official poomsae from Taeguek 1 to Ilyo performed by GM LEE, Chong Kwan who teaches the physical portion of the Kukkiwon's Foreign Instructor's Course.

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    this is a brilliant website full of information about application of patterns. I've had 2 seminars with this guy and he will open up your views on patterns. make sure you check it out thouroughly!!
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    Korean Kicking terms

    Sometimes different countries are using alternatives terms for kicking ... e.g Roundhouse versus Turning kicks. So mabye posting the standard Korean names might help such as:

    Ahp-cha-gi Front kick
    Dolryo-cha-gi Round (house)/turning kick
    Naeryo-cha-gi Axe kick/Downward kick
    Yop-cha-gi Side kick
    Dwi-cha-gi Backward kick
    Hooryo-cha-gi Hook kick
    Bandae-dolryo-cha-gi Spinning hook kick
    Dwi-dolryo-cha-gi Spinning hook kick

    Wish I could format a better layout.
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    great links everyone, i'd submit some myself if all the links i knew were not in norwegian... :bang:
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  7. neryo_tkd

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    That's a cool website! I like the mouse-over thing to enlarge the images. Very well done. :Angel:
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    yeah, that's why i added the link. i like it too.
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    does anybody have a link to the commercial demo of the korean tigers? i had one, but it does not work anymore.
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    Hey neryo_tkd, thanks for mentioning my site. I'd better hurry up & get it finished! The pages take quite a long time to create as the stances are rendered in a 3D package, then I have to write the script for the rollovers line by line to get the cool "bigger view" rollover to work.

    Very pleased to hear some people thinking it's worth the effort ;)
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    Very nice, Can you do the chang hons and palgwe's as well? LOL, I am a little rusty on some of the higher ones and would like to brush up.
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    Tomcat your site rocks! I do some rudimentary web work, and I've got to tell you that's pretty impressive what you're doing. :D
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    Don't know if this has been posted yet, but Ima gonna post it anyways :D

    Yet another flexibility webpage

    A fairly well researched webpage dealing with the physiology of flexibility, and other areas related to flexibility. Non-sport specific so the views expressed are unbiased. Please note the disclaimer at the beginning of the article as everything should be taken with a grain of salt; however in my opinion this individual has done a fairly concise job of presenting the research.
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    "The Brad Appleton Stretching Guide" ... it's very famous on internet :)

    ... yes it is A VERY good synthesis about the most known stretching theories and metodologies and we have included that in our Stretching Links in the H & F Resource Library ;)
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    I'm keeping track of all taekwondo and hapkido events in Korea here:

    I will upload more pix of events as I get them and add updated news as I have time to do so. The overall aim of the site is to give a picture of what it's like to train in Korea.
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    There are some rather good and informative links on your blog removal.

    Neryo has been looking for some Korean Tiger vid links ... perhaps she can find them there.

    FYI .... I've updated some of the links on the original post. A few were dead links and I've added a few here and there.
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    thanx for the links, i've already seen them :)
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