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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by taekwandoqueen, May 9, 2003.

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    I really need some help, I have my first grading (yellow tag) in 4 weeks time. I can find several lists on the web with the terminology but I am desperate to find a list of the terminology phonetically. I have a hearing impairment which means I cannot tell how the names are meant to be pronounced, if they are written down phonetically that would be great. I have searched and searched but have had no joy...would really apprecaite it if anyone knows where I can get them from.

    Many thanks.:Angel:
  2. TkdWarrior

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    hi there,
    u should first give us the list of words u need to know...
    well the other problem would be how do u exactly meant phonotically... mind giving example...
    for example in korean
    middle line straight punch would be - Upkaunde Jirugi
    prounounced as
    UP-Ka(Ka like in Ca r)un(Un like in P-un) de(like in they)
    Jirugi - Jee ru(roo) gi (gee)

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  4. TkdWarrior

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    KC resourcefull as ever :)
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    Is there ever a link you hav'nt got :eek:

  6. taekwandoqueen

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    Thanks for your reply TKDWarrior, you were spot on with what I meant by 'phonetically' you examples in your message! The words I need to know are for my first grading, we have to know the terminology for things like low blocks, middle blocks, sitting stance etc - all the basic stuff - any ideas?
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    :eek:its attack of the taekwando people:eek:

    just kidding. I see we have a new person to the forums. You're welcome, although I'm not on much anymore, you'll see me around
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    The link I posted does have "terminology for things like low blocks, middle blocks, sitting stance etc - all the basic stuff" ...

    Did you check it out?

    Good luck to you taekwondoqueen on your first grading ... I am sure if you approach your instructor , he or she would be able to give you some sort of syllabus with terminology that your own school uses.

    from the "link queen[​IMG]
  9. taekwandoqueen

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    Thanks to KickChick

    Thanks for the link - that's great!

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