Help with a tongue analysis problem.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by leke, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. leke

    leke New Member

    Can anyone tell me what problem a line spanning from the back to the very tip of the tongue is?
    The line is quite deep at the back and not perfectly straight - It straightens as it comes to the tip and not being as deep as at the back.

    I've googled, but that symptom doesn't seem to show up. Maybe its not a problem.

    Can any one help or guide me to a good site?
  2. PlumDragon

    PlumDragon "I am your evil stimulus"

    If your tongue is "cracked", it may be a sign of either excess heat or deficient blood, etc...Im not familiar with specifically what you mention and Id be more prone to say, "thats the way tongues are, they hav ea line down the middle". Im going to double check when I get home but honestly, your question doesnt really have any context. Analyzing a tongue has very little to do with lines, and much more to do with color, coating, color of coating, appearance (thickness, rigidity, etc), and even then, knowing these things doesnt give you a sound idea of what the problem is, but merely points you in the right direction. Its only one variable (an important one) in the equation.

    Do you feel ok? Is there a reason you are worried about the state of your tongue? Usually, you would justify doing a tongue/pulse/complexion/etc analysis based on some abnormal feeling or behavior that you have...
  3. lauguardian

    lauguardian Valued Member

  4. PlumDragon

    PlumDragon "I am your evil stimulus"

    We simply have a difference in terminology I think. Id be willing to bet things you call a line Id call a crack. What I think this guy posting is referring to is not a line or a crack of your or my definition, but more of the natural indention that is naturally part of the tongue; its a bit too wide to be a line or a crack.

    Regardless, this is why I asked if he was feeling ok, etc...Perhaps a good pic would help because, as you agreed, hearing a vague description of one aspect of his tongue doesnt *really* help us decide what is going on, if anything.
  5. leke

    leke New Member

    My experience with TCM is only at an introductory level (I've read TCM by Sheila McNamara & Dr Song Xuan Ke). The coating, colour, veins and swelling are way ahead of me at the moment. I did see on a TV show how it is quite easy to diagnose deficiencies (like vitamin) by identifying cracks/scaring/lines (same thing??) on the tongue.

    As for feeling OK, its my wife's tongue. She's feeling OK I guess (minus stress from the kids). Because of my interest, I've been looking at a few tongues and noticed this mother of a line that I've never seen before. It kind of got me curious and got me thinking back to the TV show. I looked around on the net for a quick solution, but didn't find anything.
    I'll take a picture sometime today and post it up ASAP. To me it looks like a crack at the back that turns into a line as it runs to the front.
  6. leke

    leke New Member

  7. NaughtyKnight

    NaughtyKnight Has yellow fever!

    What do you know, they have people in clinics that go to school for 10 years learning how to diagnose problems like this. Go see a doctor, no one on map is going to know what it is.

    Im going to go with leprocy though.
  8. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Funny the amount that you see leprosy pop up here on MAP.

    I suggest you guys get a turtle shell and bake it in a fire and then divine the answer from the cracks in the shell. A surefire way to arrive at a diagnosis of health problems. :rolleyes:
  9. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    No no no, the turtle-shell-on-a-brazier is for divining military strategies. Didn't you read Remo and Chiun?
  10. mach5_kel

    mach5_kel New Member

    I would call that a mid-line and not so much as a crack. It is hard to see from the picture, but looking at the back of the tongue (the root), there is some patchyness. Maybe some Kidney Yin deficiency? As well as the side of the tongue in the Liver area appears to have some redness. The tip is almost not visible, but is the tip slightly more red? Heart heat is so common in the west.

    I wouldnt be too concerned about the midline.

    What was the point of this again if your wife feels fine?

    :) Eric

    PS, there is no way my girlfriend would let me take a picture of her tongue for the internet.
  11. LeeB

    LeeB New Member

    Enzyme deficiency...

    The crevice, sometimes deep, indicates an enzyme reserves depletion due to the standard American diet deficient of enzymes, minerals, & vitamins due to insufficient agricultural soils and the processing/cooking of nutrients out of food. Once removed, enzymes must be supplied by your body. Our reserves are finite. This explains why, in part, our life spans are shortened. People living in societies outside commercial food have abundant enzyme reserves for life indicative of their longer life spans. Their tongues appear smooth, pink, and without cracks, spots, pimples, that deep line in the middle, and accumulation towards the back of the tongue (a sign that the liver and gallbladder are sluggish due to gallstones and that there is putrified and fermented matter in the colon, etc.). If you are concerned with these matters, it would be wise to shift into a plant based diet for a period of time to allow the body to remineralize, rejuvenate, and correct GI tract issues... a cleansing and body detox is helpful. Vegetable juicing is a sure fire method for cleansing and rectifying your health. Not only the tongue, but everything else will revert to an original state. Read my book for more information Good luck!
  12. Rhizome

    Rhizome Super Valued Member

    i dont know what the TCM view on it is, but its common in people with digestive disorders, i have it myself.
  13. LeeB

    LeeB New Member

    Sharkey, what is it that you'd especially like to know? TCM is an acronym for an entity I'm unaware of.
  14. Rhizome

    Rhizome Super Valued Member

    sorry what i meant was that i dont know how traditional chinese medicine views the large indent in the tongue.

    but that from what ive been told its due to poor digestion and insufficient bile secreation.
  15. LeeB

    LeeB New Member

    Ah... as in all indigenous societies including the chinese, it is known that the tongue tells what is happening in the digestive tract. The white film or caking towards the back of the tongue indicates excess mucous build up, among other things, in the colon. I get my information from top echelon raw food naturopaths, nutritionists, and so forth. I don't remember exactly who I drew information from about the deep crevice in the center of the tongue, but it could be either, Andreas Moritz, Yashpal Jayne, Gabriel Cousens, or David Wolfe. All are googleable and have many publications, books, websites, etc. You can shoot Yashpal Jayne a question of which I'm sure he'd gladly answer. He is an expensive consultant though. My book extrapolates from many sources of which I take the very best and most pertinent information.

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