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Discussion in 'Injuries and Prevention' started by alister, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. alister

    alister Huh?

    So, after training, (in this case, BJJ) I am left exhausted and aching (what's new I hear you cry!).

    I try to stay hyrdrated, drinking before training and about 1-2l during training and then plenty after (I basically use my urine colour as a guide as to whether I'm hydrated or not). Straight after training I drink a recovery drink, or at least a milkshake with at least 16-20g protein in it.

    But take today - I feel slow, lethargic, and all my joints ache (and it's not just being armbarred! :D ).

    What else can I be doing - this sucks being crippled after training and then for most of the day after...and I'm not getting any younger - surely this is just going to get worse?

    Any advice welcomed.
  2. strider

    strider Valued Member

    dude how long have you been training,are you getting enough sleep,and when drinking water don't over do it.
  3. alister

    alister Huh?

    I've been training BJJ for 2 years now (so I know not to freak out anymore!)- MAs for about 6, pretty active before that.

    Sleep probably is an issue - I never feel like I get enough - having 2 year old twins doesn't help in those stakes either!
  4. strider

    strider Valued Member

    so your a daddy,that says u need to give ur body what it needs good nutrition and good rest,and go hard on urself at ur training.
  5. Shrukin89

    Shrukin89 Valued Member

    Umm probably need to go easy. If aching is the purpose, he needs rest.

    Reason why he may be slow is maybe from fatigue from exercising too much, not getting enough rest, not eatting enough to supply the right amount of energy to the body, or the weakening of the muscles too much from exercising too much, cause if you exersice a lot and not eatting enough food then your body will start to eat away at your muscles.

    Breathing can be an issue too, if you stop excersicing for a few or more days and then get back to working out hardcore, then the increased pace of breathing, or heart rate will dramatically slow you down, and decrease your performance.

    The atmospheric pressure as well can have an effect on breathing. "thinner air."

    Allergy season can slow you down majorly. My neck is sore every year in early spring (of where it is right now) Or in the late fall.

    Pollution, etc.
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  6. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    It also never hurts to take a day off every now and then.
  7. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

    Totally disagree, taking a day off means more pain when you return :D

    Alister - what is your fitness level like at the moment? If you've been training for 6 years in MAs and been physically active, you shouldn't really be this sore (unless you're overtraining or have lingering injuries). What's a normal week for you like in terms of training?

    I'm a big fan of BCAA's post workout on days where I've worked out heavily or multiple times.
  8. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Alister - A piece of advice for you. Do not listen to any of Lily's advice. She is NOT the one to ask ANYTHING about resting :p
  9. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    You may need to eat better as you probably aren't getting the nutrients you need to make due with what you are getting so you can't recover as well. Try taken a vitamin supplement as well as eating plenty of fruits and veggies for a week or two. I find an energy drink takes the lethargy right out of my system and helps me to do what I need to do. Being lethargic tends to make everything feel worse.
  10. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

  11. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Ban?! PFFFTT! I better not see you post in this thread ever again Lily!
  12. alister

    alister Huh?

    Mon - BJJ
    Tues - Run
    Weds - BJJ
    Thurs - Run
    Fri - MMA
    Sat - Rest
    Sun- Rest

    When I say "rest" I really mean catching up with all those jobs and trying to keep up with my 2 and a half YO twins! :D

    I think it may just be sleep - I always feel tired. Not achng so much these days since I dropped a regular sunday BJJ session - maybe that was just too much for these old bones!
  13. irimi

    irimi Valued Member

    The 7 day routine posted doesn't give an indication of time spent, including the amount of sleep (or lack thereof due to twins). One never wants to go backwards and so it's hard to cut back on training but really, sometines, you gain from cutting back. Try some different combinations - one week per combo e.g. one week drop a run, or maybe swap it for a sat/sun doing something else that might support your training but is a bit different to things you already do ... and I'd go for something light (e.g. pilates, light weights, etc). Sometimes a change in routine (rather than a rest) can around a bit with your trainig schedule, but recognising that you want to preserve your classes.

    And, young children are young only for a very, very short time. It may also be worthwhile considering putting training on minimal maintenance for a few months or so, and enjoying your twins/sharing with your partner. It really won't take too long to get back to peak performance if you let off a bit and maintain.

    All the's an exciting time, as well as challenging.

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