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  1. Takemaru-san

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    Hi,my name is Takemaru-san and I am 14 years old.I live in Maine USA and I love all forms of martail arts.I am home schooled which makes it easy for me to train.My favorite form is Kung-Fu but I really dont have a main style.I practice all forms of martial arts and am quite good at using one sword in Iaido but am now trying to master 2 swords.Every thing I now is eather from a book,self taught or gained through experience.I sighned on to the site in hopes of making new freinds and learning new things from experienced Martail artists.
  2. Anth

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    Hi Takemaru, welcome to MAP :)

    Either from a book or self-taught? Let me be the first to say that you should find a local MA club and start training ;)
  3. Takemaru-san

    Takemaru-san New Member

    Thanks,and I would sign up but the closest MA club is 25 miles away and gas here is $3.05 so my parents only drive to things that are priorities.And for training I try the best i can(usually I practice moves and technics and try to build up my stamina all day.So far it has paid off.
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    Welcome to Martial Arts Planet.

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