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  1. Cen Garsden

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    While this is technically my second post, hi, I'm Cen.

    I used to post on the Aikidojournal forums many moons ago (if anyone from there is here, hi). I teach Aiki Budo privately in Melbourne, am a reasonable "midterm aikidoka" (15 years) and love to cross train and shoot the wind about anything martial arts.

    Thanks for having me.
  2. Prizewriter

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    Welcome! I use to do Tomiki Aikido about 10 years ago, really interesting system. What branch of Aikido do you teach or is it an Daito Ryu/Daito Ryu offshoot?
  3. Cen Garsden

    Cen Garsden Flamin' Wobbygong

    Hi there. What I teach is fundamentally exactly what you see in the "Budo" manual written by Ueshiba when his art was called Aiki Budo. My favourite Aikido system is without a doubt the Iwama style, but I have trained in both Yoshinkan and Aikikai styles as well. Many shidoshi of many styles "recreate" Aiki Budo in training, and since I also study Judo and jujutsu I find this to be the most highly effective variant of the Aiki systems I know, and by calling what I teach Aiki Budo I can sidestep the horrible political backstabbing that WILL kill Aikido if left unchecked. I am shortly beginning my training in Takumakai Daito-ryu aikijujutsu.

    Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Prizewriter

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    Good stuff! Sounds like you have good experience. I think you are right, Aikido is in decline. I did a thread about it here:


    Daito Ryu does look like a fascinating system, you are lucky you get to train in it! Hope it goes well and keep us up to date.
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  6. Cen Garsden

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    Thank you. ^

    Prizewriter, I would be happy to add a comment on that thread with your permission. I however don't believe Aikido is in decline, merely stagnant. I believe my website is however linked in my description (!?!) and I have done a bit of a similar "opinion piece" there.
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    Go for it! No need to ask, work away.
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    Welcome to MAP!
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    Welcome man! :D
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    Welcome to Map!
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    Welcome to MAP! :)

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