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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Av1anation, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. Av1anation

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    Hello! I didn't know how to introduce myself so I started a thread, i hope this wasn't wrong to do. I am almost a brown belt in Kuk Sul Wan and Uechi Ryu and I am a yellow belt in Judo, I am currently taking Uechi Ryu and Judo. I've been taking martial arts for 12/13 years of my life (which is most of it) right now I'm really interested in Ninjutsu, and from my research there are many different styles of it. My favorite weapon is the sai without a doubt. I've been looking forward to opening my own dojo or becoming a hand on hand instructor One day, but for right now I'm just a sophomore with all college classes. Really I don't like school though. I'd love it if a couple of people could reply to this and maybe introduce themselves, I've never joined a forum and I hate social networking. If anyone is learning Ninjutsu or knows a thing or two about sai than I'd love to hear from you, maybe just learning a technique or telling me a training exercise or something.
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    Posting an introduction in the introduction thread was absolutely the right thing to do! Welcome to MAP.

    Just a heads up, you won't be able to post in the Ninjutsu forum on MAP until you have a certain amount of posts (20 or something I believe).

    I have very little training with Sai from doing Isshinryu Karate years ago. I got good a flipping them around in my hands, and could hold them steady enough to punch somebody with the grip that leaves the handle facing outwards and the long prong along your forearm. I remember tennis racket grip tape were real good for the handles. Not much else input on em' though. :p
  3. Av1anation

    Av1anation New Member

    I've never thought of that! I should probably buy some, I've been throwing my sai at targets and I wasn't too good at it until about a week ago so naturally, I hit every rock in the backyard with them :p
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    Welcome to MAP!
  5. Simon

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    Welcome to MAP.
  6. Bozza Bostik

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    Welcome to MAP.

    I did Uechi many years ago. I quite liked it. How's your traning though? Do you do a lot of application work and sparring? I quit training it because we did pretty much nothing but kata.

    Sorry to hijack your intro thread but I've always wondered how other Uechi people train.
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    Welcome to MAP! :)
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    Welcomesauce! It's lovely to have you ;3
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    Hi 'Av1anation',

    Welcome to MAP.

    I use Sai (not very often) and the only advice I have is to have fun with them and don't drop them on anyone's feet :)

    There are both traditional and modern Sai kata on the web (try Youtube) - all good :)
  10. Av1anation

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    @Boris the Blade we got new senseis recently and now all we do is kata, however my old senseis would let us spar nearly every Thursday. And don't feel bad about 'hijacking my feed' lol, this is a website for martial arts questions right?
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    I don't have anything to say about sai, but welcome to MAP!

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