Hello all...

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    Hello all,

    I'm 21 from Somerset, UK. For anyone reading this who may be interested, I'll explain my story so far:

    My main art has been Tae-KwonDo but I decided that I wanted a change from a striking art and have recently taken up Kuk Sool Won and am so far loving it! Really like the variety and gladly there are also a few similarities between it and Tae-KwonDo.

    I've previously trained in the following:
    Aikido: around 1 year consistent
    TAGB Tae-KwonDo: 2 years consistent
    Semi Contact Kickboxing: 3 month on and off
    K1 Kickboxing: 1.5 years consistent
    ITF Tae-KwonDo: 1 year consistent
    Kuk Sool Won: Just started 2 weeks ago

    My other hobbies are playing guitar and a bit of Yoga every now and then. I'm also a bit of a nerd.. play a lot of games and have started playing D&D recently.
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    Welcome to MAP.

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