heavy bag work

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by JoĆ£oLohanTao, May 20, 2011.

  1. daggers

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    a heavy bag is heavy for no other reason than to build power. hit it hard over and over with correct form. single shots or your chosen combo
  2. cjsmap

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    Hey I think the first rule is to take care of yourself - make sure you have appropriate wraps / gloves, secondly when you are executing a technique go slow at first with minimum power and LISTEN TO YOUR BODY before building up the intensity and power, if something is causing undue pain then adjust what you are doing or is you still not sure seek advice. Make sure your are operating safely - e.g make sure you don't hurt anyone around you or damage anyone elses property!!

    Other than that you have your goals set out already - speed, accuracy, power etc - get working with it and enjoy!! A heavy bag can be great for all of these attributes, you don't have to go full power all the time although that is great fun to. the other beauty is you don't have to be any sort of martial arts master to get real benefit out of the bag, but just be aware of developing bad technique/ habits etc!

    Good luck!

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