health during covid for BJJ students

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    With the impending lockdown 2, I have seen a lot of calls for gyms not to fully close and the affect of the closure on physical and mental health.

    I have a survey which is addressing this in particular for BJJ

    A study on the mental and physical health of BJJ players during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and enforced cessation of training.

    I couldn't see whether surveys are allowed, so mods pleases let me know if this is not ok.

    I would say that due to the lack of training my mental and physical health is definitely affected. My coach has been incredibly cautious about non contact training during restrictions
    which makes me glad to be a part of the club.
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    As a general comment, this isn't aimed at anyone personally.

    Most gyms who say are non contact, arnt there just pretending.

    There's a real pandemic on, with real people dying, being sad because you can't to your favourite thing is understandable, trying to change the law, or breaking the law due to your feelings, is an incredibly childish attitude.

    If your mental health is so fragile you can't go four weeks without rolling, you need counseling not more BJJ.

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