Healing arts indigenous to Indonesia and Malaysia

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Crucible, Sep 15, 2004.

  1. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    I was wondering if someone could describe for me diffrent healing arts and practice's native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Whether they consist of herbalism, massage, prayer, mantra, laying of hands or other things.
    Thank you
  2. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    I heard Pak Herman Suwanda discuss Batin and saw him practice it a little at a seminar. It looked to me like massage / pressure point activation but I never really had much of an explanation given for what was happening. Aside from that, I've only seen the massage used in Cimande to promote healing in the conditioning phase. But while it is a massage it feels more like torture when you're having it done on you :) But it definitely works.

  3. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Thanks, I wonder if Batin is based on intuition and feeling or if they operate in a medical model similar to chinese medicine or Ayurveda.
    Off topic I think I saw footage of your instructor on the Sayoc Sama-Sama DVD. He looks good, you can definetly see Willem's thumbprint on his movements, as well as some sera. Was the headthrow with the legs from Mande Muda?
  4. Crucible

    Crucible Valued Member

    Do you know if Batin is native to Java or one part of Indonesia?
  5. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Yup. That's my instructor and I was the guy with the most hair getting the crud beat out of me :)

    I'm not sure which headthrow with the legs you're talking about - but it sounds like a Harimau technique. Guru Ken has a lot of Serak and Mande Muda in him and quite a bit of flavoring from Uncle Bill's Kuntao Silat. Also with influence from a variety of other Silat instuctors and systems. When he's freeflowing - as he was at Sama Sama - it's sometimes hard to pin down what he's drawing something from because he goes with the flow and uses whatever works.

  6. TapakLangit

    TapakLangit New Member

    FYI, batin means innerself or soul, or spirit, i think the common healing tech in silat uses pressure points and stuff, not that i really know much about it.

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