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  1. markshawn1

    markshawn1 New Member

    first off hello to everyone i'm new here, been reading here for awhile though. been doing martial arts for a year. always love it but never did it till now. i'm 36 (old right).
    have a ?.
    been getting headache's lately, i do eat bad and trying to do better. what foods or food group helps stop headache's.
    i train very hard every day of the week and i know my eating has not caught up (one meal a day)

    ps i cannot not spell
    you know inadvance
  2. r4bid

    r4bid New Member

    you only eat one meal a day? Man that is not healthy! Eat more(healthy foods) and I bet your headaches will go away.
  3. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    All your meals are belong to us
  4. markshawn1

    markshawn1 New Member

    trying to eat more a day, but always on the run.
    thats why i'm trying to find out whats healthy that way i can get that in.
  5. ladyhawk

    ladyhawk Valued Member

    Headache is also is an early warning symptom of dehydration.
  6. r4bid

    r4bid New Member

    yes it is ladyhawk, I forgot to mention that before.

    mark: If you have enough time to train every day then you have enough time to munch on a granola bar or eat a sandwich. You need to be eating/drinking more or worse things will start to happen than just headaches.
  7. darlph

    darlph New Member

    Something else too, that alot of people forget about. Blood pressure. So if you eat alot of junk food, try grabbing some fruit and drink water not sodas, tea or coffee. Sandwiches are good too, but lay off the mayonaise type spreads, maybe add a tomato. Once a day huh? When? I bet you have a little love handle around the middle too, or one is starting. (Mine has been there for years and its getting better because I sat down one day and decided I wanted to enjoy life outside instead of staying in the house) It's hard to change habits, if it's convenience and fast foods eat the chicken or turkey grilled and no fries. And like Ladyhawke and r4bid said water and maybe a granola, or sandwich, or perhaps an apple or banana.
    If they continue, take the time out and get a serious checkup.
  8. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    As Yoda once said, an engine can't run without fuel in the tank! Always eat something before you go training, and when you wake up.

    Incidently, do you get them all the time, or just in training?
  9. markshawn1

    markshawn1 New Member

    i get them during the day for a few hours.

    as hard as i work out i need to work on everything else. i'm single so i'm learning. i'm going to stop running all day and take out alittle time to take care of myself. the headaches were kind of scary. wake up call.
    talk to a nutritionist today says i need to break my meals down to 5 or 6 a day (small meals). does this sound right.

    thanks for the replys
  10. markshawn1

    markshawn1 New Member

    never in training. just during the day.
    once i'm at the gym they seem to go away.
  11. Saz

    Saz Nerd Admin

    I'd hazard a guess at stress headaches, especially if they don't appear in your lesuire time? Stress can manifest itself in physical conditions (stomach ache, nasuea etc). Have you got a high stress job/lifestyle?

    The five to six meals a day sounds about right, I think it speeds up your metabolism or something like that, although don't quote me on that. Eating little and often is definetly better than 3 large meals though. Its a good start :)
  12. markshawn1

    markshawn1 New Member

    thanks everyone
    kyokushin_girl i don't have a high stress job. but i do push myself in the arts. i've gotten use to eating once a day from traveling alot, never had trouble before. i think the work out is doing it. i take a rough 1 hour class and work out on my own everyday (hard).
    the meals i hope will help or i'll slow down a bit. finding something you love you tend to get caught up i guess.
  13. rick_nz

    rick_nz Valued Member

    up your water intake , and relax ,read a book,go and enjoy something thats not martial arts related ,that you like ....training 24/7 with lack of food,water& rest is a fast journey to the land 6 foot under...you r training so much physicaly your mind is in overdrive (headaches)....have you tried breathing exersises??the yoga sun salutation exercises are good 1st thing in the morning and last thing at night.well take care & RELAX more often
  14. markshawn1

    markshawn1 New Member

    thanks rick
    i did slow down since the thread and take an hour to relax before and after the gym.
    headaches still there but i can feel a little change.
    everything takes time i guess
  15. darlph

    darlph New Member

    Remember your body is like a machine and as it get older you have to change habits. Very hard, you will do it. Small healthy meals and plenty of fluids sounds perfect. If they are stress headaches learn how to shut down the cue. I wish you well

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