Hatton Vs. Pacquiao

Discussion in 'Boxing' started by vismitananda, Apr 23, 2009.


Who will win?

  1. Pac-man

    15 vote(s)
  2. The Hitman

    3 vote(s)
  1. vismitananda

    vismitananda Valued Member

    Who do you think will win?

    Our very own Manny "Pac-man" Pacquiao or the British mate Ricky "the Hitman" Hatton?
  2. cowzerp

    cowzerp Valued Member

    Im going with Manny but think this could go either way, the natural weight advantage is what evens this up for me, otherwise manny would destroy Hatton
  3. vismitananda

    vismitananda Valued Member

    Indeed, but Manny must be aware that Hatton is a good striker.
  4. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise

    I didnt know Tommy Hearns was fighting.....

    Oh... THAT Hitman.

    He'll lose. Too slow, like a bull, Pac will dance circles around him while smashing his Britty face in.
  5. cloudz

    cloudz Valued Member

    I think Manny will take it.
  6. shaolinmonkmark

    shaolinmonkmark Valued Member

    manny, tko under11.

    manny, tko under11.
    Remember what he did to DLH???
    : o)
  7. aikiMac

    aikiMac aikido + boxing = very good Moderator Supporter

    Pacqui. No question about it. Yep yep yep.

    I am soooooo bummed that I won't be able to watch it this weekend! [crying, sniff sniff]
  8. shaolinmonkmark

    shaolinmonkmark Valued Member

    Become a member, post once in forum, and then walla!
    Wait 15 minutes for ppv to start.
    Someone will have the stream for free, but you have to type in paquiao fight
  9. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise


    What just happened?

    I was with my 3 English friends at the local bar watching the fight and... well that was just so embarrassing. How can Hatton have all this talk about changing his game up and promising a good fight, and then look exactly like he always has, but worse.

    Horrible fight.
  10. shootodog

    shootodog restless native

    depends on how you look at it.

  11. cowzerp

    cowzerp Valued Member

    Manny was class and Hatton was the same old rushing in style, not suited against a skillful boxer or a more powerful 1 either, great fight while it lasted!!
  12. vismitananda

    vismitananda Valued Member

    Our city streets was so peaceful during the match.

    One thing is that I hate the way Hatton does his clinches.

    1st round and he's down for 2 times, first was the right hand fist then the left hand fist.

    Then 2nd round goes and for the last 2 seconds of the match, Hatton wasn't saved by the bell, he was totally hit by Pac-man's blazing left hand and the match was over.

    I can see the British people's faces, and t'was awful.

    Congratulation People's champ. :D
  13. James_tkd

    James_tkd Valued Member

    agreed. begs the question whats next for ricky??
  14. Banpen Fugyo

    Banpen Fugyo 10000 Changes No Surprise


    His fighting style was never that great to begin with. And when tested against true champions, he fell short. Time to hang 'em up.

    He'll always be remembered for his tenacity and will to fight, but it takes more than that to be a great.
  15. puma

    puma Valued Member

    I think he treated Billy Graham appallingly. He says Billy wasn't up for the job, then hires Mayweather who has a lung disease and is never on time! Surely Billy could have overseen training as Lee Beard (spelling?) held the mitts,etc? I like Hatton a lot, but I think this fight was a lesson for him in more ways than one. I think he should retire. He has been great, but he has done enough.

    As for Pacquiao, I think he will find it hard against Cotto. I think at 10/7 it would be Cotto, but at 10/5, well it may be too much for Cotto lose. There is a big difference for someone that can train flat out, to someone that has to weigh in below their proper weight.

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