Hatsumi Grapples Multiple Opponents to the Ground

Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by flashlock, Jul 18, 2007.

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    nice video and good comments.
  3. Lord Spooky

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    Yep nice clip.

    What were you expecting Flashlock? It's from an instructional video.
  4. Senban

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    It's from "Budo Wa Nan Desu Ka?" isn't it?

    Flashlock said:-
    Lalalalalalala not listening lalalalalalala. :D
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    **Watches Thread intently**

    *Chomping popcorn*

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    er Sarge you going to move it then? :)
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    check your post :p
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    Yeah just did sorry. :D
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  10. flashlock

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    I have no idea what you are talking about...
  11. nj_howard

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    He moves beautifully for a man that age. Very nice technique.
  12. flashlock

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    Hatsumi chooses to go to the ground vs multiple attackers (how many times have BJK people railed against this strategy?), and calmly suggests true budo is about looking beyond your little "ninja" sphere to everything that's going on in the (MA) world...

    ...the silence is deafening.

    (Hatsumi, save me from your followers...) :rolleyes:
  13. zendog

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    I believe the clip is from the video, What is Martial Arts? Yeah, Soke's way cool.

    Comparing martial arts styles is like arguing about which language is better for poetry readings. (yawn. . .)

    Good luck with those pesky ninjas!
  14. pauli

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    ...it usually ends with at least one person ctfo?
  15. Keikai

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    its funny what a troll can see to what is actually happeninng there, desparation flashlock, you reek of desparation.
  16. flashlock

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    OK, you tell me, what is actually happening there?

    1. He says that martial artists have to be more universal and look at the other MAs that have developed beyond Feudal Japan.

    2. He chooses to grapple instead of striking multiple attackers, AND takes them to the ground.

    My impression is that that should be a bitter pill to swallow for many BJK members (that is, if they were self-aware enough to realize their former folly).

    I posted this in Self Defense because many BJK members do on this forum exactly what Hatsumi advises against: you stick to the ninja forum. Why not look how Ninjutsu shares aspects with style X, or what taijutsu could pick up from training methods of BJJ or Muy Thai?

    I do reek of desperaton--desperation to show your hypocrisy.
  17. Keikai

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    you have already made your decision, you have been beaten down in other threads so now need to turn here to look for support, what a joke



    Why, its in Takagi, he takes them to the ground, you see no ground fighting.
    then you live a mediocre life dont you...
  18. Lord Spooky

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    Your point being? Do you think what's taught in the Bujinkan is all striking? :confused:

    We spent all of last year looking at one of the Ryu which involve taking people to the ground.

    It was an instructional video covering certain aspects. You can't take one little clip and then try and preach it as what Hatsumi Sensei teaches for everything.

    Also you’ll note that he makes sure he is in a safe position back on his feet ready.

    Well your impression is wrong. Do you not think many haven't seen that video or even covered such stuff whilst in Japan?

    So because some members choose to stay in that forum that means it has to reflect their training practices? :confused:

    Do you always take one little thing and then mistakenly try to apply it as a universal truth across the board?

    Hatsumi Sensei if often quoted by Bujinkan members as saying something along the lines of. A true martial art should not have to fundamentally change with the times merely adapt to current ways of thinking and technologies…. or something like that.

    People are aware of what’s out there but they do not feel the need to change their Tiajutsu. They follow as best they can what Hatsumi Sensei is teaching.

    Generally I think most people would agree that being on your back in a pub roliing on the floor with a couple of guys (with their mates hanging around) is not the best position to be in.

    As with a lot of things it comes down to context. A concept you appear to be unfamiliar with.
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  19. xen

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    Can both sides keep the discussion to the thread topic please.

    If you can't do that without sniping at each others personalities, then don't post.

  20. SteelyPhil

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    Was a nice video, didn't really like the starting bits with the throws, but i get that its a training video. The dual attackers bit was nice, and he did just pretty much roll straight back to his feet.
    Don't really see where Flashlock is coming from but that's sort of irrelevant.
    Favourite bit = Counter bear hug but putting you hand under your arm, gonna need to try that looks strange.

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