Has anyone invented a new technique?

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  1. Langenschwert

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    There isn't much new under the sun, particularly in MA. The human body hasn't changed in thousands of years. I was reading an old German text on armoured ground fighting and the second technique described is a crucifix, just like you see in MMA today.

    Just for fun, here's a video showing the similarity between Modern Military Combatives and the old medieval and Renaissance armed and unarmed combat manuals:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHldHRSi-jo"]‚Ä™Renaissance Martial Arts and Modern Military Combatives‚Ĩ‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Nothing's changed all that much.

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  2. Rider

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    I understand what you are saying...perhaps im wrong and new techniques will not be made i dont know

    but i think think techniques that are new to the person what i said with that, there will always be a new technique to learn or re-learn for a person in general, that dont mean the technique itself is new however...well i at least believe that when i do martial arts i learn something new each lesson...not always in technique but things that might improve my technique

    Langenschwert...i agree the human body has not changed drastically i dont think we are going to change in that respect

    i do think that with new weapons however there will be new techniques, but in terms of not fire arm weaponary i think almost all new techniques if we create a new weapon that dont recycle or slighty alter a technique...will have new ones involved...but there are that many weapons and techniques that could be used with different weapons that can be applyed to others that...this wont likely be much a problem i guess im looking at the "IF" factor perhaps too much with this regard
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    I once thought I had invented a technique (sort of) but figured that it had already been done. Some digging on the internet and eventually I found the technique I "invented" which was really just a technique that already existed that I came up with without being shown it before. If the human body can do it then it has probably already been done, but that doesn't mean that everyone knows it or that people didn't forget about it, so I would say you should call it "discovering" a technique rather than "inventing" one.
  4. Rider

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    That...would actually be a better was to explain what i mean with the "its new to you" bit...the technique has prob's been done for years ect...but its new to you...you discovered it

    out of interest however...what technique was it? :p

    Hmmmmm...some people wouldnt class it as inventing one...but i guess you can create your own veriation of a technique, changing it to work for you...but i think thats just...editing rather than creating

    I guess rather than creating a single technique you can create combitations, obviously these have prob's already been done and are not documented, or probs are in a different martial art...but thats the easyest equivolent...perhaps parkour or free runners with acrobatic skills might have more luck or if a new weapon that needs to be defended again...but hand to hand atm i think we have enough
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  5. Wastelander

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    Leg scissor armbar from kesa-gatame :p
  6. Simon

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    Rider, I think you are confusing are there any new techniques with are there going to be any new techniques.

    As was said earlier, I invent new techniques all of the time, only to find out they have already been invented.

    My students are all different ages, weights and levels of fitness and they all carry out a techniques slightly differently in order to get them to work. They are all doing the same technique though.
  7. ap Oweyn

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    But that doesn't make it new. The question was whether we invented anything. Now, I could go off and devise a substance that goes onto paper wet and then dries, obscuring whatever was written underneath it and allowing the writer to correct over top of it.

    Have I invented White Out? No. Why? Because someone else already did it. (EDIT: Mike Nesmith's mum, for the record.)
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  8. aikiwolfie

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    Hollywood now wants to sue you for destroying their ageing and dilapidated business model. Music and movies are supposed to earn a profit. Not enjoyed or shared.
  9. Rider

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    my bad i did get the question confused with if there would be new ones

    but i get what you are saying with inventing things then finding they were already real

    ...but Wastelander put what i said a little better...you didnt invent it you "discovered" the technique, or adapted...think i understand the question a little more now and been able line out what it inventing and what is discovering, and what it adapting

    yeah i understand they are adapting the technique to work with them, think thats partly where i was getting confused with whats new, and whats adapted

    same technique or principle behind the altered technique
  10. forero

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    I suppose I discovered the counter to a full-nelson -which is to just go with it and strangle the person out while looking in the wrong direction.

    I'm sure we all have had the experience of inventing something that's already been thought of, for example, when I was twelve, I invented the u-bend in plumbing. I was pretty disappointed too, I thought I was on to something, and I suppose I was, I could have made millions!
  11. AndrewTheAndroid

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    I invented a technique that allows me to sleep with every woman that is important to the person who has offended/attacked me. I call it the New Daddy Maneuver.
  12. Seventh

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    I thought ruffies were illegal?
  13. Rider

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    ...A technique even Darth vader couldn't master...

    i salute you

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