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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by HarryF, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. belltoller

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    Glad to see you back.

    Sorry to hear about your rib. One of mine broke his rib playing (American) football. Seems he's always taking one in the ribbies or the liggies.

    Have any advice for him as far as a more speedy recovery goes?

    Congrads on your successful BB exam!
  2. HarryF

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    Thanks! There's always another level though, and my focus has shifted towards helping my students progress for a while.

    Re rib recovery: try to breathe deeply (it might hurt a bit but cough/lung infection/pneumonia is less fun). Don't rush it. Eat well and get enough sleep. Give it time.

    Sucks, but there you go
  3. HarryF

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    Well, my students all passed their grading which was AWESOME(I'm so proud!) It was certainly a new experience - I had all the usual pre-grading excitement, but with the added 'bonus' that everything I could do to determine the outcome had already been done... Definitely a moment of 'letting go'!

    Most recent Mass Made Simple workout as follows:

    A "2-3-5" set is where you do 2 reps, rest a little (I go for 8-10 breaths), do 3 reps, rest a little, do 5 reps, proper rest.
    It's like rest-pause mixed with ratchet loading, and essentially gets you to do 10 total reps with something you'd normally do about 5 with.

    Warm up blah blah
    warm up reps, then 2-3-5-10 (a normal 2-3-5 set with an extra 10 reps thrown in) with 70kg, followed by two more sets of 2-3-5 with 70 kg

    Bat wings
    5 x 8 seconds with 14kg

    One arm DB press (kind of like a one armed Arnold press)
    3 x 2-3-5 with 18kg each side

    Bird Dog
    A few each side, paused, quality > load

    Complex A
    5 reps per exercise, 5 rounds with 40, 45, 42.5, 40 and 30. Difficult.

    Back Squats
    10x40, 10x50, 50x60

    Yes, you read that last set correctly, 50 reps with 60kg. At the end of the workout. No re-racking, no surrender. Next.
  4. belltoller

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    Mass Made Simple ... is this online or ... ?
  5. HarryF

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    It's an e-book by Dan John, the log sheets (where you track your training sessions) are available online, but they don't have all the information to do the programme... I never thought that working with less than 50% of my max could be so challenging!
  6. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    I'm on workout 12 of the programme, highlights so far:
    Last time:
    New bench 1rm = 90kg (touch and go, so a bit cheaty)
    50 reps of squat with 90kg completed in 2 sets (33 and 17), so technically a new 33rm
    This time:
    50 reps of squat with 80kg competed in 1 set (5 minutes 45s), new 50rm. Ha!
    Bunch of other stuff but thothose are the best bits...
  7. matveimediaarts

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    Are those back or front squats? Either way, impressive shenannigans, man! :):cool: :hat:
  8. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Ta! They're back squats (high bar, deep)
  9. matveimediaarts

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    What is meant by "high bar"?:confused: I've heard the term used a few times, but never thought to ask. :/ Cheers!
  10. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Oh, I see it's been a while...

    I finished Mass Made Simple, did my set of 50 squats with 90kg (it took about 3m45s).
    Things learnt:
    1) I can eat what feels like a lot of food without putting on a lot of weight.
    2) Whether I sleep 7.5h or 8.5h makes a BIG difference.
    3) high frequency practice of lifts I suck at (i.e. bench) results in rapid (technique) gains.
    4) squat depth should be "as deep as you can safely go", this depends on your body architecture (relative limb lengths, hip joint shape etc) AND current skill level, so may change over time.
    5) rhomboid/lower trap training provides good postural benefit to me, despite not feeling like hard work.
    6) Strict unilateral upper body work (e.g. one armed, and maybe one legged, OHP) provides great practice at bracing and whole body control.

    Anyway, my bodyweight didn't really go up very much, but my bench and ability to do high rep squats did...

    Since then, I did a squat/bench/DL programme I made up (2-3x per week, 3 work sets, add weight when all sets hit top of rep range, remove weight when sets did not make bottom of rep range), although, after a couple of months I was starting to get a bit run down from this, so I switched out some of the exercises - still based on a squat/pull/push template, but not max effort every set/every time - this is a lot more sustainable for me.

    My main focus is still on my kali club as we're growing and I am slowly collecting a group of kali addicts who share my sense of humour.

    I had a short trip to Oslo in Feb for a cool seminar and some instructor training, got others coming up in May (Kettering) and August (Sweden, summercamp) which I'm bringing my students to - road trip!

    Other recent lifting highlights:
    Low bar squat - heavy single of 150kg (went fast and didn't feel heavy on the day), volume pr 5x10@105, 2 min rest
    Front squat - heavy single of 110kg beltless (can't remember if this is equal or more than last pr), volume pr with 3s pause 3x10@70, 2 min rest
    Bench - 7 reps with 80kg (controlled T&G), 5 reps with 2s pause at 80kg
    Deadlift - still doing it, but no new prs
    40kg DB snatch (biggest DB in the gym).
    Picked up one of my students in fireman's carry and squatted him for 3 reps (found out after he weighs 102kg) :cool:

    @matvei: high bar/low bar relates to the bar position on your back, generally: [ame="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQuCi2h_kNI"]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQuCi2h_kNI[/ame]
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    dude, i was in oslo for three months and you didn't come visit me :(
  12. HarryF

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    Whaaaaaaat? Aw, damnit! When are you next in Europe/UK?
  13. Fish Of Doom

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    that, i'm afraid, is up to the fickle machinations of fate :p (coudn't make a uk trip this time, either).

    incidentally, i have a friend in sweden (lund, specifically) who does FMA!
  14. HarryF

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    Bah, well, shout at me next time!

    Lund you say? Me too (well, Svalof)! Is it Henrik?
  15. Fish Of Doom

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    nope, justine, actually :p
  16. HarryF

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    Well that's probably not the 6 foot 1, hairy bouncer I know then. Unless I really DON'T know him!
  17. Fish Of Doom

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