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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by HarryF, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Holiday log! :D
    Yesterday/today - jetlag and about 8 hours walking up and down mountains.
    This evening -
    The hotel has a "fitness centre", with a treadmill, stationary bike, cross trainer, medicine balls from 2lb to 10lb, an adjustable bench and DBs up to 50lb. The world is what you make of it, so:

    Unilateral Circuit, 5 rounds, left, then right, then next exercise (no rest between exercises, weights in lb)
    DB power snatch - 5x30, 5x35, 5x40, 5x45, 5x50
    1 arm OHP - 5x30, 5x35, 5x40, 4x45, 3x50
    OH split squat, paused - 5x30, 5x35, 5x40, 5x45, 5x50
    DB row, paused - 8x30, 8x35, 8x40, 8x45, 8x50

    Bilateral circuit, 3 rounds, don't put the dumbbells down until the end of the round
    DB front squat - 3x12x50s
    DB bench, pause at bottom, squeeze at top - 3x10x50s
    DB RDL, 4s eccentric - 3x10x50s

    More of a grip workout than anything else!

    Beach pump circuit, 2 rounds is enough
    Hammer curl drop set (with 40s, 30s and 15s) - 10/10/17, 7/5/10
    Lateral raise drop set (with 15s and arms straight, then bend arms a bit, then 10s with arms straight again) - 15/6/7, 6/3/6

    All done in 35 minutes, now time to bbq some steak on the balcon, open a beer, look at the mountains, then watch some ice hockey eh. Can you guess where I am? :cool:
  2. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Now this is more what I do - except the 50's (with exception of the bench press) ... and the 45's - canna manage those ...the 40's maybe less than half the reps...




    Let me rephrase that. :vanish:

  3. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Another workout in the "fitness centre", all weights in lbs again:
    DB swings - 2x25 with 50
    DB RDL - 2x6x50s (slow, stretch)
    1 arm bench - 2x5x30, 2x5x40, 10/8/6/4/2 x50 (no rest, just swap arms)
    Superset of paused DB bench (with 50s), chest flies (20s), partial ROM/constant tension bench (20s also) - 8/10/25, 8/6/15, 12/10/20
    Batwings, with 20s - 3x10 second hold, 5x 10 second hold
    Upright row - 20x 20s, 13x 30s, 9x30s, 14x20s
    Shrug, 5 second hold on each rep, max hold on last rep (usually 20-30 seconds) - 6,5,4,3,2,1
    Straight arm dip (using bench) - 5x10, 5 second hold on each rep
    Got bored (what, no curls???), called it a day, 32 minutes
  4. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Back home (hooray!) and back to work (boo!) and still jetlagged (double boo!) and weak... so weak...


    Deads (quick test of how it's going) - 3x70, 2x110, 1x130, 1x150, 1x160 (felt awful and slow), 1x150 (less awful, but still awful)

    Kali class - knife defence skills plus fancy takedowns


    Still felt pants, but i can train a bit lighter while I reacclimatise

    Dan John Complex A - 5x20, 5x30, 5x40
    Deads - doubles with 70, 100, 120, 130, 135 (all DOH)
    Dips - 3x8
    Front squat - doubles with 40 triple paused, 50tp, 60tp, 70 regular, 80 reg
    Chins - 8,8,9 (neutral grip first 2 sets, curl grip last set)
    Farmers walk - 20m, 30m, 40m with 32 in each hand


    Squat (high bar) - 5x20, 5x40, 5x60, 5x80, 5x90, clusters: (5,4,3,2,1), (4,3,2,1), (3,2,1) x 100
    18 minutes, created a decent sweat...
  5. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Friday - Sunday, kali training weekend. My and my main training partner have our next test next month. We did about 12 hours training, plus talking about it and thinking about it. A couple of pennies dropped, which is always nice!

    Monday gym:
    Front squat - 2x4x40 (1 1/4 reps), 3x60, 3x70, 3x80, 3x90, 3x100, 2x100, 1x100. New beltless 3rm! Decent back off too

    Deads - 3x70, 2x100, 1x120, 1x140, 1x150, 1x160, 3x160. Left it there for deads

    Chins/dips superset, no rest - 10/10, 6/9, 5/6

    Dan John Complex A - 5x30, 4x40, 3x50

    Kali class after - had some new people come to play!
  6. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember


    Deads - 3x70, 1x100, 1x120, 1x140 (DOH), 1x150 (hook), 1x160, 1x170 (slow, but no back rounding - :D), 3x150 (fast)

    Bench - 3x40, 3x50, 3x60, 3x70, 3x80 (pretty good, no wobbles), rest/pause: 3,2,1 x80

    TRX row: 4x8

    Dan John Complex A - 5,4,3,2,1 x40, completed in 5m22s

    Kali class after - single stick (block, trap, hit, disarm, hit - simples!)

    Weekend: walking, BBQ, more walking :)
  7. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember


    Duffin warm up

    Front squat - 1 1/4 reps: 2x5x40, regular reps: 2x60, 2x80, 2x90, 1x100, 1x105, 1x110 (new beltless 1rm!), 3x3x95

    Deads - 3x100, 1x120, 1x140, 2x3x150

    Chins/dips (no rest) - 8/11, 5/8, 4/6 (pfft)

    Dan John Complex A: 5,4,3,2,1 x40, 7 minutes 10s. I think I wrote the time down wrongly before because this was hard...

    Kali class: single stick
  8. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Wednesday gym

    Doing gym and teaching kali on Thursdays was a bit much (Mondays are OK because the class starts a bit later...) Anyway:

    Duffin warm up
    The rear foot elevated split squats are getting easier/deeper, and I'm slowly getting better rotation with my left hip == better right round kicks

    Deads - 3x70 regular grip, 2x70 clean grip, 1x70 snatch grip (keeping thigh contact), 1x100, 1x120, 1x140, 1x160, 1x170, 1x180, 5kg PR for new 1rm! video to follow... :D

    Bodyweight: 88.7kg, so boom! 2.029 x BW deadlift! Form could have been better, and I only did 1 rep, so there's still work to be done...

    Bench - 3x50, 3x60, 3x70, 3x75, 1x80, 1x85 (slow, but didn't stall), 5x75, 8x70, 11+2+1x60 (rest-pause style)

    Face pulls between sets of bench - 6 sets of 20 (light weight, good squeeze)

    Front squat - pause squat countdown - 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 with 40kg
    Do 7 reps, on the 7th pause at the bottom for 7 seconds, do 6 reps, on the 6th pause at the bottom for 6 seconds, do 5 reps, on the 5th rep pause at the bottom for 5 seconds, etc.
  9. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    snatch grip? clean grip? ??

    Congrads on your new max!
  10. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember


    It's to do with how wide apart your hands are when you grab the bar:

    Regular grip - hands just outside pelvis, essentially the position that minimises the total range of motion.

    Clean grip - the narrowest grip where you could (if it was lighter) catch the bar on your shoulders if you were doing a clean, so just outside shoulder width.

    Snatch grip - the same width as for doing a snatch (which puts the bar at the crease of your hip when you stand up), this is generally quite a lot wider... I do a snatch grip deadlift the way zaad suggested which involves scraping the bar along your thighs (after it travels above the knees) and really pulling in with my lats.

    The wider the grip, the longer the range of motion, as you have to get in to a lower starting position as the grip widens.

    Anyway, here's le video:

  11. belltoller

    belltoller OffTopic MonstreOrdinaire Supporter

    Lookin good Harry. 180kg - whew! How long have you been at this?

    You started at 40kg, didn't you? :eek:
  12. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Ta! I've been training for about 2 years with consistency; I think I started this log just over 2 years ago, I'd picked up some weights before that, but not really with any purpose. I started with the empty bar...

    Sunday - taught a kali sikaran 2hr knife seminar to a group of Wing Chun students. We covered some basic "move and hit" drills, some awareness of how a knife encounter could start (hidden blade, draw mid conflict etc), what assumptions I make and how to train with those in mind, then we moved on to some "movie kali" with funky disarms and knife assisted takedowns/human shield.
    Good times!

    Paused squat (5 second pause) - 10x20, 5x40, 5x60, 5x70, 5x80
    Squat (no pause) - 3x80, 3x90, 3x100, 3x110, 3x120, 10x80, 20x60
    Chins (on the rings) - 6x5

    chins done between squat sets

    Bench (2s pause) - 3x40, 3x60, 5x3x70
    1 arm DB row (1s pause at top) - 6x6x32

    rows done immediately after bench sets, approx 1 minute rest after rows

    Kali class - stick fighting with hand/leg sparring games
  13. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Wednesday gym
    Zercher squat, with about 12kg of chains (why not?) - 10x20, 10x40, 10x60, 10x70, 5x80, 3x90, 6x2x100, 10x60

    Bench - 5x60, 5x70, 2x80

    upward cable cross - 4 sets of 10
    DB bench - 8x18s, 8,8,9 x 24s

    Dan John Complex A - 5,4,3,2,1 x40, 6 minutes 57 seconds. Wheezing like an old man.

    Rhino curls (straight bar) - 10x20, 20x30, 15x25, 13x20 (no rest)
  14. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    The 6th double :D:
  15. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    Care to elaborate on that one, young man?
  16. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember


    Deads - 3x70, 3x100, 3x120, 3x3x140 (DOH, slow negative, small eccentric pause just below the knees)

    BB Row (wider grip, plenty elbow flare, upper back squeeze) - 3x10x50

    Bench (1s pause) - 10x60, 10x65, 5/3/4x70 (rest pause)


    Complex = set of excercises done with one piece of equipment, complete all the reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise.

    Complex A = row, clean, front squat, press, back squat, good morning.

    A "set" of 5 would be:

    grip bar
    5 rows
    5 cleans
    5 front squats
    5 presses
    5 back squats
    5 good mornings
    put bar down again

    I'm doing 5 sets of decending reps (5,4,3,2,1), and trying to reduce the total time it takes. I dislike it slightly less than running. :cry:
  17. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter

    Just to elaborate on the complex description, as you can see from the exercise selection, complexes usually consist of compound exercises that flow into each other. It's easy to go from a row to a clean to a front squat etc.
  18. LemonSloth

    LemonSloth Laugh and grow fat!

    I know what a complex is, dag nabbit! I was wondering what variation you were doing! :p

    Looks fun though, might have to give it a go myself.
  19. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Also, it makes sense to order the exercises so the bar doesn't have to pass your head too many times :D

    I know you know! I just wanted to make the distinction between 1) 5 reps of one exercise before immediately moving on to the next, and 2) 1 rep of each exercise, 5 times (like the Bear Squat - 1 clean, 1 front squat, 1 press/push press, 1 back squat, 1 BTN press/push press, repeat X times)
  20. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Ah, it's been a while...

    Quick summary:

    Went to Kali Sikaran summer camp, passed black belt exam (red T shirt, Kadua Guro, genuine life goal), broke rib, couldn't brace properly so no gym for 6 weeks and careful in training, did sprints and daily kick flexibility work, head kicks are back and I lost fat, written a couple of articles for the KSI blog, upped my kali classes to twice per week, some of my students are going for their Phase 1 examination at a seminar in Newcastle in 2 weeks time (I've been preparing them as best I can), and I've started Mass Made Simple (1 week in, already tough, need to eat more).

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