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    So, thanks to everyone else’s inspiring training logs, I decided to start my own, sorry if it is a little longwinded. :D

    TLDR: poor posture, hurty back (a bit), does Kali (FMA) and regular bodyweight workouts, undergoing Structural Integration/Rolfing Ten Series to make better posture, rejoined nearby gym to use their heftier weights to get stronger back and legsies, working towards next Kali grading.

    I am 29 and 11/12ths (hanging on to being in my 'late twenties' ;)), 6ft2 and about 12.5 stone; my job is primarily desk based, and I drive about 30 mins to work meaning I can sit down for about 9 hours per day Mon-Fri (although I try to get up and walk about once every 30-45 minutes).

    I have had postural issues in the past (neck, shoulder and back pain), and have been trying to rectify these gradually, but still I catch myself slumped forwards on a regular basis, both when seated and standing. Yes, I have set up my workstation and car seat as best as I can in the circumstances, but thank you for thinking of that. You’ll probably notice me mentioning posture quite a few times in this log…

    My father used to have back/disk problems; it was at the same time as when he had a job that involved a lot of sitting and driving. Thankfully, it never got to the point of no return, and he now works in a job that involves being outside and moving, and no longer has any back pain. Happy days.

    I believe that I eat reasonably healthily, as my Better Half is a kind-of vegetarian (except bacon and sausages - she’s more of a fussy omnivore) and we base most of our meals around vegetables, dairy, pasta, noodles, couscous and potatoes. I tend to supplement my meals with fish or chicken on a fairly regular basis, and I probably eat 1 or 2 steaks per month. We still have the odd ‘treat’ day/dinner out, but they are once per week or less frequently.

    I eat probably 4-5 meals per day, have kept a food diary in the past, and, from that, know that I take in around 3500-4500 kcal per day, that my sugar intake is a little higher than recommended (although it’s primarily fructose from raw fruit and veg), and my protein intake could be higher. The food diary also showed me my complex carb intake was a bit low, so I now supplement my lunchtime salads with a portion of noodles as well as canned fish.

    My martial art of choice is Kali (FMA, es(c)krima, arnis etc, but I'll call it Kali because my instructor calls it Kali), and I am currently working towards my next grading which will potentially be in September. Each new grading not only brings a lot of new material to learn (it seems to double every time!), but requires that we can perform all of the preceding grades’ material under free flow or pressure situations (depending on the drill/technique), so takes a lot of preparation.

    I live about 5 hours travel from my Instructor, so I currently train 3 x 2 hours per week with between 1 and 3 training partners; we train in the park, and although I wouldn’t classify myself as an Instructor (capital “I”), I tend to lead the group in both technical instruction and deciding what to do. I visit my Instructor about twice per year for a weekend of private lessons or a seminar.

    Other regular activities include 2 yoga classes per week (one 60 minute Ashtanga (power/balance), one 75 minute Integral (more relaxed, floor based postures and breath oriented)), hill walking (at least once per month), gardening/DIY, bouldering (1-2 times per month) and short workouts on most weekdays.

    I have had some difficulty in defining my goals in a clear, measurable way. In no particular order, I think they are:

    Martial Arts - continue getting better at what I know already, and continue learning new things/training ideas. The next measurable goal is passing my next grading.

    Health, short term - improve my seated and standing posture, enhance stability (in my shoulders, particularly), improve mobility where things are a bit tight (hips mainly).

    Health, short-to-mid term - devise and maintain a programme of exercise/activity that is complementary to Kali, and covers all-round strengthening, with a lean towards ‘explosiveness’ to assist footwork, striking (empty hand and weapon) and grappling.

    Health, long term - I’d like to maintain (as far as possible) my current low resting hear rate (it’s about 50-55 bpm), reasonable blood pressure (can’t remember the exact numbers, but both were comfortably in ‘normal’ range), flexibility/range of motion, posture (once corrected!), strength/speed. I have read that, as the body ages, youthful speed/explosiveness matures into higher maximal strength, but I don’t know much about that mechanism, or how to maintain a balance between the two.

    I have been toying with the idea of doing the Structural Integration (SI, Rolfing) Ten Series for a while now and, having spoken to a friend who couldn’t recommend it highly enough, I have decided to go for it.
    The way it has been explained to me is that the series is centred around manipulating the connective tissue in the body with the goal of releasing pre-existing tension to allow the body to ‘align itself with gravity’, this is accompanied by a guided self assessment of workstation and driving environments (he tells you what to look out for) to optimise for postural correctness, and the ‘reprogramming’ of the brain to activate the correct muscles for the correct movements (I’m bit sceptical of this part, but am willing to be convinced).
    I think the idea is that it allows a ‘reset’ of the relationship between the skeletal, muscular and connective tissues, after which it becomes uncomfortable to sit/stand with sub-optimal posture. I have ordered a book on it and will give it all a read whilst undergoing the treatment.

    I saw my GP about my posture and shoulder instability a while ago, and they said that as it wasn’t causing me significant pain (i.e. enough to stop me working) and my shoulder instability was ‘only mild’, then they didn’t want to refer me to a physio (they did give me similar tips on setting up driving and workstation environment that the SI practitioner has done so far). Anyhoo, I thought I’d give SI a try.

    So, I’ll waffle on here with what my current activities are, and, if you have any feedback or hints for helping me achieve my (vague as they are) goals, it would be much appreciated!


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    Sunday 30.6.13

    10 minutes skipping - mainly girly jumps, I'm working on 'running'/alternating feet but I find the timing (and one legged jumping) difficult so get tangled in the rope. This is probably the point of doing it though, so I’ll persevere.

    1 hour boxing (ish) footwork and punching coordination drills:
    step and slide (front, back, right, left)
    circle step - e.g. lead (left for orthodox) leg steps forward, rear leg swings around (to the left) by 30/45/60/90 degrees to you are facing right (for orthodox), do the circle step in both directions
    combine the above two to form: advance and circle (either way), side step and circle etc
    add a jab, timed to land when the first foot to be moved lands on the floor
    add a cross too, timed to land when the second foot to be moved lands on the floor (and therefore you are momentarily grounded to produce the correct mechanic/power for the cross)

    Switch leads and do the same on the other side.

    For me, as well as the timing and coordination, I need to concentrate on posture while moving - I have a tendency to roll my hips forward, especially in right lead.

    15 minutes single sword carenza, left hand only, concentrate on fluidity and posture, and the mechanics of the forehand upward diagonal cut (angle 3 in our system), ensure that the blade is orientated correctly along the line of all cuts.

    Monday 8.7.13

    AM: yoga - 4 Sun Salutations, 2 x 5 count Warrior sequence (both sides)
    PM: nice walk in the park with the Better Half (about an hour and a half, with a good sit on a bench watching the ducks (no, not a euphemism))

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    Tuesday 9.7.13

    AM - joint rotations, 2 sun salutations,
    Bodyweight workout:
    Round 1 push ups (elbows in, stable scapula, max ROM):
    5x dive bomber, 5x Hindu, 5x reverse Hindu, 5x pike-plank-push up-plank, 5x shoulder press push up

    Round 2 squats (hips parallel to the floor, watch for knee drift):
    10x jumping (heels on the floor through squat), 10x split squat (both sides), 10x forward lunges (both sides), 10x Bulgarian split squats (both sides, about 1ft elevation)

    Repeat round 1

    5:30 of plank variations (front, side, one arm, one leg, arm and leg, hands/forearms etc THANKS SIMON!)

    PM - 1.5km cycle to SI session

    SI session 1
    I have already noticed increase ROM in my rotator cuffs, much ‘freer’ breathing, better balance in hips/hamstrings (my left used to be tight on the transverse plane, and the right tight on the sagittal plane). As I walk and sit, I notice myself ‘slumping’ into bad habits, which are starting to feel unfamiliar, helping me to remember to correct them. Everything feels a bit ‘wobblier’ than before, but I feel a bit lighter on my feet and I’m looking forward to the next session.

    1.5km cycle home

    45 min solo footwork and carenza in the garden - primarily working on two of the double stick running sets - San Rafael basic and advanced (these have a 360 spin in the footwork without a break in the hitting), concentrate on balance during the spin and (you guessed it) posture.

    Getting used to my new found range of motion and posture adjustments - feels weird but pretty good.
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    Wednesday 10.7.13

    Bit of a hefty day this one.

    AM: joint rotations, 2x30s (on each side) semi supine twist, 4 sun salutations,
    core workout (THANKS FRODO!):
    2x10 shoulder press dead bugs (move right leg, then left leg is one rep)
    2x10 Swiss ball Ham curls with 5 sec leg raises
    2x10 Swiss ball stir the pot
    2x30s Pallof press (2 on each side) with "heavy" band, extension to 2x normal length

    2x30s archer hold (2 on each side - THANKS SOKKLAB!) with the "heavy" band, I grip it on the band (rather than the handles) so it stretches to approx 2x normal length

    Daytime (snuck in to a few 5 minute yoga screen breaks at work): 4 Sun Salutations, 2x5 count Warrior sequence (both sides)

    PM: 1.2km jog to gym (I only rejoined recently after about a 5 month break, so my weights are quite light at the moment while I get used to the technique/posture again)

    2 x Circuit 1:
    10 clap push up (short ROM)
    10 jumping squat (10kg plate)
    10 thrusters (the combination of a front squat with a push press at the top), 30kg on a light bar

    2 x Circuit 2:
    10 db push ups (full ROM), both sides each rep, 5kg circular dbs (they roll!)
    10 db swings to high pull, 10kg (wide stance, just like a kettlebell swing but with dumbbells, with a high pull chucked in at the end)
    10 push press 30kg on a light bar (this is a shoulder press where you are allowed to ‘spring’ with your legs a bit)

    Dead lift/bench press ladder (10/8/6/4/2 DL, 2/4/6/8/10 BP), 20kg on a heavy (20kg?) bar for each (before the 5 month break, the DL was at 50kg +bar and BP at 40kg +bar).

    2x10 stiff leg dead lift (Romanian dead lift?) 20kg on the heavy bar
    2x10 hanging leg raises (knees to chest today, it's bloody hot!)

    2x10 (on each side) bulgarian split squats (body weight)
    2x10 (on each side) single leg bent over row, 20kg on the heavy bar
    2x10 (on each side) cable woodchoppers (downward diagonal, split stance, ‘rear hand’ type motion), pin on the 30kg mark

    1.2km jog home

    In the gym for about 40 min, out of the house for an hour tops

    It’s hot, drink water, 5 min sit down (NOT on the nice sofa), sweat, drink more water

    Kali from 19:30-21:45

    1.6km cycle to dojo (dojo, ha! It's the park!) 5 min carenza warm up

    Double stick Lameco laban laro from cabca 3.
    Padded sticks and kali helmets on, same drill, try to tag the head with your counter - force a bit of movement and irregular timing.
    Free light sparring (sport, not scenario): mainly double stick, a bit of stick and knife, and a bit of machete and knife (totally different feel).

    Lameco single stick largo sparring drills (punch the chest, forehand and backhand matador, Statue of Liberty).
    Tiny bit of double stick sumbrada to cool down (based loosely on 5 count sumbrada with as many variations as we could think of).

    1.6km cycle home

    Gentle stretch, eat banana, chat to the Better Half, go to sleep.
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    That completes the backlog to last Sunday, more to follow ladies and gents.
  6. Frodocious

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  7. HarryF

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    Cool, I'll probably add/swap those pull aparts to the archer holds, brilliant :)

    Seat wedge cushions look like the kind of thing you have to try out (different angle, thickness and firmness), I'll have a look for a place near me that sells them...
  8. Frodocious

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    I just bought one similiar to this: [ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/Trillogy-Concept-Support-Wedge-Cushion/dp/B005FF6C5C/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1373556986&sr=1-1&keywords=seat+wedge"]Trillogy Concept Car Seat Support Wedge Cushion: Amazon.co.uk: Car & Motorbike[/ame]

    My osteopath suggested getting one of the ones around the £16 mark and this fit the bill nicely.
  9. Simon

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    Don't forget Harry that you trained at the MAP Meet.

    That counts as double, surely. :D
  10. HarryF

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    Definitely! It wasn't that I forgot to include the MAP meet, but I had to start recording things somewhere, so I thought the week that I started the SI Ten Series (including as far back as I could remember accurately - Sunday) was as good a time as any.

    Ramble: About 10 years ago I made my last New Years Resolution which was to give up making "New Years Resolutions", and to only make "Resolutions" with no arbitrary start point - if you think you need to do or change something, then what better time to start than now?

    Anyway, Sunday's Resolution was to start SI and record my training and postural changes somehow.

    The tricky thing is working out measurable goals - for lifting your could have a target 1RM, running you could have distance/time goals, a goal for MA could be competition, but I don't really want to do that, so my goals seem to be: "get better at fighty, feel better in posture", neither of which are particularly (empirically) measurable. Hmm
  11. Smitfire

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    Which one was Harry at the meet!?!
    Good log.
  12. Bozza Bostik

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    What style of kali are you doing Harry? Or did I miss it?
  13. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember

    Thanks chaps :)
    PASmith: I was wearing black and blue fairtex shorts and a white (ish) top. I trained in LFD's class, Simon's class, the iaido class, then Robert's tai chi class (all excellent). Who were (are) you? Did we unknowingly train together? If so, how romantic :p

    Boris: like many kali systems it's a blend. This one is mainly from MARS Kali (Balicki Method (Inosanto/Lacoste line)), Lameco Eskrima (Edgar Sulite), and KaliSikaran (formerly the IKAEF, from Modern Arnis, Kombatan and Inayan systems).

    It has a, dare I say it, "JKD-esque" attitude to training and integrating from other arts and systems, so MY version has a slightly greater lean towards freestyle wresting and (ring) muay thai. It's all good as long as the new stuff fits within the kali framework! That being primarily environment, weapon and multiple opponent aware...


  14. Smitfire

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    Ah...we only shared the Iaido class but I vaguely remember. I was white gi bottoms, grey top and grey hair.
  15. Bozza Bostik

    Bozza Bostik Antichrist on Button Moon

    Sounds good!

    Me. I do Jay Dobrin's BIFF system. We also have Pekiti Tirsia in the club. I do a private lesson once a week, so other things get thrown in. Doing a lot of locks and stuff at the moment, just 'cause I wanted to have a better understanding of them.

    I've only been doing FMA for a couple of years properly, I've dabbled in the past when I was doing JKD. I hope to have a look at PTK in the future and see what that is like. I was hoping to start after summer, I'm all for cross training but I don't think my skill level is good enough to do 2 FMA systems at once. :)
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    Thursday 11.7.13

    Feeling it a bit from yesterday, so today is more yoga oriented – a bit like a rest day, but still quite hard work.:evil:

    AM: joint rotations, 8 sun salutations, ham and glute stretching (THANKS AGAIN SIMON!)

    PM: 1x 70 rep band pull apart superset (ok, this is the last one: CHEERS FRODO!). As I was doing this, it didn’t feel like much, but afterwards my shoulders definitely felt “worked” in a way that feels like it’s counteracting the hours and hours spent slumped over a keyboard :D

    10 min walk to yoga class, empty head of background thoughts and be "entirely present" or something - "thought catching", basically:


    1 hour yoga class with the Better Half (Ashtanga heavy, so lots of 'power' poses/movements, and a fair amount of balancing too).

    This is my first yoga class since the SI session (rather than just me flailing around on my own), and the poses that stretch the hips and hamstrings I found a lot easier/smoother than in previous classes. Also, for the one sided poses and sequences, both sides felt less uneven (I know it’s a double negative, but “more even” implies that there was a level of evenness to start with… Ya know what I mean?)

    The balancing I found particularly difficult this time, whereas normally I’m fairly good at one-legged poses and sequences. This could be due to the extra ROM in my hips and hammies from the SI session, so although it was a bit frustrating, it just required a slight modification of the muscle groups used to maintain balance (concentrate to achieve that level of focus (I don’t want to say ‘zen’), rather than relax to achieve the focus).

    Overall a very pleasing session, no pain or over-strain anywhere and no knee shearing (despite yesterday’s antics), increased and easier/smoother ROM, harder balancing, but I’m sure that’ll come back as I get used to the extra ROM.

    Breathing-wise, I have noticed generally that deeper breaths are easier than pre-SI, although there is still a little tightness in one side of my diaphragm (noticed during semi supine twist with the leg extension). I’m going to mention to my SI practitioner that there is still a bit of tightness in breathing, and see if he says that it’s the same side as I think it is…

    10 min walk home feeling refreshed and calm.

    Half pint of semi skimmed milk to complete the win :D
    Bring on tomorrow
  17. HarryF

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    Sorry mate, I was so focussed on holding my Bokken in the correct manner that it's a miracle I remembered that there was anyone else in that class! Next time I'll make more of an effort to talk to more people, promise ;)

    Cool, I've never heard of Dobrin or BIFF before now (often the way with FMA people), but a quick scan of his website suggests that he moves well and has some decent looking training methods. Do you do any live blade stuff?

    It's great that you're getting privates too (ooo err missus), that should really sharpen your game and help iron out any slight incorrections before they become bad habits!

    As for doing two FMA systems at once... I'd give it a try, but how much one helps or hinders the other depends on how far you have got with the first one, how much overlap there is between them, and how well you can 'compartmentalise' in your brain.

    It's hard for you to work out whether you could do it or not until you try it!

    Personally, unless the two systems are taught by the same guy (and are therefore likely to have some heavy overlap, or at least the same attitude, IME), I'd wait until I got a solid grounding in the one system before trying the other - you might find the same techniques/drills but learnt in a different order, or you might find it concentrates on a completely different range!

    As FMA systems are, IMO, supposed to be complete, you shouldn't (big pinch of salt here) need to train in anything else, but finding an FMA group that trains everything regularly enough to get excellent at everything is difficult (I'd love to do 15 hours per week private lessons with my Instructor, but I have to work to pay the bills! Damned bills...)

    In practice, I have found benefit in training some of the aspects of FMA in isolation by using MAs that specialise in particular areas, provided you train them with your 'FMA attitude'.

    For me this has been freestyle wrestling for stability in base, offbalancing and disruptions/trips (without strikes) and dealing with counter-wrestling, and MT for striking (duh), clinch and timing/drawing against trained opponents (sport sparring), and both for conditioning.

    The parts of those arts that I have tried to leave to one side are the wrestling ground work (maybe I didn't get good enough to understand what it was for, but if I end up on the ground, I want to get up, or break something of the opponent's then get up, not roll him over and over scoring lots of points...), and the attitude in some MT gyms that getting hit a few times is OK as long as you hit him back - it's great for mental attitude, but put a weapon in the guys hand and tell me that again!

    I'd love to have the time to train BJJ for all of its ground related benefits, although I think it would require a lot of time invested to become even a semi decent beginner, and that I would only take a small proportion of it (escape, stand up) back to Kali. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great MA and sport, I simply don't have the time to focus on BJJ as well as everything else!

    Plus, you got me hooked on the idea of taking up Capoeira again, I've founda class on Saturday mornings, now I only have to persuade the Better Half that it's a good idea for me to do even more training!

    If only I could do without sleep...

    Anyway, the only way you can find out if it's good to do both is to try it for youself. Best of luck fella

  18. HarryF

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    Friday 12.7.13

    AM: joint rotations (extra care and time spent on spinal movements - cat/cow pose (sagittal), seated lumbar/thoracic rotation (transverse), extended (standing) flag pose (coronal); and hip rotations - external and internal, seated and lying), 4 sun salutations, 2 x 5 count warrior sequence (2 on each side).
    2m30s plank variations; these were hard today, the hardest being the single arm extensions, maybe I haven’t got my foot/supporting arm positioning quite right…

    Daytime: 4x 5 count warrior (with arm variations for a bit of a balancing challenge)

    PM: 1 hour walk in the park with the Better Half, chill out in the sunshine watching the balloons take off. Lovely.

    Saturday 13.7.13

    AM: got woken up by one of my cats meowing into my face; obviously it’s food time, not sleep time. Feed cats, joint rotations, gentle hip and hamstring stretches, and gentle spinal movements just to get the engine started.
    Decent breakfast: 4 weetabix w/ semi skimmed milk and a handful of muesli, large banana, low fat yoghurt, cup of tea, pint of water, 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter.

    30 minute chill out - quick twiddle on the geeeetar while watching Liam Harrison vs Anuwat 2 for inspiration.


    1.2 km jog to the gym, heavier session today, still not massive weights.

    Thrusters (front squats with overhead press all in one smooth motion):
    5xbar, 5x30, 5x40, 4x50 (struggled on the press part of the 4th one), 5x 45

    Unassisted pull ups (pronated grip – palms away from you):
    1x4, 1x3, 1x1.5 (this is an area for massive improvement)

    Dead lift 5x40kg, 5x50, 5x70, 5x80, 5x85 (the last two sets felt much different to any dead lifts I’ve done before – more like I was pushing the earth away from me, rather than just standing up)

    Unassisted chin ups (supinated grip – palms towards you):
    1x5, 1x5, 1x4 (better than pull ups, but still room for improvement)

    Bench press 5x40kg, 5x50, 5x60 (last rep was half ROM), 5x55

    Bent over row (barbell, both feet planted on the ground, lean forward to a couple of notches before lumbar flexion, pull to belly/just above hips):
    5xbar, 5x40kg, 5x50, 5x55 (noticing lumbar flexion on reps 4 and 5), 5x50

    Band pull apart 70 rep super series (lighter band = closer grip)

    1.2 km jog home.

    The cat was asleep so I meowed in his face to wake him up; he didn’t think too much of it either, but now he’s fallen asleep again and I’m awake, so I think I know who the real winner is.

    20 min yoga in the garden as cool down stretch (sun salulations with downward dog variants, warrior based rotations, balancing, forward and side bends).

    Cool shower because it’s pretty hot already!

    Sunday 14.7.13
    AM: 25 minute walk into town for Sunday morning yoga class (felt a bit less stretchy and my balance was better than on Thursday, it could be that either the SI session is ‘wearing off’, or I’m getting used to the effects, or my old habits have counteracted it over the week. Don’t know), 25 minute walk home.

    PM: 1.6km cycle to 2 hour Kali session in the park (me + 1 training partner), all knife vs knife mid range,

    Start with abecedarios, (mid range feed (to the body), receiver cuts the arm, passes the arm, the stabs the body; female triangle footwork from the base with good posture, ensure your body moves offline, and your shoulder positioning is such that your arms are equidistant from the incoming threat at the start and the end of each encounter, keep upper body structure firm but relaxed):
    1) heaven grip right hand template feed, weapon in receiver’s right hand (also heaven grip), right dominant return (i.e. receiver stabs with knife)
    a. angles in order
    b. random angles, but forehand then backhand
    c. random angles, any feeding body mechanic
    d. add enganyo (drifts and redirects – eg drift = it looks like a #1 but it turns into a #3 (high forehand fake to low forehand), and redirect = it looks like a #1 but turns into a #2 (high forehand fake to high backhand))
    2) heaven grip left hand template feed, weapon in receiver’s left hand (heaven grip), left dominant return (same feed variations)
    3) same as 1) but receiver has reverse grip
    4) same as 2) but receiver has reverse grip
    5) Mirror hand: right hand feed (either grip), receiver’s weapon in left hand (either grip), left dominant return (+variations)
    6) Mirror hand: left hand feed (either grip), receiver’s weapon in right hand (either grip), right dominant return (+variations)
    7) Repeat 1-6, but with the weapon in the non-dominant hand.

    E.g. the response for #2 (high backhand) is (with the weapon in the dominant hand) redondo cut the feeding arm downwards, left hand cross-hand scoop (palm up) to open the line, right hand stab the body. The non-dominant version is: receiver’s knife in left hand, feeder feeds #2, receiver right hand (empty hand hammer fist) downward redondo the feeding arm, left hand palm up scoop (cutting the bicep on the intercept and the belly on the scoop through), feed right hand dominant return (straight punch/palm strike/push/whatever).

    This is a similar idea to ‘true left’ from Sayoc Kali, as in it turns the checking hand into an offensive check. Also, with all the cross-hand scoops, it trains you to scoop their weapon arm close to their body, reducing the probability that you eat a gut cut on the way through if they continue to put pressure on the feed as you scoop. Make sense? Cool.

    8) Receiver has double knife; feeder feeds either hand, either grip, any angle, receiver responds with either template, either dominant return.
    9) Receiver has no knives (double empty hand), same thing, but empty hand responses (not necessarily 'optimum' for SD, but still nice motion and great crossover between weapon/EH).
    10) Brain starts to melt.

    Next, palusut drill – variations:
    4 grips (heaven/earth, earth/earth, earth/heaven, heaven/heaven),
    4 starts (angles #1, #3, #5, #2) and
    4 ends (pass, grab, wedge, paglibut (small scoop)).
    Right hand side, then left hand side.
    Add ‘stealing’ roles within the drill (this is hard to describe – whenever there is an angle #1, whoever is receiving the #1 can steal the role as receiver within the drill)
    Add hubad left hand for when things get a bit frantic.
    Add any of the abecedario variations above for a bit of back and forth, then break back into palusut.

    Total brain melt, revert to redondo the feeding arm and moving off line to long range, realise it's time to call it a day.

    1.6km cycle home, sit down, try to absorb what we did and recover from meltybrain.

    Monday 15.7.13 - "rest" day - hahahahaha!

    AM: Hill sprints - 10 minute warm up jog to The Hill of Death; 5x 30 second hill sprints, 10 minute cool jog home, 5 minute stretch, 30 minute feeling a bit sick.

    Daytime: Drive for 30 minutes, sit at a desk for 2 hours, drive for 2 hours, sit in a 3 hour meeting, drive for 2 hours; tried to keep good posture during – think tall!

    PM: hamstring and hip stretching, band pull aparts.

    SI session 2 tomorrow; looking forward to it.
  19. Frodocious

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    LOL at meowing at the cat to pay him back for waking you up - as you say it was a waste of effort though. I've tried that sort of thing with mine, he just glares at me and goes straight back to sleep!

    I would suggest trying to get a bit more protein (and possibly some more fat) in with your breakfast - it seems pretty carb heavy at the moment (at least from what you've posted here).
  20. HarryF

    HarryF Malued Vember


    Normally we (cats and I) get up at about the same time during the week, and I feed them breakfast, so it's only natural that he would get annoyed that I wanted a lie-in on Saturday :cry:

    So, what you are suggesting is.... Steak for breakfast? Or more along the lines of eggs/cheese etc?

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