Harimau - groundfighting?

Discussion in 'Silat' started by Anos, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Anos

    Anos New Member

    Does Harimau or other silat styles have groundfighting where all parties are prone (ie. prone vs prone rather than just prone vs standing)? Is there much focus on counter-wrestling/counter-grappling?

    Sincere thanks.
  2. Fist Of Legend

    Fist Of Legend New Member

    Harimau is a groundfighting style in pencak silat yes. I've praticed Manyang and Pamor Badai also, but the Harimau style is more my kinda thing. Very hard, semi full contact, and groundfighting. If you got any more questions about Harimau or Pencak Silat you can ask ;)
  3. pesilat

    pesilat Active Member

    Yes, Harimau does ground vs. ground stuff (though rarely are both fighters prone [both lying facedown] in any system or confrontation - if both are prone, someone's in a really bad position).

    As far as "counter" grappling - I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. But Silat, in general, tends to be very aggressive in mindset. They kind of thrive on the concept of: "a good offense is the best defense." There are exceptions, of course, but that's the general mindset that I've seen. If I disable him quick enough, then there's no need for me to counter anything :)

    I'm not saying that Harimau (or other Silat systems) don't use counters. Of course, any technique can be countered - understanding how the technique works helps you understand how to counter it. But the mindset of Silat in general, in my experience, isn't one of a "countering" mindset. In my experience, they don't tend to think in those terms even when they are, technically, "countering" something - they think in terms of attack.

    But I may not have understood what you meant by "counter wrestling" or "counter grappling" so all of that may have been irrelevant to what you were actually asking. If so, feel free to ask again and I (or Fist or one of the other folks around here with some Silat experience [few though we are]) will try to answer :)

  4. ICT

    ICT Shaolin Malay Silat

    If by prone you mean will 2 Harimau fighters be on the ground at the same time instead of one on the ground and one standing, then the answer is Yes!

    As well 2 Harimau fighters will both stand or jump to their feet at the same time.

    Draegers Book " The Weapons And Fighting Arts Of Indonesia" shows just this thing on page 135.

    Harimau like most silat does not do submissions but instead when they grapple or lock they break whatever they have a hold of. Does this mean that someone hasn't used a silat lock to submit, no just that silat is combat fighting and not tournament fighting.

    Hopes this helps you to understand a little more.

    Teacher: Eddie Ivester
  5. Anos

    Anos New Member

    Thanks guys! There seems to be unfortunately little information available on this martial art.

    I am moving soon closer to some silat teachers (there are none currently in my area), and am just trying to kindle my interest in it in the mean time. Of course, the real info will come from feeling it myself when I get the chance.

    The little info on harimau I have seen all seemed oriented at fighting against someone standing while you are kneeling or supine (like BJJ's "guard" maybe?); and I was just wondering if it also dealt with situations when both parties are on the ground, in a fashion similar to BJJ or par terre wrestling - as this is an area I am hoping to work on in my own MA practice.

    Thanks again, it's appreciated.
  6. krys

    krys Valued Member

    Yes... having done bjj for some time my opinion is that emphasis is more on striking when you are on the ground, silat is great to developping striking skills on the ground ....
    I heard there is a javanese system that was influenced by indian wrestling but forgot the name.

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