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Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Jaydub, Jan 14, 2018.

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    When I decided to start training about four years ago, I wanted to learn Hapkido as it seems very similar to the Korean hybrid style I learned growing up. Unfortunately, Hapkido was not available in Victoria. I joined a Karate Dojo instead.

    However, within the last year, two Hapkido Dojangs have sprung up in my city. One is even within walking distance from my house. I am extremely happy with where I train now, so I am not about to quit Karate to pursue Hapkido

    I'm still happy that it's available, though. Maybe I'll send my daughter to learn when she's old enough. I think the acrobatic element could be fun for kids. Maybe I'll look into it myself one day.

    Anyway, one Dojang belongs to the World Police Martial Arts Federation. The other is Kum Moo Kwan under the Korea Hapkido Federation.

    Could anyone tell me the differences between these two associations?

    I also notice there are quite a few Kwans within the Korea Hapkido Federation. How do they differ? What's unique about Kum Moo?

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