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Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Thomas, Sep 23, 2003.

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    Getting Charles to focus!
  2. Hapkido92

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    I started training in Hapkido in 2009 till 2012. My teacher, Ian Gibbs was taught by Grand Master Hwang In-Shik. We went over weapons, punching, kicking, throwing, flowing, twisting and all that other good stuff.

    I stopped because the school moved and I started college, which made it impossible to train there. I've been training on my own and with a friend of mine from our dojang, since.
  3. Hapkido92

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    I should also mention that we practice release kicks and breathing. I believe my style is similar to Shadow Warrior's. Because he trained under GM Hwang and my teacher did as well.
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    Walked into Master J.B. Lee's school in January of 1980 in Newport News, VA. What a lucky find that was. JB was an original student of Yung Sul Choi, who came to our school around 1982. I met Ji Han Jae and Bong Soo Han in the early 80's. I have some nice pictures of these great Hapkido Masters, but they're just scans to my PC and not url links. With, or without help. I'll figure out a way to post them. I gave up the commitment of teaching in 1993 and now I just train at East Coast Hapkido with a very committed, Tom Daroja. It's still a blast.
  5. Thomas

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    Welcome! Would love to see pictures sometime!
  6. shadow warrior

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    Ian Gibbs was an ORANGE belt under Master Hwang. That is the highest level he ever attained.

    Shadow Warrior
  7. Hannibal

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    The highest he attained or the highest he attained under that teacher?
  8. shadow warrior

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    As far as we know that was the highest he attained in Hapkido period.
    He may claim other art back round, but in Hapkido orange was it.

    Shadow Warrior
  9. Juddy

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    Hapkidoist from Australia

    Hi my names is Paul and am kinda new at this. I'm from Sydney Australia and have been training in Hapkido now for over 20 years (2nd Degree) with Grandmaster Geoff Booth.
    I don't train currently but teach regularly.

    I have backgrounds in varying styles from boxing, capoeira, Kali, silat and a bit of mma.
    I tried alot of other styles but once I had found Hapkido I was hooked and it has played a big part of my life, it is where I met my wife and most of my friendship group.
    When I was younger I used to go more for the flashy stuff but these days I prefer the tactical close quarter stuff. I find this style can be anything you want it to be.
    Regards from Australia
  10. Thomas

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    Welcome! I've heard great things about GM Booth... haven't had the pleasure of meeting him yet.
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    Hi ! i am presently studying Hoshinkido hapkido system with GM chang si ja nim Serge Baubil 10th dan founder of his own style. We are part of Hanminjok association and World Kido Federation, we are also brother associates with Moo Moo Kwan family and World Bum Moo Kwan Federation, wich are the 3 principal styles integrated in Hoshinkido.
  12. Thomas

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    Welcome! I had the pleasure of meeting GM Baubil a few years back - he is a true gentleman with an open mind and tremendous background. You are very lucky to train with him, in my opinion.
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    I got a Black belt Under Master Jino Kang in San Francisco. Came to the forum to look up some techniques on stretching and getting better leg dexterity for kicks.
  14. Thomas

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    I'll bet there are some good threads on those topics that you can use the 'search' function to get a lot of info from. Otherwise, feel free to start a thread and ask some specifics... you may prefer to open a new thread under 'general' topics as the Hapkido forum has been very quiet for a while.
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    I currently train under Master Maurice Roberts. Master Maurice Roberts is a 5th degree black belt that began training in Hapkido under the Kido Association under Grandmaster K.S. Hyun in Chicago. He continued his training under Master Hyun Bae You, who was a Kuk Sool Won and Hapkido master, trained under In Sun Seo. After Master You relocated out of state, he trained, and continues to train under the founders of The World JunTong MooSool, Grandmaster Chu S. Ma and Grandmaster Beoyong Ma. We have two schools here in Illinois. One school in St. Charles, Illinois in which the Grand Master himself teaches, GM Chu Ma. The school here in Chicago is ran by Master Maurice Roberts.

    Our system focuses on the traditional practice of Kuk Sool-Hapkido, with special attention to the application of self defense. The training is centered around creating balance within self, while harmonizing with the things outside of self that disrupts the unification of mind, body, and spirit.
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    Do you kick people below the waist?
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  18. raised1

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    Thank you Giovanni for your response. What is your definition or perception of traditional sir?

    Yes I did copy/paste as I am one of the contributors & the administrator for this blog site.
  19. raised1

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    Yes, I do.
  20. qazaqwe

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    That doesn't sound very traditional in the context of hapkido.

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