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Discussion in 'Hapkido' started by Thomas, Sep 23, 2003.

  1. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    Hi all,
    I started this thread quite a while ago and periodically updated the list to reflect all of our "members" here. Of late, I haven't updated it and I have no plans to do so. If someone else would like to take over the updating, please do. Otherwise, I think the intros here are good enough without a constant list.

    Thanks all!!!!!

    Moo Sool!
  2. Saccade

    Saccade Valued Member

    Catwise -

    What're the Musical Weapon Forms?

    Is that like the old Kung-Fu films where the old monk would whip out his bamboo flute and give the young upstarts a whack in the head while singing a song about how he may be so old his bamboo's gone soft, but it still give's you a black eye if you say so...

    Or, I guess, Kung-fu Hussle with the Landlady (if you've seen that...)?

    Or like the entrance ceremony of a Muay Thai match or Jingo'ing, where the prelim's are dance-like and to a changing rhythm?
    But with a weapon patterns instead of stretches and etiquette (not saying that there is none!)?

    Or am I just missing the totally obvious and it is what it says on the tin - a weapon's pattern to music?
    Like Tai-Bo but with a Kris?

    (Sorry to relate that to Tai-Bo...)
    (Sorry to any Tai-bo enthusiasts here, or people who were motivated by Mr Motivator.)
  3. CatWise

    CatWise Valued Member


    I got a good lough this morning after your post! Thanks for that :)

    As for musical forms, these are besically free style weapons forms performed with music. They are performed at turnaments and are quite impressive and fun to watch. Type in "musical weapons forms" and you should get quite a few good video's that will give you an idea of what it is. But I'm warning you, it doesn't look much like Tai Bo.

    I am assuming that you haven't been to any martial arts turnaments?
  4. Saccade

    Saccade Valued Member

    Not ones that have gymnastics with pretty pointy edges in, no...

    (Though most female gymnasts are pretty. Some edgy. And, of course, you can't discount the pointy ones. Always pointing at me and laughing. God damn them... grumble grumble...)

    Sounds like it'd be pretty good.

    A bit like whips and multi-section staffs/chains taking the place of Fire-Poi at Raves and Festivals, that kind of thing, right?

    I typed in the search and got directed to this website called J-List...
    According to the tellings off I've been getting, I shouldn't say things that aren't related to Martial Art in English so I won't go into it.

    I'm lucky I'm an English Martial Artist, else I'd be [can't think of something not rude] round here.
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  5. CatWise

    CatWise Valued Member


    I like you. You're funny :)
  6. Saccade

    Saccade Valued Member

    Don't say that - I'll get another warning about breaking TOS...
  7. Saccade

    Saccade Valued Member

    That's very kind of you to say so, Catwise.

    Thanks for making me feel appreciated.

  8. Pkaaaww!!

    Pkaaaww!! Not-So-Valued Member. Yet

    You wanna see seomthing funny Catwise?
    You should see this guy's (way too, no-one should be able to do that. Cept maybe super foot.) high side kick. IF you see it that is.

    Pete man, you really gotta start wearing underwear under your Gi. Or get a new one that aint' so old and see thru.
  9. CatWise

    CatWise Valued Member

    Hey Pkaaaww!!

    I do want to see it, did you forget the link?
  10. Dr.Alireza

    Dr.Alireza Valued Member

    Hello Kidquick
    I was wondering if you can tell me where in Toronto your club is located? as I am planing on taking Hapkido soon. I'm looking for a good school close to my area. I'm located very close to York University. Thanks bye for now.
  11. Kraen

    Kraen Valued Member

    My name's Sheldon Bond and I'm from Prince George, BC. I started Hapkido when I was in grade 1, but didn't stick with it for very long. Skip to 10 years later and I joined again due to various reasons.

    First reason was that I recently (at the time) had a very physically demanding job. Then once I ended up moving on my days just felt 'incomplete' so to speak.

    Then my friend invited me to watch her in a Judo tournament and I got talking to some of the people there and decided getting back into Hapkido was something I wanted to do. And if not that, try out Judo at the very least.

    I mentioned wanting to get into a MA to another friend and his response was 'yeah, I was thinkin' the same thing.'

    So we tried out the classes and everything was good.

    That, and it helps that the building we train in is an old firehall so it looks like it's straight out of a kung-fu movie. :cool:


    Kraen - Prince George, B.C. (Canada) / Sung Moo Kwan Hapkido (Korean Hapkido Institute)
  12. TommyG

    TommyG New Member

    Checking in.


    My name is Tommy Galia and I live near Springfield, MO. March 3rd will be my 4th lesson in Hapkido. I first became involved in martial arts at age 13. My Grandmother paid for six months at a school teaching TKD. After the first month or so I started going five days a week and then, after reaching high enough rank for the Sat. sparring class, starting going six days a week. After my initial six months was over we couldn't afford it any more and I had to stop going.

    Fast forward to the present. I've gotten really out of shape and MA was the only activity I was ever into. I decided I wanted to get back into MA and made a comment about it to the guy who sits next to me at work. Well, turns out he's a BB in TKD and studying Hapkdio now. He invited me to start training under his master.

    One of the things I didn't like about TKD was the class size and distance limitations of the things I had learned so far. Well, our class size is the two of us so there is tons of personal attention from our Master and the things we are learning so far are all in close.

    I also didn't like how offense oriented my TKD learning was. While I have no problems throwing the last punch, I'm just not the type of person who can bring himself to throw the first. The training I'm receiving in Hapkido seems to be the perfect fit for me as everything we're learning so far starts from a defensive position, I.E someone grabbing you or throwing a punch. Another big plus is that I never have to worry about not being able to afford the training as my master doesn't charge for lessons! He had a dojang in the past and got fed up with the business aspects of it and closed the school. Now he teaches very small classes in his garage at no charge.

    In the future I plan to start training in Ninjutsu/Taijutsu as well. There's a group near by that teaches it and the fee is only $25 a month. They're affiliated with a 9th Dan and from what I hear the $25 a month covers her coming a long distance once a month to make sure training is being done properly. They're not taking any new students until they can move outside come spring and it conflicts with my current works schedule.
  13. Tian-Tian

    Tian-Tian Awesome 15 minutes a day.

    Checking in!

    I'm a Hapkido white belt from Texas, training under Grand Master San Yoon, 9th Dan Black belt. :D

  14. locust

    locust Like a biblical plague

    Should have checked in about a year ago but was waitting to see if the club folded just got my yellow belt in this style not long ago and really enjoying it
  15. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer Valued Member

    Well I am back in Hapkido for the first time in almost a year. I am enjoying training as much as I did a few years ago when I first started.
  16. Bruce W Sims

    Bruce W Sims Banned Banned

    I bet you are in pretty good condition after all of those sandbags were filled and stacked along the river. Sounds like everyone made-out OK, but I am guessing noone wants another Spring like this last one, right?

    Best Wishes,

  17. dortiz

    dortiz Valued Member

    Welcome back,
    glad everyone and the school made it through. I think you are all nuts for living there but you do have one of the best teachers in the country.


    Dave O.
  18. Cosmo Kramer

    Cosmo Kramer Valued Member

    it was a tough winter and spring no question. the community did a good job of working together though to save the city and for the most part everyone was ok.
  19. Mr Hatfield

    Mr Hatfield Valued Member

    I would love to check in:

    My name is Ty Hatfield from Springville Utah. I have been Training Hapkido for eleven years im a 3rd Dan. I really love Hapkido and feel it is life changing, I use it in everything I do or try to.
  20. Bruce W Sims

    Bruce W Sims Banned Banned

    Hi, Ty:

    Who do you study under out in Utah? Are you a member of a Hapkido organization there?

    Best Wishes,


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