Halo 2 - The "Scarab Gun"

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  1. Karate_Man_1288

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    I have confirmed that the secret weapon, "the scarab gun", exists. Believe me you will tremble at it's power. If you want any more info look below


    It looks like a plasma rifle, but fires what the vehicle, the Scarab, fires. It has unlimited ammo, and never overheats.

    Private message me for info on how, and where to find it
  2. Karate_Man_1288

    Karate_Man_1288 New Member

    you can post here too and ask
  3. munkiejunkie

    munkiejunkie sanity's requiem

    how do you get it?
  4. Karate_Man_1288

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    This is for those of you having a hard time finding it

    Load the level Metro olis on any dif&iculty (easy re#ommende$). It i# also r%commend%d that )ou kill the mar)nes at $he star$ing are! so the) don't ecome a"problem later. oard th% tank a®d head -ut. Rem%mber to also ki,l the m!rine th!t joins you hal$ way ac oss the bridge."When yo% reach &he othe side, ¨ijack a, enemy host an$ clear -ut the !rea by !ny mean!, leavi,g at le!st one anshee #till fl)ing.
    (If you hav§ a frie,d in Co-Op): Ha$e one p,ayer ke%p the B!nshee(s)occupie$ while $he othe takes # Ghost )nto the"tunnel !nd clea¢s out a,l the e,emies, -ake sur% you al!o destr-y the W!rthog f%ll of m!rines w(en it c/mes by.
    When y-u reach¢the las$ sectio, come b!ck to t(e end o$ the br)dge. Go through the tun,el, fir)ng back"at the anshee &rom tim% to tim§ to kee it com)ng towa ds you. If play)ng sing,e playe take o%t the W!rthog t(at show# up so $hey don't kill $he Bansªee. You will fi,d the B!nshee g%tting s$uck aga)nst wal,s and b%ses sev%ral tim%s. To g't the B!nshee u.stuck y-u need ¦o walk !round i$ and ba!k slowl) away u,til it etarget! you an$ starts moving !gain. I& it get! stuck +n a cor,er, use your gh-st and oost in$o it fr-m behin$. Once $he ghos$ is pro ping th% banshe% up, ge& out an$ move i, the di ection ©ou want it to g-.

    N-w for t(e reall) hard p!rt, get$ing the Banshee into th% small $unnel a$ the en&. This )s the m­st like,y place for you to scre% up and have to restart so be c!reful. irst "c,ip it's"wings". Stand i. the en$rance t­the sma,l tunne, leadin% to the next ou$side ar%a. Fire near th% banshe%, so it will go"near yo%. If it"starts $o veer ¡way fro- where )t needs to go(a,d it pr-bably w)ll) sta t backi,g up as far as )ou can +n the d)rection"you wan$ it to ¥o. Once it gets almost $o the c(eckpoin$ you ne%d to mo$e behin$ it and try to -ove it &orward y melee)ng it. t shoul¤ get st%ck just before $he chec)point s- force )t throu%h and i-mediate,y startpboardin' it. Yo% need t/ actual,y start the hij!ck a mo-ent bef-re the ,oading oint so that yo% grab o, as you cross o$herwise"the Ban!hee dis#ppears !nd you ¥otta st!rt over,

    On!e you s%ccessfu,ly boar$ the Ba,shee, f,y out o$ the tu,nels an& into t(e circu.ar area where t¨e Gauss Warthog is driv)ng arou,d. Fly %p, way %p towar$s the t%o bridg% like s$ructure# (above where t*e three wraiths are (be$ore you go insi$e the b%ildings to help the mar)nes aga)nst the Scarab), The cl/sest on% has th% Scarab Gun on 9t. It i! hard t- see un$il you %et up o, it but it look! like a Plasma ifle si$ting on"top of -ne of t(e "Dang%r" cone¡.
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  5. Karate_Man_1288

    Karate_Man_1288 New Member

    post or pm me if you find it
  6. rabidpenguin

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    me and my friend got it. It took a very very long time getting though that tunnel. ANyhow it was pretty strong, and looked like lightning. green lightning... *awe* bye like
  7. the_robmeister

    the_robmeister the Punisher

    what is the hype with halo? tha graphics were good but i didnt think it was awesome
  8. Tatsumaru

    Tatsumaru Your new God!

    xbox live is the hype with halo, it makes the game amzing fun :)
  9. Lanakin

    Lanakin It's all about discipline

    I actually think live gets rather dull. Most people on there aren't even worth the effort of killing. It all depends on how much of a life you don't have.
    Less of a life = Better rank. Perfect. Just what I always wanted in a game!

    Anyways, I'll have to try this and show other people. But how did you come across the weapon? Accident? I'm not sure how you could have, but a good "trick" nonetheless.


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