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    Because you were sweating more than usual, or because you were sitting / lying down and left a belltoller shaped sweat puddle?
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    Tuesday November 10 2015
    I was preparing to go to KB practice wednesday, and still sore from the training on monday, so took it easy today.
    The scale was very unkind, as I gained 1,5kg! :eek:
    It was my wife's B-day sunday, and we've been living it up all weekend.
    Cake isn't kind on the waist :cry:

    Wednesday November 11 2015
    I went to the gym in the evening, started a bit early so I could properly warm up and stretch my own way. Conditioning wise, I finished the class, so YAY! :cool: Still, it's been a while since I sparred so I ate a lot of leather.
    The only solution is to go more often, so I plan on going again next saturday if everything lines up.

    Thursday November 12 2015
    My schedule would've called for more hiit training and weightlifting, but just went for a run instead. I ran 7km in 50 minutes.

    Friday November 13 2015
    It was time to pump some iron! Today, I tried something a little different form my usual routines; Clean & Shoulder lift w. dumbbells in a pyramid configuration.
    note: weight are of a single dumbbell, I used two so actual load is double.
    20 reps @ 1,5kg, 18 reps @ 2,0kg, 16 reps @ 2,5kg, 14 reps @ 3,5kg
    12 reps @ 5,0kg, 10 reps @ 6,0kg, 8 reps @ 7,5kg, 6 reps @ 8,5kg
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    A couple of those were absolutely hysterical.

    Maybe it muscle :p
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    If only :p

    Saturday Nov 14
    Went to KB class this morning. This class was a bit different from the previous one I did, as I found out Saturday class is orientated to a bit higher level. I couldnt keep up 100% with the rest, but at least I was able to go to 45minutes before needing a breather.

    One anoying thing that keeps making trouble is transitioning from JKD narrow stance leading with right to kickboxing wider stance leading with left.
    I spent a lot of energy drilling the Bai Jong stance until it came natural, and now need to spend a lot more to un- and relearn footwork.

    I'm pretty exhausted, and I feel like I need to take it easu for a coupke of days. Next lesson would be on Monday, but methinks I skip that for now.
    I'll just put some timr in for footwork / stance drills and a bit of shadow boxing for the next couple of days.
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    Monday November 16
    Took the dog with me for a run today. Planned 6 x 1km (2 min rest)
    Unfortunately the dog hurt his leg so I couldn't finish the run. (don't worry, he healed okay.)
    Kinda feel disappointed to have another run interrupted, but I finished most of it so that's ok.

    Thursday November 19
    I wanted to go to class wednesday evening, but couldnt make it. Went to a heavy bag session instead today. It was tough, very tough. I bit on until about the 35 minute mark, after that I skipped about halve of the exercises, and only put in small amounts of strenght in the parts I did participate in.
    Still, I'm not entirely dissapointed.

    Friday November 20
    I dropped weight again, 0,8kg, exactly halve of what I gained last time. My new weight is 72.8kg now :cool:

    Saturday November 21
    Went to kickboxing class today. It was tough, but I finished it entirely. I'm still very rusty at the stuff that I can bring from JKD, and a big noob for the stuff that I have to learn for the stuff that I couldnt bring, but I'm already feeling that Im somewhat improving. But, for this one class at least, it feels like the biggest issues were one of skill / coordinating rather than a physical conditioning one.

    hmm, I'm happy that classes seem to be working out, my focus now will be to go to class 2-3 times a week (probably monday, wednesday and saturday)
    Also thinking about putting in another day of something or other, but haven't exactly decided on what to do.. put in the effort in endurance running? Weight training again? If anybody has some suggestions, would be happy to hear them!

    oh, and I've been posting my day logs in one big bunch lately, but I'm wondering what people prefer to read.. just update each day when they happen, or maybe as I've been doing like this post?
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    Not much been happening trainingwise lately due to time issues, but plan to go to class this evening again.

    I realllly need to do something to improve my coordination / body awareness, I suspect I might be Dyspraxic but not 100% sure. Anyway, now I'm trying to learn how to juggle and start with some Yoga too.

    Also, I lost another 100grams of weight, now at 72,7kg
  9. HairoNoSora

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    Wednesday November 25
    Went to KB practice today again. I havent had a class from this instructor yet, apparently he really likes calisthenics. yay :rolleyes:
    Needed a breather 3 quarters in, but it went pretty ok.

    Had to adapt a bit as the technique drills were a bit more basic then the previous 2 classes I did, but I don't mind as I still need to learn the basics.

    I also had a lovely 'eureka' moment during sparring, it's wonderfull when concepts start clicking no?

    Thursday November 26
    Lifted some weights at home. Today didn't really work out, my muscles were way too sore and I just had to stop very shortly into it.
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    What was your eureka moment? :)
  11. HairoNoSora

    HairoNoSora Valued Member

    hmm, hard to explain, but I'll try.. I had a hard time keeping up during sparring so far since I started classes, getting walloped pretty much all through the sparring. Made me too defensive, as attacking made me get even more leather.

    But during sparring this time, it was a bit like I could feel the timing more? Like I could instinctively feel when to advance to attack without getting hit back (too bad), and even a couple of times when I could just about feel / sense my opponents tensing up when they were about to do something, putting in imediate stopping attacks that may not 'score' but did stop their attacks and made them go ' wuh?'.

    It was a beginnerclass, so I dunno if more accomplished fighters give me as much, or if this was a once every while thing, but it felt amazing thateven though I was still outclassed, that I finally had some feel or control besides doing random things.
  12. HairoNoSora

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    Saturday November 28

    Went to kickboxclass this morning. It wasnt the best day, I could tell you.
    The pad drills were just too advanced for me, too fast and too long. Not remembering the sequences when catching so you get almost kneed in the face is not fun, especially if it happends more then once.

    I was still a bit sore in the legs, but halfway through a bunch of squats my legs just gave up and had to sit out the rest of the class as I could barely stand, made me miss the sparring. Which might be just as well, seeing as there was an more than usual amount of sparring accidents this day.

    I usualy getfired up and motivated after class, even when (or especially?) when things havent been going perfect. Not today.

    The saturday kb class is just too beyond me for the moment. I believe that growth comes from overcoming obstacles, training higher levels, but I just feel like a goldfish in a sharktank right now. I'll just focus on the beginner classes for a while, plenty challenge there yet as I have to work a lot on even the basics.
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    congrats man! Its sounds like you are developing timing :) as someone from a grappling base who as only been Thai boxing for a year or so, I can say that I began to feel better about my abilities when I learned to use head movement, my jab and my timing improved. Plenty of room for my own improvement too, but luckily the only way is up! :)

    regarding your last post: we all have days like that. Its no big deal.
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    I can relate to so much that you've written since last time I checked in. No, you are not dyspraxic (not clinical dyspraxia, anyroads) I know how you feel, I often wonder that myself but if you can remember a straight left jab - retract to guard followed by right cross, left hook, right leg kick - you aren't clinically dyspraxic. Its something that shows up in childhood and the preceding combo that I just outlined would be impossible for a person with true dyspraxia without weeks, if not months of intensive work to master.

    Fine as well as gross motor skills are affected, from what I understand.

    There may be 'shadows' of it that show up under certain circumstances such as the KB training you are doing, maybe take you longer to learn dance steps but that is not the disorder. You are doing the right thing - yoga, juggling...there are other 'therapeutic' things as well that could aid you in forming the neurologically associative wiring/rewiring.

    I've trouble with a sense of direction - it mimics a dyspraxic's sense of that - a spatial reference location problem - probably due to ruptured ear drums and the like - but it doesn't spill over into the other areas of my being, the way it would in a clinical dyspraxiac's.

    Here's something I picked up from Wiki - it might help explain why you are feeling like you have it (or the compromised proprioception), given your new training. Its temporary.
    BTW, hope you are still at your training.
  15. HairoNoSora

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    Well, definatly wouldn't have it bad enough for an actual diagnosis as a disability, but a.f.a.i.k. it's more considered a spectrum severitywise. For me, it's not so bad that it's crippling or anything luckily, but I do recognize myself in the list of symptoms, it was a bit of a lightbulb moment as I have always wondered why I've always been so ditzy and clumsy. Also, I do have a couple diagnosises (spelling?) where dyspraxia has a heavy comorbidity, so it makes some sense.

    Funny you say that, I'm that guy that goes "left, right, left hook.. wait, leg kick which side again? :confused:" or after doing the sequence right for three times, I start with a right cross and then a left jab for no reason. Even simple combo's during pad drills trip me up most of the time.
    But it's different everyday. I think being relaxed helps a lot, as it gets worse when I'm stressed or feel pressured. It's funny how after doing the sequence right for a while, I get completly ditzy once the instructor is watching me :p

    Thank god for the entrainment principle, right? And you get to learn lot's of cool interesting things as a side effect of getting better at other skills.

    For me, idiosyncraticly, I have an excellent sense of direction! But that's in an abstract, mental way. Like reading a map and figureing out which general direction to travel to. But that comes with the caveat that it's all visual for me, and I have to figure it out myself. A sequence of travel, like when getting or giving directions just doesnt work for me.

    I just seem to have some kind of short-term memory problem that makes this how it is.. remembering sequences of combo's or directions, subconciously tracking placement&movement in 3d space so you won't bump into that thing behind you etc.

    Interesting. :thinking: But I've been having body awareness and coordination issues even as a child and still. I could certainly see it aggravating the problem though.

    I am! The short of it is that I've been having a miserable time training wise since my last entry, didn't feel motivated to write entries that were all "packed my bag and was about to go, but had to take care of personall stuff at the last minute" or "I was in my training clothes and wrapping my wrists but got bad case of stomach cramps and just went home again" or "I went to class and was gassed after only 15 minutes"

    Last week has been a bit better, I have refocused my training a bit more on running again, as I realised that it's not just about m.a. as a hobby for me.

    I'll explain a bit more when I next update my log, probably later today or tomorrow.
  16. belltoller

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    Really?!? It ranges on a spectrum? :wow: you've me to wonder 'cause there are a number of things that you mention involved is the testing for this?
  17. HairoNoSora

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    Belltoller, sorry wanted to get back to you sooner
    but my days have been very hectic.
    Anyhow, dyspraxia... tbh I looked enough into it ti see it fit me as both an adult and when I was a child and mostly looked further into what I can do to improve.

    I have no intrest in getting an official diagnosis, as I'm not seeing any benefit in my situation. There isnt really any meds or therapy as an aduIt for this where I live, and any possible support I might gain I could already apply for because I have couple othe diagnosis. So yousee, for me it's an academic issue. I benefit from improving my coordination either way.

    Hence, I don't really know about testing, so I can't inform you on this, sorry.
  18. HairoNoSora

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    I have been very busy lately, so didn get to train lot. I hav made choice 2 weeks back that I think is important.

    On one hand, I havent been able to go to class consistently, and it usualy didnt go very well even when I could go. On the other hand, I have dialed back in my endurance running seeing how it's sorta considered secondary (even tertiary) training for combat sports, and you can only fit in only so much training in a week.

    This is bad for me though, I started running because my therapist told me its that or meds, I do sports so I don't get depressed (much).
    But I'v been lackin in getting a consistent amount of exercise for a while, and it really started to get tough.

    Basically, runnig will take a higher priority then m.a. classes for the forseeable future. I'll try to get to class to, but running comes first. I'll see to it to run 2-3 times a week and then maybe 1-3 classes too if I can make it.

    Too long since I last logged activity to get too much detail, but this has been the overal trinin the past weeks.

    2 weeks back, had 3 running sessions of 3 x 10 minutes running, 2 min rest. Also went to kb class one evening, class went good actualy but did catch a leg kick at the end. Had a bruised leg muscle for a couple days.

    Past week, got 2 runnimg session in @ 2x15 minutes / 2 minute rest. No kickboxing unfortunatly.
  19. HairoNoSora

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    Thursday 24th of December '15
    Got around to running today. Wasn't up to pushing the envelope again so went for another 2 x 15 minute run / 2 minute walking session.
    I finished just at 4,5km which is not too great but not too bad either, I'm just starting up again to get endurance back there.

    Friday 25th of December '15
    Under normal circumstances I'd plan for a KB group lesson, but the gym is closed today because it's Christmas of coarse.
    I still wanted to get some exercise in, so I dusted of the Nike+ app I got on my phone for another session.

    Session was 30 minutes but was finished after 20. Considering how me muscles felt afterwards, I still feel pretty good about myself.

    Nike+ exercise club "Full Action" program:
    2min. light jog
    2min. slide and glide
    1min straight leg kicks
    1min squat flips with 180 deg turns
    1min push ups
    2min around the world lunge
    1min push away balance

    30 sec recover

    1min plank walks
    1min alternating side lunges w. 2 x 5kg dumbells
    30sec forward/backward hops in place
    30sec high knee runs
    2min single leg deadlift with shoulderpress & 2 x 5kg dumbbells

    30sec recover

    30sec wall sits
    1min pushups
    2min squats

    at this point I was destroyed, dunno when I get to do this program again but let's see if I can finish the full 30 minutes next time :)

    Too bad I didn't get much exercise in this week despite my new resolve, but these days before and after christmas are always a bit impossible to plan for anything due to a full hectic schedule, innit?
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    Christmas is a write off.

    All I've done since the 23rd is getting hammered and eat 4x my bodyweight in meat.

    Good for you for making at least some effort.

    I know you have dropped the kickboxing to focus on running etc. Fair play to you and hope you enjoy. I love running myself and it really helps my recovery in training and my weight management. HOWEVER as this is an MA forum it's be remiss of me if I didn't try to push you towards trying some grappling... In the immortal words of Father Ted's Mrs Doyle (a perennial bit of Christmas TV programming) "gwan gwan gwan gean gwan gwan..."

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