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  1. Kobudo

    Kobudo Valued Member

    What are your thoughts on wearing hachimaki while training?

    I really like them, but ever since the Karate Kid donned a hachimaki, and Rambo tied his bit of rag, I don't know if here in the west they seem a bit cheesy looking??

    If you went to check out a new dojo (not Japan), and the instructor was wearing a hachimaki, initial thoughts - would you think Karate Kid wannabe? or would you think serious practitioner?

    I'm talking initial thoughts here, so before you are aware of skill/knowledge level, etc...
  2. Alansmurf

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    It makes a good weapon for or against the wearer !!!

  3. Kogusoku

    Kogusoku 髭また伸びた! Supporter

    Depends on the tradition being taught. If the tradition states that you wear it, you wear it. If not, it's up to you I guess. Most of the time in Japan, the wearing of hachimaki is reserved for formal embu and not in the dojo for keiko.

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