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    I recently learned that the kodakan syllabus is organised on the basis on methods of generating power. The first gykyo (de ashi barai - seo nage) use 1 power arc; the second use 2 arcs eg harai goshi - waist twist and sweeping thigh. Does anybody know about the remainder?
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    May be better to send an Email to . Let us know what kinda reply you get.
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    Did you ever find out anything more on this?

    I have never herd of it before, but it sounds interesting.
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    sorry, bit stumped on this
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    Certainly in the first set of throws power is genetrated in the opponent by one arc; in the second set each throw on the first set is supposed to have a second power arc in it . This means the uki hits the ground with more whallop but also makes it harder to avoid the throw.

    de ashi barai ko soto uchi
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    Please forgive my lack of experience, but I am not fam. w/ ko soto uchi. The only techniques close to that in name that I know are ko soto gake & ko soto gari. If you could discribe it for me perhaps I could follow along w/ the priciple you are working on.
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    'ditto' :D
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    sorry i meant gari.
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    Well I'm still not getting the drift of what your shooting at here. But don't give up on us.

    My Japanese dictionary has no words that start w/ gyk....
    It is a very big dictionary, but it doesn't always show all the verb forms.

    I have done a fair amount of searching and have found this piece of info:

    "Gokyo No Waza: means the five principles of technique. In Kodokan Judo, it is the traditional teaching method grouping eight throws into five groups demonstrating five levels of arcs."

    I'm not sure I understand what that means either, but what do you think?

    P.S. Don't sweat messing up technique names, I do it all the time. Okazaki Jujitsu & Kano Jujitsu have the same throws and the same names but not paired up the same & I study both so I am always messing up names.:D
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    I thought you meant the Gokyo No Waza. I had assumed it was a typo.

    It sounds about right (re: the set sequence being geared towards a set style of throws rather than a set type.)

    Ko Soto Gari and De Ashi Barai are sometime mixed up as being the same throw.
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    I should have asked you about sp. right off Jim. I'm not up on all the Judo lingo so had to piece it together.

    johnson are you still there? Take a look at

    Take Care: David

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