Gum shields for youngsters?

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by neems, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. neems

    neems Valued Member

    Anyone know any that are good for young kids?
    My youngest is 5 and oldest is 9, it's just for light taekwondo sparring, possibly competition eventually.

    We've tried the ones the gym recommended they were boil and bite, but too big and we just tried some snap on ones that should apparently fit straight outta the box, again too big.
  2. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    For my daughter who started sparring about 8 years old, I got a boil and bite type suddora kids type.
    I still needed to cut a fair bit off the back to fit properly and reboil/bite to get the best fit.

    The sparring is very light so it's not really needed, and my youngest does tkd but they don't spar until 7/8.

    Interested to see what others use with their kids.
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  3. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    We use boil and bite types for our kids, but in junior sizes obviously. They seem to work fine. Some have trimmed a little off the back of each side, but not many have needed to.

    Are you sure you're getting sold junior sizes?

    You could try the Opro junior range too.
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  4. neems

    neems Valued Member

    Yeah they are definitely juniors, I trimmed the boil and bite ones too, it was hard to tell but it seemed like there's too much girth to them.
    Opro are the ones we've just tried today, they were worse than the boil and bite ones.

    I might try another boil and bite one and just try trimming it down every direction and see if that works, but obviously one that was actually the right size out of the box is gonna be much better.
  5. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    So, maybe the SISU mouthguards are worth a try? They are significantly thinner.

    I haven't tried them, but three of my fellow students that I trust swear by them! They love the less bulky feel to them. They make them in kids sizes.

    They explain them fully on the amazon link. There seem to be two types. Original and nextgen. I would click and read the differences. One might be thinner?
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  6. neems

    neems Valued Member

    I may have it sorted, thanks.

    If not I'll look into them, are they boil and bite?
  7. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    I don't know. I just remember my fellow students posted on a closed FB group about them and talking about them with rave reviews after sparring class. I haven't tried one yet. I may someday, but I am fine with the regular ones. Look at the link, I am sure it would answer your question. There was a lot of information on that link, but I only glanced through it.
  8. neems

    neems Valued Member

    The add doesn't say but one of the comments hints that it is, that's definitely preferable I think.
    I cannot imagine one that doesn't require forming ever being a comfortable fit.

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