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    Wednesday, Sep 21 Did Karate for 90 min:

    Usual jog, high knee, skip, etc. Then pushups, jumping jacks, squats, etc.

    Drilled a lot of stance work, Seisan, Seiunchin, cat stance - transitions between them. Techniques you could do from these stances suggested by us students. Some interesting things. Other beginning student suggests blade of foot side kick, I suggest vertical backfist as next move - we drill this for a while. Other student suggests knee strike, I suggest elbow strike, followed by another knee strike. See how I revert to Muay Thai type stuff so easily?

    Did Seisan, Seuchian Kata for a while. Drilled a few tricky transitions a few times. Instructor said "be careful, we take injuries very seriously" and I thought oh, no worries I can do low stance to other low stance moves like this all day, no problem.


    Thursdays, Muay Thai - 60 minutes.

    Jogging warmup and stuff.

    Then as a group did 10 X squats then 10 X calf raises over and over for a time. About 3 squats in, I knew my thoughts about low stances from yesterday was wrong. Had sharp knee pain below kneecap, I know this is not good. So from then on, I am watching this.

    I got in a group of 4 and did 5 X pushups with hand touches to team mates, and 10 X hand touches from pushup position over and over.

    Got with partner and drilled combos:

    1)jab, cross, pushkick, superman elbow
    2) Jab, cross, double roundkick, pushkick, superman elbow
    3) jab, cross, jab, cross, hook, double roundkick, pushkick, superman elbow
    4) jab,cross, jab,cross, hook, elbow, double roundkick, pushkick, superman elbow

    There were some conditioning punching/kicking bits in between those combos. Honestly holding pads for this was about as bad as doing the striking.

    Then did a few drills with checking round kicks. then multiple move combos. . Then some sparring.

    There was some conditioning. 20 sec in plank, 10 sec rest, 20 sec in side plank, 10 sec rest - all this X 4

    Partner asked me about crazy reverse round kick I do, so I demonstrated a bit afterwards. Classmates and I discussed that the instructor who taught this move is basically unbeatable by us students.
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    Good combos, mate! I'm going to try them on my heavy bag ASAP. :)
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    So Saturday, Sep 24th I went to a Karate seminar. I was there from 11:30 AM to 6:30 PM, the real seminar activities started around 12:30. I am guessing there were maybe 60 people there total.

    From 11:30 - 12:30 I was in a small group of people from different schools, and we did Seiunchin kata. I learned some alternate ways to do things that will be handy.

    From 12:30 until 5:00 or so on there were some presentations and talks, but mainly it was a focus on Chinto Kata for several hours straight. I didn't know any of it prior to this seminar, but I think I have a bit of it now.

    From 5:00 to 6:30 we did Tokumine No Kun bo kata. I know a bit of this one, but basically I know some of the sequences of moves, I don't have the whole order down. We all used jo so as to avoid hitting each other.

    Met a lot of Karateka, some from nearby Virginia. Had a good time overall, and learned some new stuff.


    Monday, Sep 26th did Karate for about 90 minutes. Went over Chinto Kata from the seminar for maybe 50 minutes, then Wansu kata, and drilled padwork fro maybe 15 minutes at the end.
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    Cool. :) Is this the bo kata you are talking about? - [ame=""]Isshin Ryu Tokumine-No-Kun - YouTube[/ame]

    Looks nice. :cool: I recognize some bits from Kenshin Ryu and others I've studied. :hat:
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    Yes that is the one. I've watched that same video a few times..:)
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    Any exercise is better than no exercise.
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    Tuesday, Sept 27 Did Muay Thai for 60 minutes:

    Usual warm up. Then got in teams of 3 - one person jumped rope, one person holds pushup position, one person holds squat position. Cycled through each position once. Then did same thing with one person doing shoulder touches, and the other doing lunges (and still other person doing jumprope).

    Did some sparring at the start of class, 5 or 6 1 minute rounds with different partner each round. I got knocked down once, but was no big deal.

    Did some combos like:

    1)jab/cross, jab/cross/hook/elbow
    2) jab, jab/cross/hook/elbow, jab - push kick to counter partners round kick
    3) jab/cross push kick - puch kick as they come back in
    4) double jab, double roundkick, pushkick

    Some conditioning that I forget.

    Wednesday, Sept 28, did Muay Thai for 60 min:

    Was not able to make the usual Karate due to scheduling, but was able to do Muay Thai instead.

    did some jogging warmup. Then 90 sec shadow boxing upper body strikes only. 90 sec 10 pushkicks each leg, then 10 squats. 90 sec shadow boxing lower body only, 90 sec 10 shoulder touches, 10 tricep extensions. 90 sec shadow boxing (any strike), 10 crunches, 10 legs straight up, and touch toes.

    Then partnered up, and did basically the exact same combos as the day before.

    Then did a drill where we got in teams of 3 and 2 partners held kicking shields and tried to touch the other partner in the head while that person tried to dodge move, push, punch, kick the pad holders away. 90 seconds of this - and for each touch to the head - one burpee. Each partner got 2 times in the "middle" avoiding head touches. I actually think this was a pretty cool drill. How to avoid 2 people, and not get tripped up by all the other people in the room doing the same thing. Pretty interesting.

    After class, one of the students there who recently won a no-gi grappling competition showed me a few BJJ moves. This was pretty cool.
  8. Guitar Nado

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    Thursday, Sep 29 - did Muay Thai for 60 minutes.

    Lots of focus on combos involving push kicks . Also did the drill with teams of 3 and 2 partners held kicking shields. I forget some of the details.

    Monday, Oct 3rd, did Karate for 90 minutes. Did usual warmup, but this one had 20 burpees mixed in. Usually in Karate class I am safe from those.:rolleyes: Went over Chinto Kata from the seminar the previous weekend, did Bunkai from it, etc. for maybe 1 hr. Did Tokumine No Kun bo kata for maybe 30 minutes.

    Tuesday, Oct 4th did Muay Thai for 60 minutes. Lots of conditioning from the get go. Today there was a focus on combos involving the low inside of the lead leg kick. Here are the combos as I can remember them:

    1) jab, low inside kick, big overhand right
    2) jab, cross, low inside kick, pull same leg back to power roundkick
    3) jab,cross, low inside kick, low outside kick with other leg, left hook, power rick round kick

    switched pad holders on the above.

    Then sparring, maybe 7 or 8 1 min rounds, against a new person each time. Escaped getting mangled today, got some good kicks in, and got some tips.
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    Thursday, Oct 6th did Muay Thai for 60 min:

    Jogging warmup, with side to side, high knees, and some sprints mixed in.

    Did knee strikes, push kicks, round kicks and sprints (alternating with partner) across the room. Also broad jumps, and a move my instructor called "funky monkey" where you get in a low squat position, touch the ground in front of you, and hop your feet to one side then the other and move across the floor this way.

    Did 5 minutes of : 10 lunges, 10 pushup position to plank position transitions, 10 tricep extensions.

    Partnered up and did these combos, the same as a previous class:

    1) jab, low inside kick, big overhand right
    2) jab, cross, low inside kick, pull same leg back to power roundkick
    3) jab,cross, low inside kick, low outside kick with other leg, left hook, power rick round kick

    After switching pad holders for that, half of the people there got pads, and the other half of us did different combos for 30 seconds. Each pad holder had a specific combo or strike we did against them - for example right round kick only, jab cross only, all of the above listed combos, etc.

    Then we did sparring for 15 minutes or so, switching partners every minute.

    After class, one of the other students showed me some BJJ leg locks. He is pretty good at them!
  10. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Monday, Oct 10 did Karate for about 100 minutes.

    Jogging warmup, and then worked punching techniques, which were very similar to boxing combos, only with a slight Karate twist. For example we practiced combos with standard boxing uppercut, and also ones with Karate Ura Tsuki which is a bit longer range - a similar punch but angling forward more. As a pad holder - Karate peeps hit hard.

    Did combos in the air, then on pads. About 1 hr of this.

    Then 2 blackbelt instructors and I did sparring for about 30 minutes. 2 sparring, while the 3rd person rested. So maybe 20 minutes of sparring? I was pretty tired by the end of it. Got some good feedback and tips. For some reason while tired I was adding a back fist to the end of some of my combos. My instructor said basically that I wasn't landing any of these, and anyways in order to do them in a way that would have power, they are too slow compared to a jab. He gave some examples of a way maybe I could do them - but still not a power tech. He did complement me on my body hooks - saying I got many hits from combos changing levels with these. Personally, I felt I relied too much on head movement for this sparring, and it worked most of the time, but a few times I got nailed. I was wearing karate point style gloves for this (as you do in Karate class), and they really are not as good for covering/blocking as boxing gloves. Since none of this is actually point style sparring, and the head instructor is sporting boxing gloves and recommending boxing headgear (both of which I have) I may switch to these for class.

    Good class, and was very tiring.


    Tuesday, Oct 11 - Did Muay Thai for 60 minutes.

    Jogging warmup.

    Did so some drills on wavemaster with a partner, one did round kicks while the other did straight punches. Did drills with partner trading round kick/leg check. Then round kick/catching that kick. Then some combos:

    1) Jab/cross/hook(with angle move involved) - round kick.
    2) jab/cross double round kick, round kick that misses, spin and another round kick

    a few other similar combos I forget. Switch pad holders.

    Then a bit of a conditioning set:

    100 straight punches (jab/cross)
    50 right round kicks
    100 hooks
    50 left round kicks
    100 uppercuts
    50 right/left round kicks

    About halfway during the above I have one of those "why am I doing this" moments that goes on for a while.

    Then we did 6 90 second rounds of sparring, with about 10 seconds break in between them (basically find another partner, touch gloves and go). I think I maybe won 2 of these, but for 4 of them I think I was on the losing end. By the end, my sparring was crap. I think I was not 100% overmatched by 3 of these - but 1 guy who is actually an employee of the school I go to, and teaches kids TKD - I felt like he was going out of his way to not totally cream me - maybe he was going 25% effort and I was going 100%, and he was beating me (in a friendly way).

    One sparring partner said something to our instructor the effect of - I have never been able to use this one move to take clinch from opponents wide hook until partnering with this guy, and I got it on him twice! And that is 100% true. I have to admit I intentionally throw a lot of hooks compared to lots of people, and by this point I am sure i was pretty sloppy.;)
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    Wed, Oct 12 did Karate for 90 minutes.

    a little bit of warmup, pushups, stretching - then all lower body striking.

    Did 3 different knee strikes, first in the air, then into pads. This is very, very similar to stuff I do in Muay Thai. Only difference really is the pads here are focus shields.

    Then front kicks into pads. This is pretty different than Muay Style teep - straight up Karate style kick (no shock since this IS Karate class!). Drilled striking with heel for part of this. I have to say my instructor has insane power with this kick. Very fast, and hitting extremely hard and penetrating.

    Then round kicks into pads. We hit with the shin on these. No arm swing, as would be done in Muay Thai though. Also for some of these, drilled these going downward from chamber.

    Spend some time doing leg checks to round kicks to legs. This is exactly as done in Muay Thai. One additional point was the point made that instead of checking shin on shin, if you are fast enough you can move in and check the kick on the kickers thigh.

    Also did some leg conditioning ( I think the proper term is kotekitae ?) where leg kicks are done to immobile legs to condition them a bit.
  12. Guitar Nado

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    Friday Oct 14th, didn't got to any class - but did some minor stuff at home:

    5 minutes jogging, jumping jacks, situps, puskups. then 2 X Seisan, Seiunchin, Naihanchi, Wansu Katas. Did what I could remember of Chinto Kata too.

    Saturday, Oct 15th - did something new, and joined a gym. Did 23 minutes or so of Eliptical, but nothing else yet. My plan is to start doing some weightlifting in future days.
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    Well I have slacked off on logging for about 10 months because I have had a lot going on (finishing grad school, work, band, general life stuff). During that time I have still been doing approx 2 hrs Muay Thai a week, and 3+ hours a week of Karate. Have had a few chances to get some all day Karate trainings here and there, and have had a few one on one sessions with various instructors - so that is pretty helpful. I still feel I am not anywhere close to as good as I would like to be, and not nearly as good as many martial arts I know personally, but I do feel I am improving.

    Tonight I ran into a manager from the gym I used to go to, and was motivated to join back up - so I plan to do that and try to start work on weight training (something I have been ignoring for too long).
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    Glad to see you back-and back to training. :) #totallyjealous. I have to sit out my MA work and modern dance while doing physiotherapy till my sprain is healed up. :( Happy training! Looking forward to following your adventures as usual. I can still kick, so I want to try borrowing some kicking drills from your log sometime. :D
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    Hi All.

    So I am hard at work at Karate Kata training for next grading. Muay Thai is still happening, but I took a month or two off to hone in on Karate, but I'll be back at it in some capacity in a week or two.

    Besides all that I have joined a gym and have been concentrating on solo strength training. I mainly used nautilus type machines so far. squat machine, leg press machine, upright bench press machine are my main focuses so far. Sometimes I do lat pull down and preacher curl machine. My instincts are to focus on heavy weight for squat, leg press and bench press - lots of muscle groups. I appreciate any advice that can be given for stuff to read, website, books whatever for solo old guy training weightlifting. My goal really is to get strong, use weightlifting as another way to lose fat weight. Full disclosure I am 49, but staff at my previous gym were pretty impressed by my cardio and pushup/situp abilities when they "tested" me for the purposes of selling personal training sessions. I attribute this to Muay Thai training kicking my butt. I don't rule out personal training for weightlifting at my new gym, might be worth it.
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    Gidday! :D
    Well, strong is relative. Depends on what you want to get strong for. The exercises that made me strong in karate left me totally unprepared for ballet and my calves were crying for mercy after the first lesson. :O As far as my particular MAs go, I think I get the most out of squats and deadlifts. Since I'm a weapons artist, I also do lots of pullups. When I have access to something I can climb around on (monkey bars, etc) I do that. Hope this helps. :) Good luck and train hard and smart!

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