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    Hi Mappers.

    So I used to have a log for about 5 minutes under my old username (Sunfish), but that was a while ago, so I want to start a new one. This will help to motivate me, and hopefully MAPers will have suggestions.

    I'll try to come up with some long term goals to add here, but right now my main focus is getting exercise, learning some MA, and having fun.

    So anyways, to start this off...

    Tonight (Tuesday) - I did about 50 minutes of Muay Thai. A quick warm up, jogging and shadow boxing. Then some pad work, basically focusing on whatever the striker felt they wanted to work on. I ended up partnered with one of the really great students there who was able to give me some good feedback. Then we did a ladder drill - 10 punches, 1 round kick - then 9 punches, 2 round kicks, etc. down to 1 punch and 10 round kicks - all on same side leg. Then a few minutes more strikers choice pad work, then the same ladder drill on the other side. Then maybe 15 minutes of very light sparring with a couple of partners.

    It was a short class (usually I go to ones that are 75 minutes), no conditioning, and it was over before I knew it - which is good, because then I did approx 60 minutes of BJJ.

    I haven't done much BJJ, and it has been several months since I have done any - so basically I'm a real noob. We did a lot of neck exercises, front and back bridges, and some drill where we went from a wide high pushup position to a sit out position on one side, and then walked over to the original position, then repeated on the other side.

    Then we practiced doing an armbar from guard, then countering that armbar, then shifting to a triangle when your armbar attempt is countered. I am sort of OK at doing an armbar (against no resistance) from learning it before, and the counter seems do-able to me, but I am horrible at the triangle. It just seems my legs are too short. I know there is a way I can make it work, I just don't really have it now.

    Then we did 4 minute rounds of rolling with each person there (including the instructor - 6 total people), starting from in the guard. I tapped to a couple of armbars (one of them almost instantly from starting!), a triangle, a kimura and a few other things. I did submit the only person newer than me with a scarf hold after finally getting loose about 2 minutes of them almost guillotining me.

    Anyways a good time.
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  2. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    So tonight (Wednesday) it was Karate time:

    Warm up with jogging, jump squats, burpees, pushups, various stretches.

    There were only 3 of us there tonight - 2 instructors and me. We practiced Seisan Kata over and over, concentrating on getting the stances correct - the right amount of weight on each foot, etc.

    Then practiced boxing techniques + elbow strikes onto focus mitts. Did drills with 2 pad holders, one striker, moving around calling off various combos.

    Maybe 100 minutes total class time.
  3. InkyTommy

    InkyTommy Unique Like Everyone Else

    So Muay Thai, BJJ, Boxing and Karate?!

    If you start doing Krav Maga, I will eat my monitor...
  4. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Your monitor is safe my friend!
  5. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    So for various reasons (mostly my fault) I missed training the past couple of days. Today (Saturday) I did a micro workout:

    jogging, jumping jacks, shadow boxing a few minutes each.
    Some pushups and situps mixed in the above.

    Practiced transitioning between stances as we drilled the last Karate class I went to.

    Then did Seisan Kata X 1, Seiunichin Kata X 3

    Another couple of minute shadow boxing, and a few minutes of crunches, plank, leg raises, etc.

    Did all the above wearing jeans which actually doesn't have much impact on the Kata, but changes the kicking in shadow boxing a lot.

    Side note - the pants I got with my heavy Karate Gi are very much like jeans with no give, and very heavy fabric. I have to wear some cheap lighter weight ones instead to be able to kick above waist height or get any sort of height on a knee strike. I actually think I might give the heavy ones another try, so I can train kicking more while wearing something like that.
  6. matveimediaarts

    matveimediaarts Underappreciated genius

    Cool! :cool: When I did krotty there were never pad/mitt drills. Just partner stuff for block/counter exercises, grappling, and joint manipulation. Also occasional(rare) Bob doll and bag striking drills.
  7. InkyTommy

    InkyTommy Unique Like Everyone Else

    Hey man, a Micro Workout is better than Zero Workout!

    Looks like a good way to break a sweat. I may"borrow" some things from that routine.

    Isn't Heavy Karate G that big martial arts rapper from Japan? :D
  8. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    so tonight (Monday), I did Karate:

    I was the only one there besides one black belt instructor, so effectively a private one on one session.

    Did warm up - jogging, pushups, situps, squats, pushups, stretches.

    Did stance practice transitioning from various stances across the room.

    Then did Seisan Kata a few times, and one final time only the stances. Then the same thing with Seiunichin Kata.

    Then went through all the upper and lower body basics.

    Being the only student there means a lot of corrections and fixes. Which is good, but also makes me aware of problems I have. My balance seemed crap by the end of the class, really much worse than usual.

    Maybe 95 minutes or so total.
  9. Tom bayley

    Tom bayley Valued Member

    If your legs are too short for the triangle you might try

    (A) Hanging from a pull up bar with 20 kg weights attached to each foot.
    (B) Paying close attention to how your instructors move their hips, change the angle of their body relative to their opponent and control distance while setting up the triangle.
  10. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    I used to suffer from this too, so much so that even getting into a halfway sunken 'Sheiko Dachi' was a chore -I also tried the lighter weight ones for a while, which were effective enough as far as increased mobility are concerned, but 'upgraded' to a Seishin Gi, which is heavier duty, yet much easier fitting, as soon as I had the spare coin.

  11. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Tuesday I had a tremendous headache from lack of caffeine. I switched to seltzer water from diet coke in the past week, and this day I wasn't able to get normal giant coffee in the morning. Was going to push through it, but headache was so bad I needed to lay down, so skipped training at the last minute.

    Wednesday morning I did some Muay Thai, since I had the day off as I was going to to drive to my home town later in the day :

    First some warmup - jogging, with various exercises mixed in, pushups, squats, etc.

    Got in groups of 3 and did sprints and bear crawls.

    Did drills with one hand behind back of partners head and one hand on outside of partners arm, which they have the same position on you - where you basically alternate sides. Not sure how to explain it, but this is sort of a drill to get clinch position. did this drill back and forth, and a similar drill with knee strikes mixed in.

    Then did a short session which was basically sparring - but with the only moves allowed being getting clinch, knee strikes, and getting out of clinch. The guys I am partnered up with are more experienced than me, and one is a lot taller - the fact I can get him in clinch sometimes I take as him just being nice to me..:) They are cool and don't smash me.

    Then did pad work, with 1 person holding while the other two switched striking the pads with various combos, while the other is doing various conditioning moves. The change pad holders till everyone has a chance at it.

    Then paired up with just one partner close to the same size and traded off some striking moves a bit - prearranged moves, but with some resistance.

    then stretching.

    About 75 minutes or so total.
  12. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Due to travel and family health issues missed a few days of training.

    Today (Monday) I did Karate for about 75 minutes:

    Only people in class were me and an instructor, so a one-on one class. Did a quick warmup, maybe 5 minutes jogging, high knees, skips, side to side, etc. 20 jumping jacks. Then 20 X pushups, situps, and squats. Then some stretching.

    Did Seisan Kata X 2
    Seiunichin Kata X 3

    Then went through all upper and lower body basics 2-3 times on each side.

    Then Seiunichin Kata again.

    Then my instructor showed me Naihanchi Kata, which is actually very short and doesn't have a lot of parts. The second half of it is the same as the first half, just a mirror image. I can tell I will really like this one. My instructor mentioned this is not often seen in tournaments, but that the 6th dan instructor we have as a guest bunkai teacher really likes it a lot.
  13. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Today did Muay Thai for approx 75 minutes:

    Jogging, shadow boxing, squats and a few other things for a warmup.

    Then practiced some set "cover, then counter" combos we drill often. Specifically -

    cover for right hook to head - return jab, cross, hook, roundkick
    Cover for left hook to head - return cross, hook, cross, roundkick
    Cover for right hook to body, returnlead uppercut, lead hook, cross
    Cover for left hook to body, returnrear uppercut, lead hook, cross
    cover for right round kick to body, return cross, hook, cross, roundkick
    cover for left round kick to body, return jab, cross, hook, roundkick
    check low right leg kick, return cross, hook, cross, roundkick

    Traded off all the above 1 for one with partner for a while, then did a set like this, both parners taking turns:

    3 X all the above, 21 knee strikes from clinch
    2 X all the above, 14 knee strikes from clinch
    1 X all the above, 7 knee strikes from clinch

    Then did 3 different combos:

    1) double jab, cross, check low leg kick, return round kick
    2) move body back (without stepping back) to avoid body round kick, return jab, cross - move to side - round kick
    3) throw right hook, slip jab, bob and weave to avoid cross - return lead uppercut, lead hook, and cross

    Drilled all the above for a few minutes each. Then strung all together into one long combo and drilled over and over. Traded off pad holders.

    Then light sparring for maybe 15 minutes, sparred with original partner a few minutes, then switched to random nearby person for 1-2 minutes each.

    Then did light ab workout:

    20 sec crunches, 10 sec rest, 20 sec situps, 10 sec rest X 4

    then stretching.
  14. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Today did Karate for 90 minutes:

    Warmup for 15 minutes - jumping jacks, situps, a couple of variations of squats X 30 each, 20 X pushups, various stretches, etc.

    Then the 3 of us there (2 instructors and myself) Did Seisan Kata as a group, over and over for an hour.

    Then practiced 3 of the basics that are in Seisan kata for 15 minutes.
  15. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Today (Friday) did a short 45 minute Muay Thai class.

    Jogging, side to side, kick backs, high knees, etc. as a warm up.

    Then partnered up and took turns doing 5 down and back sprints the width of the school. Did 3 turns each.

    1 minute each "max effort" as many pushups, situps, squats as you can do.

    Then padwork with partner-

    20 sec jab/cross, 20 sec hook punches, 20 sec uppercuts, 20 sec knees
    double jab, cross for a few minutes
    double jab, cross, shovel hook to body
    double jab, cross, hook to body, pivot
    double jab, cross, hook to body, pivot, right round kick to body

    switch pad holders.

    Then switched back and did :

    21 - fast switching sides round kicks
    2 trips on the width of school doing bear crawls
    15 - fast switching sides round kicks
    2 trips on the width of school doing bear crawls
    9 - fast switching sides round kicks

    then switch pad holders.

    then did a drill:

    20 sec round kicks (single, double, switching, etc.)
    10 sec rest
    20 sec situps or planks
    10 sec rest

    all the above X 8 , switching to new partner each time.
  16. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Monday did Karate for 90 minutes:

    Warmup : maybe 5 min jogging, then 20 X jumping jacks, 20 X jumping jacks but legs go to the front and back instead of sides, 10 X jump squats, 10 X burpees, 10 X pushups, 10 X situps, various stretches and limbering up moves.

    So for this class, we had a higher ranking instructor, and the 2 students there besides me were black belts - so it was geared more toward their level and focused on Urashi Bo kata. I had never even seen this before, and don't really know any bo katas. One previous class it was a similar situation and I tried to follow along to another bo kata called Tokumine-No-Kun, but really I have no idea about it, or the bo at all.

    We did some stretches with the bo, then some thrusting moves (Ok I remembered this a little from before), then went through sections at a time, and then pieced them all together. There are some parts that I think I can remember, and I'll practice them. No way do I remember the order of the whole thing, but honestly it was great fun to follow along.

    Tuesday did Muay Thai for 45 minutes:

    I was slightly late to class, but it started off doing clinch drills. Then jogging to warm up, stopping every minute or so to do various exercises - squats, V-ups, holding feet 6 inches off floor, holding pushup position (where you are about 2 inches from the mat).

    Then partnered up - and drilled covering or checking a round kick and returning one on same side. Then built this into a combo - cover, return round kick (whichever side), left hook, right roundkick to leg. Did that for a while then 100 X straight punches, 50 X round kicks.

    Now a different combo - cover pad holders hook, bob and weave pad holders other hand hook - return hook uppercut, knee strike (either side) and round kick on that same side. Then 100 X straight punches, 50 X round kicks.

    Now mixed up those 2 combos for a while. and yet another 100 X straight punches, 50 X round kicks.

    Switched pad holders.

    Then did some sparring drills, then maybe 5 minutes of light sparring with the same partner.

    Took maybe a 15 minute break. And then did BJJ for maybe 65 -70 minutes.

    Today the focus was on wrestling moves, which I like. I wrestled in high school, was pretty average, nothing special. That was also back in the time when mullets were non-ironically the height of hair fashion.

    We did tons of neck stretches and warmups, front and back bridges. Then did a "duck walk" drill across the mat, basically sort of like shooting in for a doubleleg. We also did a drill where you start in a wide pushup position, and "sit out" to one side. I caught my little toe in the seam where two mats join and it's pretty sore as I type this.

    Then we practiced double legs for a while. I was surprisingly bad at them in high school, and even worse now. Then we practiced sprawling and cross facing (this I can do). Then double leg, and when partner sprawls, walk one leg forward, and trip them.

    Then we worked doing the sitout type move to get out from under your partner who has sprawled on you. Then practiced sprawling, then getting your leg free, and then hooking an arm with your leg, and getting a grip around their body (what my instructor calls a seat belt grip), rolling them over into a crucifix position. I had heard of this, but never done it, and it is cool.

    Then did 20 minutes of rolling starting from one person sprawled, and the other down on all 4s. This was fun, and at the end I am pretty worn out.
  17. matveimediaarts

    matveimediaarts Underappreciated genius

    What sort of kobudo do you practice? The way my teacher teaches bo, there are 15 "basics" (kihon bo). Once you know them, most kata can be thought of as a combination of these with extra stuff thrown in. A helpful mnemonic device. :) You might try thinking of your kata as separate "pieces" strung together like this-works for me! :D
  18. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    I don't really practice kobudo actively. There are weapons kata for the Isshinryu karate I am doing that the blackbelts do sometimes, and I have followed along a couple of times. I think you make a very good point about the basics and joining them together, I already sort of do this for open hand, but haven't messed with weapons stuff (outside kali) before.
  19. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    So Wednesday my plan was to do Karate (because it is only Monday and Wednesday), but due to scheduling reasons that didn't work out for me. I was able to do Muay Thai for 75 minutes:

    This class is weird for me because I wore shoes (Feiyu kung fu shoes) that I haven't worn since I did Kung Fu. I am wearing them because my toe is still messed up from Tuesday.

    usual jogging warm up stuff with squats and ab exercises mixed in

    did 50 X "hand slaps" with a partner where both are in push up position and slap the others hand (their right slaps your right, etc.).

    3 sets of each partner taking turns sprinting the width of the school.

    Did rounds of a couple of different combos (which escape me at the moment) mixed in with rounds of 100 X straight punches, and 50 X round kicks.

    switched pad holders, and held for the above.

    Then did a drill like so:

    one partner does 21 round kicks (switching sides), and bear crawls down and back width of classroom x 2 the did 15 round kicks, bear crawls again, then 9 round kicks.

    switched to hold pads for partner.

    Then 15-20 minutes of sparring drills working up to a short sparring match against same partner. The guy I partnered with is tall, thin and very fast - so I was definitely on the losing end of this one - but he was cool about it.

    Thursday did Muay Thai for a short class - 45 minutes:

    wore shoes again.

    jogging warm up with various moves mixed in (pretty much a standard thing this week)

    Did some quick clinch work drills.

    Then worked a combo where partner tried to kick the inside of your lead lead leg, and you step it back and return a round kick.

    Then did 100 X straight punches. Our instructor called us on the fact that often when doing these 100X punches we aren't moving our feet, and we aren't pivoting. So we had to run through them again, so another 100x. To me that is a problem I see when there are big multiples of punches or kicks over and over in a short time, people fall into just going through the motions, and not doing them correctly. I can be guilty of it too when I am tired, but it is a habit I try to fight.

    Then 50 X knee strikes

    Then back to the combo, added a cross, hook, cross to the previous moves.

    Again 100 X straight punches, and 50 X round kicks (if memory serves)

    Now added a knee strike and same side round kick to the combo.

    100 X punches? not sure, blurred together a bit at this point.

    switched pad holders.

    Then every one got pads, and we traded off various permutations of round kicks for 5-6 1 minute rounds, switching partners every time.

    Then we got back with our original partners, and as a cool down, practiced that lead leg kick to inside of partners lead leg. This time we are hitting the leg, and not practicing avoiding it. This is a bit different front the standard round kick - it is more of a "chopping" kick into the thigh at about a 45 degree angle - sort of in between a front kick and a round kick. the goal here (besides smashing their leg) is to knock their leg up, and knock them off balance. Pretty cool.
  20. Guitar Nado

    Guitar Nado Valued Member

    Friday - Muay Thai class: 75 minutes

    Every month there is one of these Friday classes that is usually more exercise intense than usual. Tons of people were there. The parking lot was full, and a challenge to find a space, even with neighboring businesses closed and their spaces available for us. One person remarked it was like tetris doing the parking.

    Again I wore shoes, because my toe is still a little sore. I am not a fan of kicking with shoes on the mats. Have to be very aware of my pivoting, etc.

    Warm up jogging, with 1 min shadow boxing just hands/elbows, jogging, 1 min shadow boxing just knees/kicks, jogging, 1 min shadow boxing all moves.

    Then we did this set of 4 exercises for 8 minutes:

    20 squats
    6 "hand release" pushups (a pushup but at lowest point your chest rests on the mat, and you pick your hands up), which to me are much easier than a standard pushup.

    20 jump squats
    6 "stack" pushups, where at the end of the pushup you stack your feet sideways, and raise one hand to the ceiling.

    cycle through the above in order until the 8 minutes are up.

    There were so many people there, that at this point we divide into 2 training areas (only separated by pad racks etc. - instructors from each area could see and instruct people in other area).

    Then we split up into groups of 5. 2 people were pad holders, 2 strikers on the pads, and 1 a striker on a wavemaster. The sequence of events was like this, repeated for some length of time (1 minute?), then switching to the next pad holder, or wave master in the list:

    pad holder 1: jab, uppercut, hook, rear slashing elbow
    pad holder 2: cross, lead uppercut, rear slashing elbow, front slashing elbow
    wavemaster: 10 straight punches, 1 burpee

    ran the above cycle 2 X

    The same idea, but different moves:

    pad holder 1: knee, same side round kick. repeat on other side
    pad holder 2: round kick, same side knee, repeat on other side
    wavemaster: non stop round kicks alternating sides

    again ran through this x 2

    Then combined the moves listed above for pad holder 1 and 2 ( time period was longer here, maybe 2 minutes?):

    pad holder 1: jab, uppercut, hook, rear slashing elbow,knee, same side round kick.
    pad holder 2: cross, lead uppercut, rear slashing elbow, front slashing elbow,round kick, same side knee
    wavemaster: any striking technique, non stop

    ran through the above x 2

    At this point, pad holders switch to being strikers. Instructors pick some "cool people" (suckers) who get to run through this again with no break, and I am one of these lucky ones. So did all the above listed group work again.

    Then we partnered up with one person, and did striking drills (not actual sparring). Things like only boxing punches - one person defends only. 3 move combos trading off. 5 move combos trading off. Then combos must have 2 level changes. Then the same sort of thing with kicks - 2 kicks in a combo at different points, etc. A lot of different things, no actual sparring, this might have been 30 minutes or so.

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