Guess what? I wrote a book!

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by benkei, May 21, 2014.

  1. benkei

    benkei Valued Member

    Hi all, being that I've been a member here for over a decade, I thought I'd tell you all that I just wrote my first book! It's called "Stepping Out", and it's aimed at helping high schoolers/university students make the right career and life choices early on. You can find it in the first link of my signature :)
  2. Fujian Animal

    Fujian Animal Banned Banned

    thats awesome benkei, i like your name btw.... i also wrote a book, but never had it published - its all about my MMA experience and covers several MA cross training programs for street defense - its over 1000 pages long, front and back! needs a lot of editing though
  3. Dan93

    Dan93 Valued Member

    Do you have a link? Believe it when I see it.. From what I have read in your other threads
    1) you don't have the experience/training to write books on MMA/SD
    2)I am convinced you are a troll.

    Happy to be proved wrong of course!

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