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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by ned, Sep 11, 2013.

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    I only have a garden for a second year, and I love growing stuff. Not that I grow too many. It is not mainly a garden for growing veggies and fruits, but most of the stuff I have there apart from grass actually grows something.

    I have three tiny trees of peaches, nectarines and apples. I bought them last yeat and the first two did bear some fruit, but none has ripened. I will see what this years brings. I also planted a self-pollinating kiwi, but it hasn't flowered, yet.
    I have a few flowerbeds for growing small fruits like strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and one blackberry. Two rhubarb plants that hopefully will grow enough this year to actually eat. I planted a couple dozen garlics by the fence and they are already growing fast!
    What can't be missing are some herbs. For some reason my parsley remained green and growing throughout the winter and now the wild garlic sprouts and others are going to soon as well. I have a few tomato and chilli pepper plants growing at home for now until it is warm enough to plant them outside.

    Now that you mentioned beetroot, I'd like to find a place for a few as well.

    I am enjoying working in the garden and growing stuff quite a bit! Last year we did some work in the garden that was only grass and now there is plenty of stuff to watch grow. Unfortunately the last three nights it was freezing and the camellia got its leaves frozen and brown even though they were green the whole winter. :( I hope it will heal itself and not die. I really like that plant.

    Anyone elso growing things?
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    Sometimes fruit trees can take a couple of seasons to get going, fingers crossed for this year !
    I have a wild plum that suddenly fruited last season out of the blue after years without anything.

    Been preparing a new bed for potatoes today, expecting delivery tomorrow of a couple of bags of two different types as well as some broad beans
    to plant this week while weather is fine.

    Also planted a type of sprouting broccoli called Raab which is supposed to be very quick and can be planted early. I'll try and get some
    lettuce sown as well in some sort of container.

    Its going to be cold again next week so hoping to get some carrots ( early nantes ) and spring onions in while I can, other stuff like courgette and tomato will
    go in pots in my neighbours greenhouse for now.

    I bought a load of seeds a month or so ago but now everyone is in iscolation the online stores are selling out so order now if anyone's thinking
    of growing some veg. At least being busy in the garden has taken my mind of all the grim news at the moment - stay safe all.
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    I hope they will do better!

    You seem to have a big garden to be able to have gardenbeds for potatoes, good for you!

    Sounds like you are keeping yourself busy. We've had a few freezing nights now, but the weekend should be better, so I am planning to weed and prepare the gardebeds, too.

    That was clever, indeed :)
    Working in the garden can be strangely relaxing. Good luck with growing everything. If you'll have some pictures of your garden, I'll be curious to see :)

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