Ground fighting in the Takamatsuden

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    Jibrank im staying away from Kutakai as that sight has been taken over by spam bots and im unsure if its even safe to browse there.

    I was aware of Tanemura sensei and Manaka Sensei, but not of Muramatsu sensei. I had the impression from PR that their was others besides those 3 and the few others in the Bujinkan Im aware of. Its their im likely wrong.

    Either way i now have troves of information and i love reading and have insomnia so ill be digging in shortly.
  2. Please reality

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    It's like that old saying, "Give a man a fish and if he likes sushi he'll pickle it and eat it raw," or something like that. Of course people can give answers but having been given an answer you stop there. Having to look for the answer yourself, who knows what you end up finding?
  3. benkyoka

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    You end up finding a whole lot of crap on the internet. Good luck digging through the piles of feces, Kframe.
  4. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    Why you quoting me:dunno:, should be quoting him. Better to read a bunch of nonsense but find something worth knowing, than to train a bunch of nonsense for years in the hopes of learning something that won't get you killed on the street.
  5. benkyoka

    benkyoka one million times

    my quote-jutsu is weak. or something. I don't know if I agree about the reading a bunch of nonsense to find something worth knowing. The sheer amount of noise surrounding anything worth listening to on the internet about the Takamatsuden is enough to scare most sane people away.
  6. Kframe

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    To be honest im not most people and I am not sure im sane?:eek:
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    I think it's good to read all you can find, but don't put to much faith in what you find online about history.

    Some of Soke's books have little snippets and anecdotes about the ryu; Kacem's book has some info about some of the ryu found in the Bujinkan as well as some of the ones related to it or possibly related.

    Apart from that, only people that have access to the scrolls can give reliable information. See the MK holders and their close students.
  8. Please reality

    Please reality Back to basics

    Naturally, but looks can be deceiving.

    [ame=""]Gurkha Kukri Knife Display - YouTube[/ame]

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