Grey Area of Self Defence (and defence of property)

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    What do you call a Scouser in a suit?* JS72834296-1.jpg

    *Other 80s cliches are available :D
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    The defendant! :D:D
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    Thread necro!!!!!!

    US man killed by own home booby trap

    This is why it's illegal to set traps on your property, even in America, which is literally the wild west of the developed world anyway!

    The legal argument is that life is more valued than property and that the devices have no means of preventing accidental harm or distinguishing between targets.

    Even if the trap targets a criminal, the trap-setter, though having the right to protect their home, has no right to determine the punishment.

    Injury can lead to lawsuits. In the 1971 case of Katko v. Briney, in Iowa, two homeowners were held liable for injuries caused by their spring-loaded shotgun to a trespasser intent on stealing from a vacant property.
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