Grapplearts take on multiple attackers

Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by Ghost Frog, Jul 19, 2006.

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    Makes sense to me. I've wrestled around with two opponents before and even though neither one was very skilled, I couldn't control them. If one of them had been skilled, even if he wasn't as good as me, then I would surely have been the one being controlled.
  3. Beau

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    ive tryed haveing a few 2 on 1 fights aswell they are tricky and hard to controlle i did manage however to get them both in 1 arm lock but we all had our spair hand and both legs free (not to mention head and full body)
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    There are wrestling maneuvers that can work to creat space and may work better than striking In order to evade multiple attackers. Techniques such as Judo or Shuia Jiao throws, and Sumo or Boke pushes and sweeps. Although many ppl may not classify these as wrestling techniques I do in the broadest sense of wrestling. They aren't necessarily grappling techniques but they allow one to maneuver and control as one defends and escapes.
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    Accidentally hit post reply twice.. See post below.
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    I've grappled 2 people at once. They both had 2 years of wrestling experience and I got one in a sort of triangle choke and the other one in a rear naked. Still it was nearly impossible haha.

    Oh yeah, one of them is 10 pounds lighter than me and the other one is the same weight as me.
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    That's why you ram your pint glass in the face of one and scream at the other before they get to hit you. Preferably before they even talk or see you.

    Can't take the chance these days...
  8. lamegrappler

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    Yeah,the worst is if one of the two gets guard.Even if he can't use it well,
    all he has to do is hold you as his friend pounds you in the back of the head!
    I think the best use of grappling in that case is throws to get one of there feet when you get space from the other then go at the next guy as quickly
    as posible.A style that has some good stuff on multiple people is Akido.
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