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  1. Handsup

    Handsup New Member

    hay folks,

    just asking, is it NORMAL in TKD to triple grade?....even QUATRO grade?....

    iv heard of double grade....but do the above exist/are normal?

    ok thanks !
  2. Slindsay

    Slindsay All violence is necessary

    In our first grading we went straight from white belt to yellow belt everyone skipping the yellow tag. Everyone that double graded was promoted to yellow belt, green tag so I suppose you could say they tripple graded. Beyond that no, never heard of it.
  3. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    I've heard of double-grading, but i've never personally seen it happen, I don't know whether it's actually even possible in my organisation. From what I've heard, it happens alot more when schools use that kind of tag system, where you get 3 tags on your current belt before moving to the next or something. :confused: I can understand double grading in the traditional belt system in rare cases, but not triple grading, and even more not quadruple grading.
  4. angry

    angry Valued Member

    I have seen this on occasions. Most of the time the students where from another club and started at white belt and were accessed to be at what ever level they were awarded by the grading instructors. Or at the first grading from white to yellow is common in several schools (mainly itf based from my experiences).

    On the other hand I have known one school, (which a son of my mate's was going to), asked their students if the wanted to pay for a double or triple grading. This sets all sorts of alarm bells off to anyone with a small amount of time in the martial arts. I recommended that they change schools as he wasn't being taught good technique anyhow and the price for colored belt gradings was more than twice the monthly training fee!

    If your school has people triple grading do you feel that they are both good enough and putting in extra effort beyond the others students to deserve the extra grades? Are they being asked to pay more for the chance to jump a grade or two?

    If you don't feel that the students deserve the higher grade than it might be better to look around for another school. (Or kiss up to the instructor so you can quadruple grade as well! :D )
  5. Supremor

    Supremor Valued Member

    I have never seen or heard of a double grading at my school. however, my school has grading tests nearly once a month(nobody actually decides to grade this often!), so it is very difficult to miss enough gradings to require a double grading. I can see that a school which holds gradings every 6 months might have a double grading system for White belts to Yellow belts, but beyond this, I cannot believe anyone can be ready for a double grading in just 6 months.
  6. Grey Rain

    Grey Rain New Member

    Just a bit of extra information on the situation;
    Grading is every 3 months
    Student had a yellow belt in a different style of TKD from several years back

    Was kind of surprising to see a 'QUATRO grade' (10th to 6th), but the student has heaps good technique and I reckon it's more then justified, at least at this school.
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  7. pulp fiction

    pulp fiction TKD fighter

    I've never heard of quadruple grading. In my organization you can only double grade if on the last exam you weren't able to go because you were sick. That is the only exception I know for double grading.
  8. Spookey

    Spookey Valued Member

    Dear Sir...

    Dear Sir,

    Regarding double grading or greater (from the Chang Hon Taekwon-Do)...

    It is not uncommon to grade from white belt (an unearned rank) to green tag (7th kup). This is stated in General Choi's book. After the initial grading in our gym double gradings are not uncommon. We rarely if ever have striped grades in our dojang. This is reasonable based on the fact that we commonly go 5-6 months without testing. Not to mention training 3-5 times a week at 3 hours per session.

    I have however never witnessed a triple grading. I have seen our Sabum grant an earlier grading for the following gup.

    Just my two cents!

  9. Goat

    Goat Valued Member

    In my discipline... Mr. Pat Burleson created the "belt-goal" karate system in 1964 that is used in the American TKD System. Before his system most schools had only white, brown and black belt ranking.

    So I guess in the begining you could say there were double-quadruple testing!! LOL!

    Sorry to seriously answer you question. No I have never seen someone quadruple test or even triple test and very rarely witnessed a double test, in all the cases of double test I did witness the individual could not test the previous occasion due to unforeseen circumstances and was allowed to double test on the next test date.

    *note: our grading is every three months so at the lower belts it is possible to miss a test you were ready for and become ready for the next belt level before the next test date. if the reason for missing the first test was beyond the students control a double test may be granted.
  10. Kwajman

    Kwajman Penguin in paradise....

    In five and a half years I've seen one double grade, never the others. Sounds pretty fishy to me.
  11. gaz shaw

    gaz shaw New Member

    i dont think it is possible in the TAGB, as that would mean its possible to get your blackbelt in less than 3 and a half years which the TAGB set as a MINIMUM length of time to achieve it!
  12. Another Muay Thai Guy

    Another Muay Thai Guy Valued member

    That's what I thought. The fact that there are gradings happening pretty frequently throughout the year also means that if your absent from the usual one you can just find somewhere else.
  13. gaz shaw

    gaz shaw New Member

    to be honest i cant recall that ever happening up here, do you mean missing grading in 1 area then grading at another to catch up?

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