Grading next week!

Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Unreal Combat, Jun 30, 2012.

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    Hive, please remember that swearing (masked or otherwise) is against the ToS on MAP. Thank you. :)
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    Apologies and noted!
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    Breaking without having trained it before is not advisable. But I don't think breaking is outdated... the main point of breaking is the psychological aspect of being confident you'll manage.

    You can always practice your front kick in front of a wall. Make sure you hit the wall with good technique, with your mound (we call it chusoku). Of course, as always, start slowly, form first, then speed and strength. This is a wall you are hitting, it is more for technique than anything, but it will also get you a bit more used to hitting hard stuff.

    And for breaking, remember that penetration is what you want, not pushing. So, whip like, and aiming for a point behind the board.

    Quoting Mas Oyama in This Is Karate:

    "Sound instruction and leadership in this techniques is important, because if you do not perform them properly you may injure yourself. Once you have injured your body you will injure your confidence..."

    how to:
    "The key to the technique is go be able to concentrate and pour all of your strength into the instant, the hundredth of a second, at which you touch the object you are trying to break"

    "Be careful to strike on the center of the board."
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    Long time no see folks, how you all doing?

    Well to update you all on my training I have now achieved my Red, Yellow, Orange and Green Belts (was up to my Yellow previously) and am currently training towards my Blue Belt as well as looking to take my first fight.

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    Great! Congratulations.
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