Gracie purple belt that this possible?

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    So about 3 years ago I stopped taking Chun Kuk Do which is basically Chuck Norris style tang soo do. I got an upper level belt but stopped because of the McDojo business that CKD was beginning to turn into (join this, buy that). After I left, in about 2015 the school I went to starts offering Gracie Combatives and from what I understand Chuck said basically all his schools had to offer some type of Bjj training. Within about six months and a trip to Torrance the owner is a blue belt and is now a Gracie CTC. Flash forward to the present and hes a purple belt. I'm not trying to open a can of worms here but is that possible? I'm a newbie to bjj so what I thought was it takes years to accomplish?
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    Although there is no universal governing body for BJJ, the IBJJF (which tries to act as one) suggests a minimum time at each belt level. Most teams/schools pretty much follow those guidelines because they make sense and help restrain McDojo syndrome.

    It should take anyone a good few years to reach purple belt because BJJ belts are not only about the ability to beat other people in sparring but about a whole lot else besides.

    The Gracie Combatives system goes against the majority of BJJ world in how it operates and a lot of BJJ people would be very dubious about its grading structure. That's a debate for elsewhere (I suspect a Google search will find terabytes of strongly held opinions on the subject...).
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    it used to be reasonably easy to get a GA blue belt, and very hard to get a GA purple belt, Theyve now tighened up how hard it is to get a blue, is the guy listed on the GA website?

    If hes set up a CTC, they will have to host GA guys for seminars, go to train on intensive courses, and be rolling most days, so 3 years from blue to purple is definitely doable.
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    double post sorry
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