Got into a fight after several years

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by Sandninjer, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Sandninjer

    Sandninjer Valued Member

    Sure has been a while. It happened this past Saturday night while my wife, sisters, couple other girls and my brother in law were out for a Halloween party in D.C. I stepped outside the club for a moment with my sister so she could smoke and saw some dude get thrown outside by the bouncers while he was yelling and screaming. I had a gut feeling maybe it might have involved my brother in law so I ran inside and all lo and behold, it was. To make a long story short, some guy and his friend were bothering my sisters and didn't like it when my bro in law asked em to get lost so they got loud and the one dude and his friend got kicked out. We left shortly after and as soon as we walked outside, the guy was still there and saw my bro in law so he started yellin and screaming like a monkey while his friends and bouncers were holding him back. He was pretty big, I'd say about 6'3 220ish. Eventually he broke through, starting running towards my bro in law way behind me, and when he was about to run past me, I stuck my foot out and he stumbled over it a bit as I clocked him smack dab on the side of his face with all my weight. He almost fell down but he caught himself even though he was wobbly. He looked pretty ****ed, and shocked, considering I'm 5'8ish and 140, so I punched him square in the front of his face and he came back with a quick punch and brushed me up against a parked car. I put both my hands behind his neck and pulled him forward to take away any leverage he had and he kept missing me. His friends jumped in and I thought I was gonna get a pretty good hurt but fortunately they were just holding us apart. Then I heard a glass bottle break only to find out my bro in law kept an empty beer bottle inside his coat for this kinda situation. The fight broke out between them and then I ran around, struggled through a bouncer, broke free as their attention diverted to them, and ran up to the other dude and got him a good few times straight in the face again.

    I don't know what the guy's deal was but he had it coming. I wouldn't ever pick a fight with someone but I had to throw the first hit otherwise he was gonna attack my brother in law. It has been a very long time since I had gotten into a fight but to be honest, it actually felt really good. One huge difference was that I was a lot more composed this time. I was never yelling, swearing, or swinging wildly, hell, I wasn't out of breath even. I saw a few guys in the corner holding up their phones so I asked him if they recorded it and are gonna put it on Youtube. One of them gave me a business card and it turns out they were self-proclaimed "professional" videographers, so I doubt they'll upload it on their page, haha.

    At any rate, not encouraging violence here but thought I'd share a semi-interesting story with you guys.
  2. KataYes:D

    KataYes:D New Member

    Sounds like it was a big dude. Did what you had to do and you kept your brain throughout the fight. I'm glad no one got hurt :)

    lol, your brother in law sounds crazy as heck!

    edit: after reading a few posts, I'd like to state that I still stand by my opinion. In that situation he did what he had to do. Someone was going after his brother in law and he felt the need to stop him. Learning from this, like you guys pointed out, is of course a good thing. It could have went better. [Insert History Lesson]. You guys need to realize you weren't in that position and you shouldn't say that he was wrong. You can pick at any encounter, IMO.

    To say he was wrong is idiotic and somewhat hypocritical.

    I noticed that he hit the guy at the end, too. It seems like a "Karate" thing. I didn't say that he's some college meathead, though! Get off the high horse!

    I said this : "Sounds like it was a big dude. Did what you had to do and you kept your brain throughout the fight. I'm glad no one got hurt "

    And about his brother in law, it seemed like more of a gut test, threat kind of thing(if it has to be explained). I doubt anyone is going to get stabbed/whacked in a situation like this. Are you guys freaking joking? I personally wouldn't do that. Neither would you. We're martial artists.

    It's common sense that you can learn from it. That doesn't mean to hop on the high horse and pick at it. I think age is a factor...

    to say that just posting this makes him a fool, well, you're clearly getting carried away...

    I hate putting such a serious face on, but I have to prove the point! D:
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  3. Sandninjer

    Sandninjer Valued Member

    Thanks man. My brother in law grew up in the streets of Queens. He's always sharing some kinda crazy stories about people getting shot, jumped, mafia activity, etc, you name it. Granted, that's all when he was way younger, but he's smart enough to know what to expect with punks like these.
  4. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    Glad you came away from it unhurt. It sounds like you handled things very well - unlike the bouncers, who from your account would appear to have been totally useless.
  5. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Once they are outside the property line the bouncers can't do anything.

    The Bear.
  6. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    As I understood the original post, the bouncers were restraining Mr Nutter outside the bar, so I assumed that he was still on the property. Even if he wasn't, continuing to restrain him for a bit longer might have been sensible, even if it wasn't strictly legal. I mean, what's he going to do, sue them?
  7. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    Yes and have them arrested. It's a fine line for a bouncer.

    The Bear.
  8. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    I take your point, but I would imagine that most policemen if called to deal with a fracas of that nature would simply tell the troublemaker to bugger off or else get arrested for being drunk and disorderly or whatever. Arresting the bouncers would be a lot of aggrevation, whereas dealing withthe drunk would be simple. They don't want more work than they don't really need, and who's going to take a drunken nutcase seriously?

    On the other hand, this was in the USA, where liigation does seem to be the norm. But I know how Dixon of Dock Green would have handled it.
  9. Oldi

    Oldi Valued Member

    Always interested by real altercations, mostly because I have been sufficiently fortunate to have only been in two, neither of which were particularly dramatic. Three questions I always have- have you been in a lot of fights before and if so do you feel your ability to handle the situation improves every time? If not how did you find the dreaded adrenaline dump when it all kicked off? And did you find you were able to clearly rely upon your martial arts training and if so was it instinctive or conscious?

    Sorry for all the questions, just here to learn!
  10. Mitch

    Mitch Lord Mitch of MAP Admin

    Perhaps more importantly, what could you have done differently to avoid the situation entirely?

  11. Hapuka

    Hapuka Te Aho

    Perhaps we should ask the OP's brother in law that question.
  12. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    I have a feeling that what Sandninjer could do is to stop hanging around with his brother-in-law?
    I may be way off base here but someone that is willing to glass some drunk in a club fight is probably someone that's not doing all he could do to avoid trouble.
    I've a feeling his telling the attackers to "get lost" probably wasn't as civil as it could have been?

    I know that if someone I knew was willing to glass someone else as an opening gambit in a fistfight I'd be looking for excuses to not hang around with that person any more.
  13. old timer

    old timer Just well worn !

    "Then I heard a glass bottle break only to find out my bro in law kept an empty beer bottle inside his coat for this kinda situation"

    I dont like the sound of that, does he always carry a bottle or was preparing for this occassion as a one off, he sounds a bit of a liability, at least you kept your head and pressure tested yourself physically and mentally, I would be inclined to drink at a different club if you are going to get mixed up in this kind of thing, next time it could all be over with the pull of a trigger!
  14. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    So essentially, you got caught up in the Monkey Dance with your brother in law fighting with other drunks outside of a bar, only to be party to him committing a felony in your presence?

    Sounds like a "great" time....
  15. Johnno

    Johnno Valued Member

    Sure, the whole situation was a disaster (and I agree with what others have said about the brother-in-law sounding like a major liability to hang around with in public.) But having got himself into that situation, at least he got himself out of it again, without any serious damage.

    The obvious lesson to be learned is how to avoid situations like that in the first place!
  16. Oddsbodskins

    Oddsbodskins Troll hunter 2nd Class

    Very hard to have avoided what went on, had the brother in law not been carrying the bottle, which the OP would have had no way of knowing prior to it being produced, he would have not been entirely out of line in attempting to blindside the assailant. He had every reason to believe the guy was out to get his brother in law, and from the sounds of it he was big enough to do serious damage, and to warrant taking whatever tactical advantage presented itself.
  17. Smitfire

    Smitfire Cactus Schlong

    The OP could actually have been party to something very serious.
    If his BIL had actually joined in the fight using the bottle the OP could have been part of a VERY serious assault/murder.

    More likely he was shocked that some stranger with, as far as he knows, nothing to do with the guy he's got beef with just clocked him in the face as he went past him. :)

    Your BIL needs a smack too IMHO.
  18. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear Moved on

    I dunno how many red flags you need to avoid going on a night out with someone but these two should be enough by anyones reckoning.

    The Bear.
  19. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    Engaging in drunken brawling is a mistake easily avoidable by a little awareness/avoidance with a healthy dose of common sense. Adding to it makes you on par with the twit you're scrapping with. Escalating it by using what is essentially a weapon on another person without just cause makes you a dirtbag. And sharing it on an Internet forum makes you a fool.
  20. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    However, given the amount of CCTV outside clubs nowadays, there is the possibility of facing criminal charges. People can and have died from strikes to the head with glass bottles. Facing a felony charge (which aggravated assault is) is just as bad as getting hurt in my opinion.
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