Good texts for healing Qi Gong?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Mo Lung, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. Mo Lung

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    Hi all

    I was wondering if any of you have any ideas on what would be a good book to introduce someone to Qi Gong breathing techniques for a complete beginner. I'm too far away to teach the person I have in mind and wanted to send them a book to get them started, then I can advise from a distance.

    I'm looking for something that will teach good Qi Gong techniques to help facilitate healing primarily.

    I know I'm being vague, but there's a reason for that.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
  2. lhommedieu

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    Qi Gong

    Meridian Style Qi Gong, by Li Ding
    Wang Ji Wu's 16 Nei Gong, translated by Tim Cartmell

    You can probably find both on

    Yves Requena wrote a book about Qi Gong that would serve as a basic introduction.


    Steve Lamade
  3. hwardo

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    "opening the energy gates of your body" by B.K. Frantzis.
  4. Kamon_student

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    Chi gung for health

    I have a list that might be useful for you Recommended Reading:

    General reading

    The Way of Energy by Lam Kam Chuen ISBN: 1-85675-020-5

    Qi Gong for Health and Vitality by Michael Tse ISBN 0-7499-1336-3

    The Art of Chi Kung by Wong Kiew Kit ISBN 1-85230-403-0

    Qi Gong and the martial arts

    Empty Force: The Ultimate Martial Art by Paul Dong ISBN 1-85230-783-8

    Qi Gong for healing

    The Healing Art of Qi Gong by Master Hong Liu ISBN 0-446-67347-1


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