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    In 1959 Senta Yamada was invited by the London Judo Society to teach Judo. Yamada had studied intesively for several months after the war with Ueshiba on his return to Tokyo he met and trained with Tomiki Sensei. Whilst in the UK he encouraged his Judo students to practice aikido.

    In1966 Rike Kogure was posted to the UK whilst here he strucured the practice by introducing the Randori no Kata and some of the koryu dai san kata.

    In 1968 Naito introduced the suwari waza techniques of the Dai San.

    Also in 1968 Takeshi Inoue came to the UK and stayed for over three years Inoue Sensei started Aikido at the age of twelve under the instruction of both Obha and Tomiki. he introduced the remaining Koryu no Kata and and Toshu randori. Inoue also encouraged some of his students to travel to Japan to study under Tomiki & Ohba.

    In 1976 Ohba Sensei came to the UK for three months. Ohba had studied with Ueshiba and Tomiki Sensei in the 1930's & 40's Ueshiba awarding him a 6th Dan in 1943.

    Many other Japanese JAA instructors have also visited the UK over the year Nariyama, Shishida and Uno Shihan have visitedon several occasions. Tadiyuki Sato Shihan has been a regular visitor the last few years.
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    Strictly speaking this is not an Aikido book. However I think it's an extremely good read. It's also very informative and puts a lot of things into perspective with respect as to how the Japanese viewed martial arts. Destroying a lot of the romanticism surrounding Japanese martial arts, the authors focus on verifiable reality and history.

    Sadly it also shows the watering down of martial arts started a long long time ago. When oaths of allegiance and loyalties became less personal and more like bureaucratic contracts of service.

    The book is Japanese Swordsmanship by Gordon Warner and Donn F. Draeger. ISBN: 0-8348-0236-8.
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