GO VCU! NCAA Final Four! (video)

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    Background info in case you care:

    I dont know how many people have been keeping up with the NCAA basketball tourney, but my school Virginia Commonwealth University has made it into the Final Four for the first time ever!

    Even though we are the biggest school in Virginia and located in downtown Richmond we dont get alot of attention. We are mostly art/medical students (MCV is us too) and lack a football team so that probably has a lot to do with it.

    Nobody gave us a chance to even win our first game in the tournament, let alone make it into the Final Four. Only 200 out of 6 million people had us in their Final Four bracket! Of these 200 only 2 have us in the finals to win!

    Anyways, this is a huge deal in Richmond. Even though Richmond itself only has 200,000 residents, the "Greater Richmond Area" (aka suburbs) have 2 million and we are all going crazy right now.

    I see a movie in the near future ;)


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    It's my Alma Mater too!

    GO RAMS!
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    Class of 1982.....But if not Butler, VCU is my next team to cheer for! Since you guys whooped up on my first choice, Purdue (class of 86).

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