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    Hello everybody i'm new here (i hope is the right section...). I'm a martial artist with a passion for military martial arts. I would like to ask if someone know something about "Gjogsul" the close combat system of the People's Army of the People's Democratic Republic of Korea (PDRK).

    Through a collaboration of the East European former communist countries with the Korean People's Republic, it was possible in around 1980 for the Korean Gjogsul masters to introduce their close combat system in some East European armies. There was secured knowledge on a special unit in the paratrooper and special units of the military forces of the former NVA of GDR.

    I found a book wrote by an ex captain/ paratrooper of GDR and i'm practising it. here the book:


    here some video example (more on my channel)

    Garik :)

    Based on the tense political and military situation at the border between North and South Korea, the development of the Gjogsul is until today at a standstill. There is for example a system in Gjogsul for the duel in and under water, which basically consists of hand techniques.
    Today, the Gjogsul represents an essential training element in the military forces of the Korean People's Army. Every member of the army receives a Gjogsul training during his defence service. For the specialists, at least 300 to 400 hours Gjogsul training in a year is common.
    Gjogsul is organised in eight training levels, four school degrees and four master degrees.

    here some video:

    Garik :)
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    Looks like Tae Kwon Do. Extremely silly demos, but highly entertaining. :)
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    That's not a military martial art. That's propaganda.
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    Some great choreography and athleticism though!
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    Again, welcome!
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    Ya, to me, the first 2 look like movie-fu, and the others look like TKD.
    Great choreography and stunt work, though, in the first 2. :)
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  7. garik

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    oh thank you! ok i got it.. i will remember that :)
  8. Thomas

    Thomas Combat Hapkido/Taekwondo

    I am wondering what the Hangeul is for Gjogsul... perhaps 격술

    Regardless, I enjoyed the clips and am not surprised to see a military working through types of coordinated forms and patterns of moves. To my eyes, biased as they may be, it looked quite a lot like Taekwondo in the patterns and moves and the demos seemed very much like some of the stuff the Korean Tigers (Taekwondo Demo Team) does.

    I wouldn't really want to rely on just this for my combatives training, but the athleticism and hard work is evident in the practitioners.
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    Hello Thomas :)

    i just joined this forum and i'm happy to see there is also someone which, with knowledge, raises the topic's level...

    about Gjogsul you are right, the roots of Gjogsul stretch as far back as 420 before time. At the time, there was a fight system in old Korea called Subak so the origins are similar to Taekwondo. Yes so is also similar to the R.O.K-Special Forces martial art system.

    i link you here just a random video of infantry Gjogsul training of infantry:

    and i suggest you also to watch this video of the special forces of the NVA (GDR) with some Gjogsul training:


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    ops..sorry for the mistakes..i have to practise to use the forum... :)
  11. Thomas

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    I don't know a lot about ancient fighting systems in North Korea, but I would imagine that most of what exists in North Korea today was put together within the last 50-70 years and gets most of its foundation from Shotokan Karate and Taekwondo. Subak, as far as I know, really had little influence on Taekwondo and modern Korean martial arts.

    I studied a bit of the Kyeong Ho Moo Sool/Teuk Gong Moo Sool (Guards Martial Arts/Special Application Martial Arts) while training in Korea. These are often what the military uses as well. The bulk of that was based on Hapkido.
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    Banned and text deleted.
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  13. Smitfire

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  14. garik

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    Well i'm not so expert as well but you find all the story in the book and an introduction on the website of the german school of the author that teach and preserve Gjogsul in europe: https://www.saco-defense.de/frame_eng.html

    oh well i didnt know...thank you! :) you are very expert and are very interesting to me.. if you can suggest me some video or book :)

    PS i sent you also a private message (i hope you got it bc is the first i sent...is the Inbox right?)

    thank you
  15. garik

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    some video from Start | SaCO-Defense :) (mod note- link deleted)

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  17. Thomas

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    What patterns are these?

    Just watching through, the moves and movement reminded me a lot of the older Taekwondo videos from the 1950s when TKD was starting to try to break away from Shotokan roots.

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