Given up on previous goals, wondering about new goals.

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by Mugen Zero, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    Sorry for starting another thread so soon, but just to let you previous MAPers know i've given up on my dream to untie the martial arts, cause after thinking over what a member once said to me " if everything is the same wouldn't that be boring" i've come to realise how dumb my dream is, the reason why we learn different martial arts is because of people's different 'taste?' in martial arts. but i still want to be the strongest in the world, not because of ego, but it kinda rolls on the tongue. So wish me good luck. and umm the other reason i started this thread was because I'm trying to find a reason why i want to be stronger, what is my goal in life. I'm sure a lot of us martial artist once felt like this just before realising that there was something more important than becoming the strongest. Your stories will definitely help. And umm if i'm the only one that feel's this way could you help me figure out what i want from my martial arts?
  2. YouKnowWho

    YouKnowWho Valued Member

    Strength can defeat 10 best techniques. It's always good to be strong. If you are rich, you don't need to borrow.
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  3. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    Nice saying YouKnowWho. umm mind elaborating on the meaning though. Sorry for being kinda slow.
  4. YouKnowWho

    YouKnowWho Valued Member

    All MA skill will require 50% technique (timing, opportunity, angle, balance) and 50% ability (strength). It's just like a punch without knock down power will be a useless punch, even if your timing, opportunity, angle, balance are all perfect.
  5. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    oh umm i should have been more specific i don't mean stronger in terms of strength i mean the best martial artist not trying to be egocentric or anything. you know like miyamoto musashi or how masutatsu oyama was protrayed in the movie fighter in the wind
  6. YouKnowWho

    YouKnowWho Valued Member

    If you mean strong in MA then I would suggest to devote the rest of your life to develop something special. Something that you can do better than everybody else on this planet. It's much easier to concentrate on just to make one thing good than trying to devote your life on many different things.

    That one thing can be as simple as a powerful

    - hook punch,
    - side kick,
    - arm bar,
    - single leg,
    - ...

    In order to be good in one thing (I'll call it "door guarding skill"), you will need many other things to support it. It's like a red flower will need many green leafs surround it.
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  7. Senseiron

    Senseiron Valued Member

    You say you want to be the strongest when what you really mean is you want to be the best. But do you really REALLY mean to be the best you can be and NOT better than everyone else?

    There are different kinds of strength - physical strength, mental strength, emotional strength, and lastly, your abilities. There are ways of developing each. If I want to be physically stronger then I need to lift weights. My mental strength could refer to my ability to focus and my mental endurance before I lose focus. My emotional strength is my ability to control my anger in a confrontation and to remain of clear mind. And of course my abilities. How often I practice techniques and drills. Maybe teaching others is my strength, the ability to convey information as I have learned it through experience.

    Figure out what your strengths are. Maybe you have several. Maybe you have one that stands above the rest. Clearly define them and perhaps that'll give you insight on creating new goals.

    Best of luck.
  8. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    hmm haven't really thought that deep, what was miyamoto musashi's ideal?
  9. aaradia

    aaradia Choy Li Fut and Yang Tai Chi Chuan Student Moderator Supporter

    Don't worry so much about anyone else's ideal. What is YOUR ideal?
  10. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Hopefully something that allows him to coexist with others peacefully. :p
  11. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    to answer your question aaradia and thanks to the help of one of the mappers who suggested to specialise in one thing i have decided that i want to be top in taekwondo, atleast put my country in the history of taekwondo. Can i still coexist with others peacefully with this ideal Ero-sennin :3?
  12. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    or is that a goal? are ideal and goal the same thing? btw just a quick question, in your view is there anyways to combine the styles of itf and wtf into one, and please don't kukkiwon, even if they say it's the entire korean martial art rolled into one, no offense of course to kukkiwon, i respect the art very much i what i mean is to adapt itf's strength combined with wtf speed and stamina.
  13. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    Being the best amongst peers is a shorten path as being the best within oneself is longer lasting
  14. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    wow never really thought that way. hmm this is anyways the reason i setup this thread anyways. :). just asking did you get that quote form a book or did you really made that up 47MartialMan? then any thoughts what my goal should be in martial arts or will you tell me only i can seek that answer myself. if so, any ideas where i can start looking?
  15. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    First, you may have to consider finances.
    How do you plan on making a living? Where?

    Second, after that, can a schedule be met between training and that method of earning a living?

    Third, settle for anything close to your budget and interests. One can always change

    Goals are easily planned, but harder to meet and keep

    Reality has to remain in check
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  16. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    ahh actually I'm actually studying to be a game programmer. So that's actually my method of earning a living. hmm Is this enough 47MartialMan?
  17. Rhythmkiller

    Rhythmkiller Animo Non Astutia

    Martialmans advice is generally sound but he can't guide you on your path. Heed this advice from him.

    First, you may have to consider finances.
    How do you plan on making a living? Where?

    Second, after that, can a schedule be met between training and that method of earning a living?

    You say you want to be the best at TKD. Pick a club, go train, pay with the money you make in your job. Dedicate the time you think your chosen art deserves. By this i mean your martial art and vocation. As MM has already stated these are things you need consider and you alone need to decide what to devote time to.

  18. Mugen Zero

    Mugen Zero Infinite zero

    ah so that's what he means
  19. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member


    Rhythmkiller nailed it

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