getting an accurate diagnosis of a condition, particularly one that is hard to detect or is rare.

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    Originally from another thread. I think it might be more helpful to me and more useful to others if we had a thread on how to get an accurate diagnosis of a condition or injury.

    My thoughts

    When I was younger and tougher (possibly more stupid) I tended to tough things out and not seek a diagnosis unless there was serious problem. This delayed my recovery because I did not manage injuries properly. It might also have lead to long term problems due to secondary injuries or mal adjustments due to my body compensating for the original injuries.

    So my first piece of advice - Sharp and/or chronic pain is your bodies way of telling you that you should go and see a medical professional.

    A martial artist needs to be mentally and physically tough to push themselves in training. But a martial artist does not need to be stupid and ignore pain. I don't think that it is an accident that healing and medicine is taught as part of traditional kungfu. I you are injured you can't train properly. which means you cant learn.
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    To that I'd add, physio's are great, woo merchants arnt, MRI's arnt a magic bullet, neither is CBD, and longevity is everything.

    And be careful where you get medical info from, the majority of online "wellness" is made up flim flamery designed to take your money.
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    Copied from another thread .
    Totally agree! and the internet does not help !

    On further thought I would clarify. Using the internet to self diagnose is not a good thing.But using the internet to better understand why medical professionals are asking for specific tests etc can be helpful in understanding what is going on. This can raise your spirits if you feel that you are on the path to a diagnosis.
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    In which case:

    If your UK, you'll be on a NICE pathway, for evidence based medicine, they don't just look for the most common condition, but also the worst case scenario as well, so if 1/100 have the type of hernia that kills them in 72 hours, they'll rule that out first, before looking for the 78/100 that can be easily fixed after a six month waiting list.

    Which might explain the ABX for epididymal infection, before scans/micro results.

    Or maybe not, I'm not a doctor, and not your Dr, but that's the main principle.

    Hernia | Topic | NICE

    guidelines hernia | Evidence search | NICE

    Useful Boolean Operators for Article Searches - Enago Academy

    Boolean algebra - Wikipedia
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